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We did a review of Europcar O.R. Tambo International Airport whilst we were up north - scroll down to the bottom of this page to see it.

Cruise news: New Year's cruise to Mauritius & Reunion on the Sinfonia; from R28,476 for 2 adults sharing an inside cabin on SV10.

Vehicle rental quotes

Limited or unlimited mileage vehicle rentals, we can help you. Either reply to this email or click here to ask us for a vehicle rental quote. Here's the vehicle rental quotes we did over the last week. Note that prices and availability could well have changed since we did these quotes.

Vehicle rental in Tel Aviv

(yes, we love quoting for overseas car rentals :)

Looking for a vehicle to rent in Tel Aviv for 6-13 September 2012.

The best car hire quote I could get was for a Suzuki Alto or similar which has air con and unlimited mileage for R853. To book it see Car Trawler

Vehicle rental in Cape Town

Looking for car hire for a family of four in Cape Town from the 11th of Feb and check out on the 20th of feb. Smallest cheapest car please.

I'm not sure how much luggage you have, but the best price for a vehicle that will fit 4 people is R1891 for a Chev Spark, which can fit 4 people, 1 medium sized case & 1 small case.   Prices can change.  See Europcar

6 Feb 2012 I'll land in Cape Town on 29th of March and depart on 1st of April. I would like to get your cheapest car.

The best quote I found is a Type A vehicle, Chevy Spark or similar depending on availability. The price for all 3 days is R540, R180 per day. You receive 100 free km per day, thereafter is it R1.17 per km. To book see First Car Rental

We are looking for a small,but reliable car to rent from the 25th of Feb to the 5th of March 2012. Pick up will be at Cape Town airport and drop off will be at George Airport. Thank you

The cheapest quote I could get was for a Kia Picanto or similar from Car Trawler. It comes with aircon + free 200km/day and can take 4 passengers. Hire it for R 2,302 (price subject to change).

We need a vehicle in Cape Town from the 29th March arriving 20h30 at airport, and returning on the 4th April at 10h30. It is for 2 adults and we need unlimited kilo’s. We want best deal possible.

Best price for unlimited mileage is R1185 (can change), see Car Trawler

I need to rent a car from Cape town int airport from 23rd to 27th Feb 2012. Please find me a deal Polo or Nissan tiida range- air con and pwr steering

The cheapest quote that I managed to get for you was for a VW Polo or similar with aircon, power steering + free 100km/day from Car Trawler

Vehicle rental in Durban

Rental required from King Shaka Durban pick up Thursday 15 March at 14.00.  We are leaving from Harbour on a Sinfonia cruise on 19 March returning on 23 March (will not require vehicle for those 4 days) but require vehicle again from 23 March at 10 a.m. and would drop off again at King Shaka Durban on Monday March 26th at 12.30 a.m.    Need small vehicle with power steering - 4 door aircon optional.

The best quote I managed to get for you was from Europcar.
From 15 - 19 March 2012 I got a quote for R 1,287 and from 23 - 26 March 2012 I got a quote for R 1,287 (prices subject to change).

These quotes are for the Hyundai i20 or similar with aircon, power steering and free 200 km/day. In addition a fee of R 250 will have to be paid each time they pick-up and deliver the car at Durban Harbour for you. 

I would like to hire a small vehicle on the 24th of March up to the 25th of March. We will be coming in on the Sinfonia on the Saturday and leaving from Durban Train Station on the Sunday at around 18:00.

The best quote I managed to get for you was from First Car Rental for a Chevy Spark with free 100km/day for a quote of R 360 (price subject to change). In addition there will be a fee of R 460 to have it delivered at the harbour and another R 460 for them to pick it up from Durban Train Station after their working hours To book see First Car Rental

Looking for a small vechicle to hire from 7.00am 23th  Feb to 13.00pm 26th Feb - Pick-up and drop off at Durban International Airport

How about a Chevy Spark with free 100km/day for a total quote of R 620 (price subject to change). Book it from First Car Rental

Looking for a small vechicle to hire from 8.00am 8th Feb to 13.00pm 13th Feb - Pick-up and drop off at Durban International Airport

The best quote that I managed to find was for R 930 (price subject to change) for a Chevy Spark or similar with free 100km/day. See First Car Rental

Vehicle rental in George

I need the cheapest car with aircon from 18 May 2012 to 23 May 2012 - from George Airport.

