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We're delighted at the increasing number of requests we're getting to assist in finding the best car hire deals. Navigate to our car rental requests area to access the expertise of Alison, Natasha, Chelna, Victor & Rob.

Cruise news: R8193 for 2 adults & 1 child sharing an inside cabin on OP028, the 26 Feb 2013 MSC Opera cruise from Cape Town to Mossel Bay.

Latest Car hire quotes

Here's the car hire quotes we did recently. Note that prices and availability may have changed since we did these quotes.

Centurion car rentals

Looking for the cheapest vehicle from Centurion from the 8th until the 11th May 2012

Best price is R672 for a Kia Picanto/similar, with 200km free per day, see Car Rentals in South Africa

Long-term car rentals

Looking for vehicle to hire from O.R. Tambo from the 8th May until the 15th June 2012, cheapest with aircon.

How about a Ford Figo for R6802 (R179/day) with 100km/day free.  See First Car Rental

I'm looking at hiring a car group (VW Polo , Hyundai I10 , Ford Figo ) for a period of 3 months continously. I am looking at a budget of  R3500- R5000 / month with 100km/day usage.

 I managed to get a quote for R5,370/month (R179/day) for a Figo(Ford) or similar with free 100km/day + aircon and power steering.  See First Car Rental

I am looking to hire a car from the 22 July until the 11 September, something in the CDAR group or higher and it must come with unlimmited millage and at a good price as the rental is 51 days, so please advise the best company to go to with regards to long term rental

The best price I could find was R13,260 (R260/day) for a Nissan Tiida automatic, with 100km free per day (or R14,637 for unlimited mileage).  See First Car Rental

Unlimited mileage

Please help me find the best option for a medium sized car, like a Corolla, for a 5 day trip from Johannesburg to Kruger and back, from May 28th to June 1st. 

I found a Toyota Corolla going for R1280 (R320/day) with unlimited mileage.  See Car rental comparisons

December rentals

Looking for a car that accommodates 5 people comfortably  with 3 pieces of  luggage plus a couple of hand luggage.  Pickup/dropoff at PE airport from 13 to 30 Dec.

I wouldn't go for anything smaller than a Renault Megane/similar, perhaps even bigger if the luggage pieces are large.  The price for that is R5142 (can change), see Car Trawler

Nelspruit car rentals

Looking for the cheapest car to rent from Nelspruit from the 6th until the 10th May 2012.

Best price is R672 (R168/day) for a Chev Spark, with 100km free per day (thereafter R1.17/km).  See First Car Rental

O.R. Tambo car rentals

I want to rent an airconditioned car from the 5th July to the 16 July 2012. Pickup Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Airport and drop off the same.

I managed to get a quote of R2,233 for a Ford Figo or similar, it has aircon, power steering and free 100 km/day. See First Car Rental

Pinetown car rentals

Can I be given an approximate quote for a vehicle for 5 people, with their luggage, with unlimited mileage to travel from Pinetown, KZN Tto Port Elizabeth and back between 20 December 2012 - 5 January 2013? Preferably a Double Cab, but any other comfortable vehicle will do.

The best quote that I managed to get was for a Nissan X-Trail or similar for R17,232 (R1,077/day) with space for 5-passengers and 4 pieces of luggage, unlimited mileage, aircon and power steering. See First Car Rental. 

Paarl car rentals

Looking for a vehicle from Paarl for 4 people with 2 pieces of luggage from the 11th to the 13th December 2012.

Good to see you’re booking early for December, as last year we ran out of vehicles for hire.  Only Avis offer car rentals from Paarl.  How about a Toyota Corolla for R836 (R418/day), with 400km free & R2.78/km thereafter

Bloemfontein car rentals

Need to rent a car in Bloemfontein from the 10th to the 14th May 2012. It must have unlimited kilos - either a Chev Cruze, Ford Focus or VW Jetta 4.

