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Mango Airlines Flight Special

Time to get Happy! So, we have moved from Wednesdays back to Tuesdays for Mango Airlines happy day sales :) This one starts at 9am on the 1st April 2014 and ends at 9pm on the 2nd April 2014, but is no April fools joke! It's on selected Mango flights to May 2014. Prices remain generally stable at the levels in previous sales, following the increase in airfares we lived through at the start of the year (Rand depreciation and subsequent increase in fuel prices).

Mango Airlines plane parked at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg

Best 1-way flight prices:

*All prices are subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this - that's the nature of the game. We're a third party reporting on our observations of the fares, and are not in control of them at all. Check current flight prices at Mango (and see terms and conditions there). There was very limited availability, and only on a limited number of dates and times. Try your luck and check whether you can still book it. Here's a photo of the best fares in Voyager Miles (as usual prices are in both Rands & Voyager Miles).

Mango Airlines flight special in Voyager Miles

  • Flights from JNB to Durban from R610* or 10,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from JNB to Cape Town International Airport from R975* or 18,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from Cape Town to Bloemfontein from R835* or 15,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from Lanseria to Cape Town International Airport from R760* or 15,500 SAA Voyager Miles (Rand price is R5 up, Voyager fare remains the same as last week).

  • Flights from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, as well as Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, from R995* or 18,500 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Cape Town to Lanseria from R865.01 (same as last week).

  • Flights from JNB to GRJ from R885* or 16,000 South African Airways Voyager Miles (same as last week).

Pick of the week : Mango flights to Port Elizabeth (from both JNB & CPT) from R995*

Note that when you pay in Voyager Miles it covers the base fare only, you need to pay the airport taxes yourself. This special will run out soon - click here to see the latest Mango flight specials.

Want to make history & become the first person to buy a flight in Bitcoins? Email to let us know which airline you'd choose & why.

Lovely feedback from a reader who rocks : "Thank you for the wonderful service you give to us, we certainly appreciate and it makes a lot of things easier for us. You keep us well informed of all travel-related news, prices, updates and ratings (airlines, accommodation, etc) and specials that you advertise regularly. As an aside, I found your bottom line comment below, quite interesting. I doubt that, ever since I joined the email service of SouthAfrica.TO, I’ve ever seen anything sport-related, except to just mention sporting events in SA and their effect on flight and accommodation prices. As a Liverpool and Proteas fan, I can only think that the author of the bottom line must be a supporter also of either of the two teams." Chen

Attractive flight deals from South Africa Travel Oline

Prices subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this. Errors & omissions occur from time to time

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The bottom line: Snapshot survey of Johannesburg to Sao Paulo flight prices : Etihad were cheapest.

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