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We are now covering Kimberley car hire. Click here to ask for a vehicle hire quote.

Cruise news: R34,492 for 2 adults & 2 children sharing a cabin on SV10, the 26 Dec 2012 Sinfonia new years cruise to Pointe des Galets & Port Louis

Vehicle hire quotes

Here's the vehicle hire quotes we did over the last week. Note that prices and availability could well have changed since we did these quotes.

DUR vehicle

Please help with the quotation for a cheap car hire that will accommodate 6 adults in Durban for three days from the 21st March until the 24th March.

Best price I could find was R2509 for a Volkswagen Caravelle.  See  Car Trawler

We are arriving at King Shaka(Durban) Airport on 2012/05/31 at 19:35 and leaving again from King Shaka on 2012/06/05 at 15:30. I need a vehicle for six persons.

Best price I could find was R4060 (R812/day) for a Toyota Quantum, 100km free per day. See First Car Rental (prices can change)

CPT vehicle hire

We need a rental car from Cape Town airport, 9 to 13 March for 2 adults & 2 children.

I'm not going to suggest you go for the cheapest, as it sounds like you might have a fair bit of luggage. I suggest going for a Renault Megane for R1217, see 
Car Trawler

I would like a quote for a large vehicle, there will be 4 adults, 4 suitcases, and 4 hand luggage, from april 8th 2012 with pick up in Capetown, till 10th May to leave at Joburg

In order to fit in your luggage, I suggest going for a Volkswagen Caravelle.  This was going for R20697 when I checked, see 
Car Trawler

I want to hire a 6+ seater (kombi or similar) from about 19th September to about 15 October 2012.  (We are seven people for a short time).  We would need room for luggage for 7 too.  Pick-up and drop - Cape Town International

 I suggest going for a Toyota Quantum for R21086.   See First Car Rental

We are looking for a car for Cape Town from 23/01/12 to 30/01/12. 

Best price is R1261 for a Chev Spark (see First Car Rental). But I'd suggest going with aircon at this time of year, in which case a Kia Picanto is cheapest at R1308 - see 
Car Trawler

I would like to rent a car with aircon from Friday, 27 January (11:30) from CT airport until Friday, 3 February (09:00).

Best price I could find was R1443 (R207/day) for a Hyundai I10/similar. Book at Budget Car Rental.

We are 5 adults planning a 10  day holiday to the Northern Cape end July/beginning August and want to hire a  4 wheel drive vehicle - starting and ending in Cape Town.  How much?

  I've assumed that you're leaving on the 31st July and returning on the 10th August. At a squeeze, you could go for the Kia Sportage Automatic for R5282, see 
Car Trawler

Nice (France) vehicle hire

Looking for cheap car rental in Nice, France for the 1st Feb to the 3rd Feb, hoping to travel to Monte Carlo for the day..

Monte Carlo is awesome. Best car hire price is R1195 for a Toyota Aygo for the 2 days. Or drive in a bit more style with a Saab 9-3 for R2141.

Innsbruck (Austria) vehicle hire

A car for 4x adults - rental for 7 days - pick up Innsbruck ( Austria) Drop off Innsbruck (Austria) August 2012.

I've assumed you'll be there from the 1st until the 8th August 2012.  If you are not too big, then how about a Toyota Aygo for R2544.  Alternatively I suggest a Peugeot 207 for R2623.  The longer you take to book the greater the chance of prices changing.  See  Car Trawler

JNB vehicle hire

I want to hire a car on 27 January, and drive 172km.

Best deal is a Ford Ka for R198.  Book at First Car Rental

I am looking for a car to hire for four on the 05-10 april fromm Joburg to tzaneen and back to Joburg

Best price is R755 for a Chev Spark (R155/day), which gives you 100km free/day.  Book at First Car Rental

Cheapest transport for 9 people in and around JHB during the period 11/03/2012 till 18/03/2012. Arrive and depart OR Tambo Int. Airport.

I suggest going for a Volkswagen Caravelle for R5490 (R610/day).  Book at 
Car Trawler

Please can you let me know of any car rental services at Lanseria Airport, will be arriving at about 20.00hr on the 2nd feb and leaving on the 6th at 14.00.

Best price I could find was R620 (R155/day) for a Chevrolet Spark (100km free per day).  Book at First Car Rental

PLZ vehicle hire

I would like to hire a car that seats 6 people, from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, 28/03 to 01/04, and I`m not sure which is the appropriate car .

It depends on how much luggage you have with you. I assume you're picking the carup in PLZ & dropping it off in CPT. I suggest going for a Toyota Quantum, which you can hire for R3848 with First Car Rental with 100km free per day (alternatively R7048 for unlimited mileage).

Kimberley vehicle hire

2012-01-11 We  would like to hire a 10 seater unlimited kilos from 28 March 2012 to 04 april 2012  Kimberley to CapeTown ,the cheapest posible thanks.

I assume you're picking the vehicle up in Kimberley & dropping it off in Cape Town.  The best I can offer is a Toyota Quantum 10 seater, for R11,884 (unlimited mileage).  See First Car Rental

GRJ vehicle hire

Nobody visiting George?

First Car Rental in Johannesburg, O.R. Tambo International Airport



From 1 June 2012, Emirates flights from Durban will be operated in Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which have 30% more capacity & offer first class cabins.

Bariloche airport in Argentina was closed as a result of ash from a volcano in Chile.

Velvet Sky have suspended their Johannesburg - Polokwane flights

The Purple shall rule! A couple of readers have written about their Shosholoza Meyl train experiences:

"I travelled from Johanesburg to Durban on the Shosholoza Meyl on the 23rd December, I had to book sitter as all the coupes were fully booked. Well, what an experience! I did not have a seat, myself and my boyfriend had to sit on our bags next to the toilets most of the way, now this is bad enough BUT the train was delayed by HOURS we arrived at Germiston at 8pm (supposed to be just after 7pm) and after about 15min the train broke down. We were supposed to arrive in durban at 7am, we eventually got seats in Newcastle at 8am, at 10am we finally arrived in ladysmith where there were buses to fetch us and take us the rest of the way to Durban. Can you imagine sitting on a bag for 12 hours next to a stinking toilet?" Jen

"This is the most shocking train service I have ever encountered.  For starters my husband travelled down to Johannesburg on the 9th of December.  He was booked on Economy Class.  There were people drinking and smoking at the toilets and fights broke out amongst the drunks at 02h00 causing my poor husband lack of sleep!  Then the train journey back on the 11th of December was even worse!!  The train was overloaded, the train driver was stopping in the middle of nowhere and loading passengers onto the train that were not ticket holders, people that had paid for their seats were forced to sit on their luggage - elderly people included, the train was delayed by HOURS.  They were supposed to arrive in PE at 09h10 and only got there after 12pm! There were once again people drinking excessively and getting drunk, throwing their empty bottles into the water cooler dispensers and there was no policing of this behaviour!!  This train is supposed to only take 500 people in sitting class and well over that amount were allowed on this train.  My poor children and husband were so stressed out by the time that they arrived in PE that they actually cried when I arrived at the train station to collect them.  What kind of service is being offered here? It's shocking and needs to be addressed, especially the overloading of passengers, the drinking and the smoking in the toilets.  Also the total lack of security on the train checking that things are running smoothly and legitimately.  Where was that?" Theresa

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