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We said our sad farewells to the MSC Sinfonia yesterday, as she set sail from Cape Town for Genoa. I remember the excitement when she arrived in SA in November 2009 for the first time. She is not returning at the end of this year.

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Mango Happy Day Sale to end April 2014

Here we go - the flight special we've been waiting for has arrived on time, on Tuesday. It starte at 9am on the 18th March and ends at 21h00 on the 19th March 2014. As we predicted and has become the norm this year, the use of South African Airways Voyager Miles to book Mango flights has become increasingly popular, and all the advertised fares have accompanying prices in Voyager miles (Ed: makes me want to fly South African Airways just to get the Voyager Miles to discount my Mango Airlines flight specials even more! I love bargains). The sale was only available on a very limited number of dates (and in the case of one route, "date" rather than "dates"), and remaining tickets will get snapped up fast.

Mango Airline

The offer is only for selected Mango flights in April 2014 and March 2014 - the best fares were generlly only available on a few dates.

For Edgars Club Members Happy Days started early

I'd forgotten how good life is for Edgars Club members who want to book Mango Airlines flights. We spotted that for members of the Edgars Club the Mango flights sale started an hour earlier, at 8am. We haven't seen this before, so probably something new. And a good reason to become an Edgars Club member! Another reason is that you get a 10% discount on selected flights (the trick is to use your Edgars Club number to secure the discount, but then pay with your credit card rather than the Edgars Thank U Card, as that attracts an 8% fee).

Here's a screenshot of how it looks when you do a search for fares after having typed your Edgars club number in - happiness seeing all those 10% off numbers, so you score even on the dates when there isn't a Happy Days Sale (caution, this was a snapshot done at 08h25 on the 18th March - the longer the time that has passed since then, the greater the chance that the below airfares have changed):

Mango Airlines Happy Day sale with an Edgars Club card
Note that on the 30th of March there was an airfare available to Edgars Club members which was even lower than the OR Tambo to King Shaka fares running on the Happy Day Sale! Reply to this email to let us know if this has convinced you to get an Edgars club card!

Best 1-way Flight Prices

*These fares were available on an extremely limited number of dates, and flight prices change rapidly, it's the nature of the game, so please don't be disappointed if they have changed (we occassionally make mistakes too, but - touch wood - it's been a while since we made a whoopsy). It's good to see that airfares have plateaued with many flight specials the same as last week, after the sharp increases we experienced at the start of 2014. Click here to see last week's flight prices.

  • Flights from JNB to King Shaka International from R610* (same as last week) or 10,000 Voyager Miles.

  • Flights from JNB to Cape Town International from R975* or 18,000 Voyager Miles.

  • Flights from Bloem to Cape Town from R835* (same as last week) or 15,000 Voyager Miles.

  • Flights from Lanseria to Cape Town International from R755* (same as last week) or 15,500 SAA Voyager Miles

  • Flights from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth from R995* (same as last week) or 18,500 SAA Voyager Miles

  • Flights from Cape Town International to King Shaka International from R945* or 17,500 Voyager Miles (R10 up from last week). Very very limited availability.

  • Flights from JNB International to George from R885* (same as last week) or 16,000 South African Airways Voyager Miles.

  • Flights from Cape Town International to Lanseria from R855* (same as last week) or 15,500 Voyager Miles.

  • Flights from JNB International to Port Elizabeth from R995* (same as last week) or 18,500 Voyager Miles.

Our pick of the week are Mango flights from Lanseria to Cape Town from R755*. Check whether the above airfares are still available at Mango, and also check out all the terms and conditions and their legal stuff there.

Want to make history & become the first person to buy a flight in Bitcoins? Email to let us know which airline you'd choose & why.

We travelled on a Kulula flight from Cape Town to Durban in August 2011 when visiting SA. I am from SA but live in Belgium. I was on the flight with my 2 children and we really enjoyed the flight because of the humour. During the safety demonstration of the life jacket the steward said the light on the life jacket was 'to shine in the sharks eyes'. The children thought this was hilarious and we all agreed that it was brilliant that an airline could be so chilled out. In Europe it's all very stiff and and the people don't have much fun in them! It was like a breath of fresh air. We will be taking 3 flights in SA this year, JNB to CT, CT to DBN and DBN to JNB. Read more Kulula travel writeups.

Prices subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this. Errors & omissions occur from time to time

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Past 60 Years Top Music Hits at Barnyard Theatre

Barnyard Theatre's Strictly No 1's Mucic Tribute Show in Durbanville is proud to bring the past 60 years' Bilboard 100 hits on this weekend (starts 19 March, ends 20 April 2014). Top hits from 1953 to 2013, from The King of Rock Presley, Moondancing Mr Jackson, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Pink wil have you singing along and hopping around in your seat (or on the table!). Shows run from 8pm on weekdays, with a special on Tuesday - pay R180 for one ticket and get another one free. Sunday shows are at 2pm. Tickets at R135 pp. Visit Barnyard Theatre to make a booking.

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