The best quote I found from Cape Town Airport is with  Budget Car Rental. The car group is Type M, Hyundia I10 or similar, depending on availability. The cost is R895 for 5 days. You receive 100 free km per day and thereafter it is R1.57 per km.

Vehicle rental in East London

Need a car in East London 29th March to 2 april 2012 from east london airport, how much will it cost?

The best quote I found for a car rental is using First Car Rental. The price is R620 for 4 days using the Type A vehicle, Chevy Spark or similar. You receive 100 free km per day. Thereafter it is R1.17 per km.  Book at First Car Rental

Vehicle rental in Windhoek

I'm looking for a car to hire in Windhoek from 5 to 18 March 2012.  What is the cheapest you can find? Thanks.

The best quote I managed to find for you was for a aircon and unlimited mileage for R 3,348 (price subject to change). Book it with Car Trawler

Vehicle rental in Port Elizabeth

I need  three cars for a rent. One should be at least 8 seater. Another is same type. The other is mini or economy type car. My plan to be in your country(P.E, South Africa) is staying for 3 months. but I couldn't make a reservation on Avis homepage. . 

Let's assume that your 3 months starts on 1 March 2012. For the economy car the cheapest is R132/day (R12,144 total) for a Chev Spark, see First Car Rental. For the 8-seaters I suggest getting 2 Volkswagen Caravelles for R646/day (R59397 total) each. See Car Trawler

I am looking for a 12-seater for the 22nd to the 25th April. A minibus preferrable, we are going for graduation and we will just be in the city. The cheapest offer available please. 

The best price I could get for was for a 14 seater Toyota Quantum with free 150km/day for R 4,200 (price subject to change) See Budget car rental 

Vehicle rental in Johannesburg

Anybody visiting Jozi?

Europcar O.R. Tambo International Airport

We hadn't used Europcar in Johannesburg for a while, so decided to hire from their O.R. Tambo International Airport offices. It cost R1599 for a Volkswagen Polo for the weekend, with 1 additional driver & a car chair for our infant (which was a bit of a mission fetching & fitting). Instead of the Polo, to our delight Europcar gave us a Chevrolet Aveo, which has plentiful boot space as well as a spacious interior. Inside the car I was pleased to see that Europcar still stock mints, something which started in the Imperial Car Rental days.

The staff at Europcar Tambo were friendly and there was absolutely no queue. Our little one explored every nook & cranny of their offices, and they offered me coffee & gave me a free newspaper, whilst I waited for my partner (who was stocking up on food for our hungry sprogs). When I dropped off the car they were there to direct me where to park, fetched a trolley for us and most importantly, were friendly to us.

Europcar Johannesburg Airport(O.R. Tambo, JNB)

O.R. Tambo International Airport, Kempton Park, 1620 Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa.


 Europcar at O.R. Tambo International Airport is open 24 hours a day, every day, including public holidays. It stocks GPS kit.

Europcar offices at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg


Protea Hotel Island Club from R1270 for 2 adults sharing/night

Snow is forecast to hit London Heathrow Airport this weekend, and possibly on Friday.

Is this the best live music performance ever? Rod Stewart & Amy Belle - I don't want to talk about it - at London's Royal Albert Hall

An Aviation Infrastructural Development Fund (AIDEF) tax has been implmented in Zimbabwe. On international flights passengers will be charged a $35 departure tax plus $15 AIDEF. On local flights the charge is $10 departure tax plus $5 AIDEF.

The Purple shall rule! "I travelled on an airline with my Grandson. To my shock his seat was broken. He had to sit all the way from Cape Town to Johannesburg (on a broken seat). When I asked were the seats not checked, all that the staff could do was apologize. When I returned to Cape Town, I sent an email to the company, & I received the same apology. I am a frequent flyer and I expected in some way to be compensated. Do they not care? Or was it because he was a little child? Either way he paid the full fare and had the discomfort of not being able to sit comfortably. So to all out there - cheap way is not always the best way". Pamela

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