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We have an opening for an entry level job in Cape Town for a data capturer/web apprentice. To apply email us your CV & an essay on your favourite city.

Cruise news: SI022 has now sold out (the 20 Jan Sinfonia cruise to Portuguese Island)

Car rental quotes

Here's the car rental quotes we did recently. Note that prices and availability could well have changed since we did these quotes. Click here to ask for a car rental quote.

Port Elizabeth car rental

I am travelling to SA in August & would like the cost of hiring a small car for 3 weeks.

How about a Hyundai Atos for R3,497 with Car Trawler

I am looking for a class D car to use from 12h00 on Friday, 6th Jan to 9th Jan 2012. I can pick it up and drop it off anywhere in PE.

I managed to find a Honda Jazz for R 1,040. Click here to see your quote.

Durban car rental

I would like to rent a car in Durban on January 22 and return the car in Newcastle, Natal on February 1st. It is for two people. It can be a manual or automatic. Please quote on a small and midsize car.

Best price I could find was R3038 for a Kia Picanto, or R5163 for a Volkswagen Polo.  Book at Car Trawler

Cape Town car rental

Cheapest car in Cape Town from 26/11/2012 to 14/12/2012

Hiring a Chev Spark in Cape Town from the 26/11 to 14/12, best price is R2700 (R150/day).  Click here to book

I need to hire a car with aircorn from Cape Town airport  from 10th Jan 2012  to 17th Jan 2012. Preferably with 200 kls per day.

I managed to find a Kia Picanto with air conditioning for you for R 1,308. Yes it has 200 km/day free as well. Book it with Car Trawler

I need to rent a Toyota Avanza from 30/03/12 to 01/04/12. How much will it cost me? I will arrive by ship at the Cape Town Harbour on the morning of 30/3/12. Where can I pick up the car? On the 01/04/12 I will be able to drop off the car at the Airport?

Expect to pay R 786 for the Avanza with Car Trawler. For a fee they can deliver it at the harbour for you to pick it up. 

Johannesburg car rental

I am looking to hire a five seater Jhb to Dbn and back, to Jhb , 25th Dec to 31st Dec. whats the cheapest Quote

I hope you will like a Toyota Corolla 1.6 with free 100 km/day for R 1,568 with Budget Rent-A-Car

First Car Rental in Johannesburg, O.R. Tambo International Airport




Following the president of the Maldives issuing a decree banning spas & health centres, locals are now calling for a ban on the sale of pork & alcohol.

Qantas passengers involved in a nosedive on an Airbus A330 in 2008 were awarded £250,000 each, in an out of court settlement.

Footage of the MSC Melody & Palmiet tugboat as the tugline is secured.

The Purple shall rule! David wrote to say "I don’t think your site receives the credit it deserves. I have found it to be an invaluable source of information on travel tips, cheap flight info and worthy information on destinations."

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