Best price I could find was R1960 for a Chevrolet Cruze (R392/day) with unlimited kilos, see Car Rentals in South Africa

Automatic car rentals

Looking for the cheapest automatic vehicle to hire from Bloemfontein Airport from the 24th November, and drop off at Port Elizabeth Airport on the 15th December 2012.

Best price I could find was R7698 (R338/day plus R600 one-way fee).  This gives you unlimited km free and a nil excess.  The vehicle is a Nissan Tiida auto.  See First Car Rental

Luxury car rentals

I'm currently in lusaka and will be arriving in CPT on the last day of this month, will be needing maybe a BMW for 4 days.

Best price I could find was R1924 (R481/day) for a BMW 320i with 100km free per day (thereafter R6.13/km).  See First Car Rental

Cape Town to Joburg road trip

I would like to hire a kombi or similar for up to 8 people from 26 june 2012 until 16 july 2012. the trip will be rm cape town via the garden route to kzn, then to mpumalanga and the kruger park, and from there to jhb. ideally a quantum or a hyundai i10 would do. what can i expect to pay

Best price is R17560 (including a 1-way fee of R600) for a Toyota Quantum with 100km free per day.  See First Car Rental

Durban car rentals

I want to hire an automatic car from 11 May 2012 (15:00) until 13 May 2012(18:00). Is there anay availability? How much would this cost?

Yes, there are plenty of automatic vehicles available.  The cheapest price is R918 for a Nissan Tiida, with 100km free per day.  See First Car Rental

Port Elizabeth car rentals

I would like to request the cheapest quote for a car that can accodomate five people. we will be travelling from PE to Umtata and back to PE. we need to collect on the 25 May 2012 and return vehicle on 27 May 2012. 

The best quote I found is with car trawler for R493. Please note price is subject to change and availability. The quote is for a Toyota Yaris or similar type vehicle. The car offers aircon as is ideal for small groups. There is room for 5 passengers and 3 pieces of luggage. See Car Trawler

East London car rentals

Im looking for a Nissan H/body to rent from the morning of 25 May to the morning of 28 May. A canopy will be nice to have. 

With a canopy you're looking at 1,050 (R350/day),  see First Car Rental

I'm looking for a luxury vehicle to pick up at East London Airport on the 11th May & drop off at George Airport on the 13th May 2012.

Try a Mercedes C180 for R1652, with unlimited mileage. See Car Rentals in South Africa.

Looking for a car with aircon from the 15th till the 21st May 2012.

Try a Ford Figo/similar for R1218. See First Car Rental

Cape Town car rentals

I would like to hire a kombi or similar for up to 8 people from 26 june 2012 until 16 july 2012. the trip will be rm cape town via the garden route to kzn, then to mpumalanga and the kruger park, and from there to jhb. ideally a quantum or a hyundai i10 would do. what can i expect to pay

Best price is R17560 (including a 1-way fee of R600) for a Toyota Quantum with 100km free per day.  See First Car Rental

Looking for a small automatic from 23rd Nov to 15th Dec. Collect Cape Town &  possibly leave at Port Elizabeth or maybe return to Cape Town. 2 drivers, please advise price for both options. 

How does Nissan Tiida or similar sound like for R6,336 (R288/day). If you opt to drop it off in Port Elizabeth then you will need to pay an additional one-way fee of R600. To have an additional driver will be another R220. The Tiida (Nissan) or similar comes with automatic transmission, aircon, power steering and free 100km/day. See First Car Rental

Autopedigree used cars

Check whether these vehicles are still available at Autopedigree used vehicles :

Gauteng, Vanderbijlpark

Geely MK 1.5 GL A/T



Western Cape, Strand

Indica 1.4 LSi



KwaZulu-Natal, Pinetown

BMW 320i A/T Motorplan




Any readers attend Afrikaburn? The folk I know who attended say they were the most sober and normal people there! That feedback intrigued me, so I was delighted to read Scott's blog post on Afrikaburn. Afrikaburn takes place in a deserted part of the Tankwa Karoo and is based on the American Burning Man festival. It involves the establishment of a temporary community, art displays & partying.



