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Cruise news: Less than 100 days before the launch of the MSC Divina, which will be the newest addition to the MSC fleet.

Fly to Sydney from R7560 pp sharing

Hop Down Under with a mate for BIG savings. Qantas aren't exaggerating too much when they say that "there has never been a better time to take a break and see long-lost family and friends in Australia and New Zealand. So grab a partner and book this flight special.

For 2 days only save up to 50% off your return economy airfare (excludes taxes and surcharges) when you book for two or more people to Sydney & some other destinations for departures on selected flights between 17 Apr 2012 and 31 May 2012 only.

Return Economy fares from Johannesburg to Perth start from R6790* per person.

How it works

Here's a comparison based on the lowest airfare:

Johannesburg to Perth flights:

  • Price per person when booking one ticket starts from R6750 plus taxes and surcharges of R3410.
    Total R10160

  • Price per person when booking two or more tickets starts from R3380 plus taxes and surcharges of R3410. Total R6790

Johannesburg to Sydney flights:

  • Price per person when booking one ticket starts from R7960 plus taxes and surcharges of R3580. Total R11540

  • Price per person when booking two or more tickets starts from R3980 plus taxes and surcharges of R3580. Total R7560~

Visit Qantas to learn more about this international flight special. After Qantas were grounded, it's good to see them up and running so well.

The Companion sale ends 23h59 (CAT) 23 March 2012, unless sold out prior.













63% discount at the Kelway Hotel in Port Elizabeth

Next time you fly to the UK, why not visit one of these seaside resorts named after places in South Africa (or is it the other way round?):

Dunoon is a seaside resort town in Scotland, which is a little tricky to get to, and therefore not as touristy as other spots. Visit Benmore Botanic Gardens and walk along Treasure Trails.

Llandudno is the largest seaside resort town in North Wales, lying between 2 headlands. Take the cable car to the summit of Great Orme, ride on the traditional tram and visit the Happy Valley artificial ski slope.

Margate is a seaside town in Kent - visit its contemporary art museum as well as the Dreamland Amusement Park.

Congratz to Anthea Pillai on winning a R500 travel voucher, for identifying where the sunrise photo was taken from on our Facebook Page.

12 beautiful lakes

The Purple shall rule! Message left on the Shosholoza Meyl train page: "After holding the call for half an hour, and finally answered, I was without notice put on hold (no idea if I would even be picked back up)..... I have never experienced such unprofessional customer service in my life. What a joke."

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The Bottom Line: "Taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains represent a sort of “double taxation”, of wage income.

To see why this is so, consider twin brothers who each make R100,000 in wage income. Most people would regard these two people as equally well off, even if one freely chose to consume his income now, while the other chose to consume later. But not advocates of the income tax. They insist the more patient twin brother is “richer” and deserves to be taxed at a higher income tax rate. For instance, compare a 40% wage tax with a 40% income tax. Under the wage tax (sometimes called a “payroll tax”) the spendthrift brother is able to consume R60,000, which is 40% less than in a no-tax economy. Now assume the thrifty brother invests the after-tax wage income for 20 years, and sees the money double to R120,000. Then he can consume R120,000 20 years in the future, which is also 40% less than the no- tax consumption level. This sort of tax is neutral with respect to saving and investment; it’s essentially a flat rate tax on consumption, whenever it occurs.

But that’s not good enough for proponents of taxation of capital income. They want the thrifty brother to pay a 40% income tax on the $60,000 in capital income, leaving him with only a net gain of R36,000. Now the thrifty brother can only consume R96,000 in 20 years, thus he essentially paid a 52% tax on his consumption (as he would have consumed $200,000 in a no-tax scenario). The mistake people make is forgetting that the present value of R120,000 worth of consumption 20 years in the future is the same as R60,000 today."