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Cruise news: As Mossel Bay harbour is too small for cruise boats, we were ferried in the lifeboats of the MSC Opera from the bay to the harbour (happy to report that they work fine!).

Mango flight special on selected flights to 31 July 2013

Mango Happy Days 26 June 2013

The Mango Happy Day sale runs until 9pm on the 26th June 2013, or until flights run out, whichever happens first. Fares are 1-way. Limited seats available on selected Mango flights on a first come first served basis. No group bookings available on promotional fares. T&Cs apply. Book at Mango.

Mango Airline plane parked at Cape Town International Airport

Best 1-way Airfares

  • OR Tambo to King Shaka from R499* on weekdays (R599* on weekends)

  • OR Tambo to Cape Town from R899* on weekdays (R1099* on weekends)

  • Bloemfontein to Cape Town from R999* on weekdays (R1099* on weekends)

  • Cape Town to Lanseria from R805*

  • Lanseria to Cape Town from R715*

  • Cape Town to Port Elizabeth from R999* on weekdays (R1099* on weekends)

  • Cape Town to Durban from R899* on weekdays (R1099* on weekends)

  • OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth from R999* on weekdays (R1099* on weekends)

Mango Happy Day Sale


Want to visit the UK? It will currently cost you R1320 to apply for a general visitors visa (up to 6 months stay)...with the risk that it could be refused!

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El Al has successfully tested the C-Music anti-missile system on a Boeing 737-800.

Ever considered Mauritius for a surfing holiday? Have a look at the movie Forgotten Island of Santosha and let any surfer try resist going.

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I've got the fondest memories of my cruise on the Rhapsody, as it was my first MSC Cruise, so was delighted when Megda wrote to share the good times she had with her friends on board:

"My friend and I had the best travel experience on the MSC Rhapsody. The weather was nice in the the day time, but one evening we had to go and get ready for a dinner date with the captain. My friend went into the bathroom to have a shower and to wash when suddenly the  boat rolled sideways and with the roll of  the ship it tipped my friend right into the shower and when the boat rolled back the roll of the boat tipped my friend right out of the shower into the cabinet on her bottom! Yes she was blue and purple all over but we had such a laugh that evening that the tears even rolled. Afterwards when we tolled it to others passengers they had a great laugh also.

And the next evening it was my turn to be laughed at. My friend and I went out for the evening and went to bed at about about 03h00 in the morning. There were 4 of us in the cabin and 2 of them were already asleep and my friend was lying in bed and I was busy getting in bed. The beds were double decker beds and I slept on top of my friend and I was standing on my knees while opening the blankets when suddenly the ship rolled over to the right side and there I went flying through the air and fell on my back in between the beds. The 2 of us laughed so hard and loud that we woke up the other friends that was already sleeping and even the cabins around us were wide awake from our laughter, and came to investigate and it was a big laugh all around and all of the ships company. Evan the day that we got back our friend had to remind us all not to stand on our knees on top of a dubble decker bed for it is dangerous. ha ha ha"

Rhapsody in PE harbour

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With all the focus on SAA being the number 1 Airline in Africa, it's easy to forget that Air Seychelles has shot up the rankings and is now number 2 (previously number 10). Well done!