South African Express has received permission from the Zambian government to operate flights between Durban & Lusaka from July 2012.

Portugal's Air Traffic controllers are planning strikes on 11, 17, 18, 24 & 25 May 2012.

The President Lodge Guest House, close to O.R. Tambo International Airport, is running a Mother's Day special.

The Purple shall rule! A week ago Jane wrote to let us know about the rotten time her family had at Spear Chukka, a self-catering guest house in Yzerfontein: "My husband, children and myself went to Yzerfontein this past week end and didn't have a very pleasant experience at the house we stayed at for two nights. We paid R1000 per night and expected accommodation in keeping with the standard that we have come to expect within that price range. The house was filthy to say the least. Sticky dust everywhere, disgusting pillows and scatter cussions in the lounge that aren't fit for my dog to sleep on. Half left renovations/maintenance. The place stank like cigarette smoke and when I walked into the bedrooms, even though the bedding seemed clean, it smelt from possibly old inners. Ie. Pillows and duvet stank like old man greasy hair sweat. My daughter and I were bitten all over by something. Hopefully fleas and not bedbugs! I would like to lodge a complaint and have the matter looked into so that some other poor unsuspecting family doesn't get swindled by the nice photos on the website and romanced by the spa bath and sauna. On the whole the place has potential but is kept in a shocking state. I am a cleanliness freak and have had a very bad experience in the past with bringing bedbugs home from holiday accommodation, that I might add seemed to be in better condition than what we just experienced. I had my life turned upside down that I almost went mental. I will be furious if this happens to me again! Getting rid of something like bedbugs is not a joke! All you need is one to come home in your luggage and you have had it! I am almost put off ever going away on holiday again. Its not worth the risk! I am not the type of person to complain, but I just felt like venting this time. Many thanks for taking the time to read my complaint. I hope that something can be done."

We wrote to Speak Chukka to hear their side of the story & they replied that "Wow, that is shocking and surprising. The rate is due to the fact that the guests in this unit have their own private sauna, spa bath, large enclosed private patio and full kitchen. The unit should therefore not be directly comparable with some other accommodation which does not have these facilities. We thoroughly clean all units and change all linen after every single stay. I suspect the problem here may be the sea air which does tent to cause a stale smell on the linen and in the cupboards if left for a while. This house was not occupied for almost one month prior to Mr & Mrs Beukes' stay and I suspect that the sea air took its toll. We will now change fresh linen prior to a stay even if it was already changed, but unused. We have zero history of any bugs or insects and do not allow pets of any kind. At times in summer there can be quite a bad mosquito problem due to the nearby vlei / pan. For this reason we supply mosquito nets and plug-in mosquito repellent bottles. We do request that guests do not smoke in the units and we unfortunately have to display prominent signs throughout the premises. A smokey smell may also come in from the patio braai area if the doors are left open and a wind is blowing. We will investigate and air it out. I cannot think of any 'half left renovations/maintenance' and would appreciate more details on this topic if possible. This is one of our better units although it is not used as frequently and I suppose it is possible for dust to collect. We normally have happy guests. In order to back this up, I would like to offer Mr & Mrs Doe a free return visit which I will communicate to them tomorrow."

At this point Jane asked us not to publish anything, but then a week later she contracted lice. "I know that you thought that you had seen the last of me but there have been some new developments. My daughter and I have contracted lice. I know for a fact that our heads were clear just before we left on holiday as we all had haircuts. We could only have caught it at Spear Chukka.  Please see attached link 'hellopeter' from a persons complaint in February. I think that you should go ahead with printing in the newsletter, as they obviously haven't learnt their lesson. It has cost me a fortune to de-louse and make sure that everything in my home is sterile! They only defended themselves, not even an apology!"

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The Bottom Line: Over the weekend we had the Warren Buffett show in Omaha. Here's a summary of my highlights of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting 2012.