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As a birthday hug to those born on the 29th February, we're giving all leaplings a R500 cruise discount (non-transferrable, offer must be taken up by the end of March 2012).

Cruise news: R10,148 for 2 adults & 2 children on an MSC Opera cruise to Portuguese Island & Barra Lodge

Europcar over 55 special

Book a minimum of 4 days car rental, & get one day free. Reservations can be made on the specials page at Europcar by clicking on the banner.

Rates includes 200 km’s per day, Airport Surcharge, Tourism Levy, Damage & Theft Waivers and VAT. Valid from 1 February 2012 to 31 January 2013.  Applicable to vehicle groups T, B, C, D, F, H, O, S, W, E, Z

The offer is valid for Europcar rentals in South Africa with the payment method being via credit card and is subject to availability. Standard car rental T&C’s apply. To qualify for the free day, the renters must be at least 55 years old at the time of the rental.

Car hire quotes

For car hire you can get a substantially lower price if you require only 100km free per day versus unlimited mileage. Click here to ask us for a car hire quote. Here's the car hire quotes we did recently. Note that prices and availability may have changed since we did these quotes.

George car hire

I need a car from the 21 April to the 30 April. Pick up at George airport and drop off at Cape town airport. I need the cheapest car with A/C. 

The best quote that I managed to get was for R1,935 for a Ford Figo or similar with aircon, free 100 km/day (R 1.22/km thereafter) and power steering. See First Car Rental. 

Cape Town car hire

Me and my boyfriend need a car in Cape Town from the 6th of March until the 21st of March. The smallest and most affordable will do for us. Preferably with 200km per day or unlimited kilos. Pick up and drop off at Cape Town Airport.

Best price is R2738 (can change) with Car Trawler., see Car Trawler. This gives you 200km free per day, thereafter R1.09/km.

2 people for hire small car from the 2 march at 9.00 to the 16 march at 12.00 cape town airport

Best price is R150/day for a Chev Spark with 100km/day free (thereafter R1.17/km).  See First Car Rental

We want to hire a car from 25 March to 7 April in Cape Town,only two people

The cheapest quote that I managed to get was for R 2,015 (price can change) for a Chevy Spark or similar. See First Car Rental

Port Elizabeth car hire

I need a car to rent for 2 people from the 21st of March to the afternoon of 26 March from PE Airport.  Im looking for the cheapest deal - spark, polo etc. 

The best deal that I could get for you was R775 (including 100 free km per day) for a Chevy Spark. To book see First Car Rental

I need a rental for 2 people from 27th March to 8th April. I am flying in and out of PE on 1time. Whatever is your cheapest deal would be good

The best quote that I could get for you was R1860 for a Chevrolet Spark (or similar). Price is subject to change. The deal includes 100 free km/day; R1.17/km thereafter.  Deposit: R500. See First Car Rental.

Durban car hire

I am looking for car with air con and sterio for one adult and a child,to be picked from Durban Airport since its my point of arrival,between 14June-18June2012

Best quote is for a VW Polo or similar at R791. Features include stereo sound system and air-conditioning. To book see Car Trawler

Looking for an affordable small car for two people without luggage from the 16-20th of march 2012 picking and droping off at Durban downtown

Best price is R620 (R155/day) for a Chev Spark with 100km free per day. May I assist with accommodation? See First Car Rental

I would like a small car from the 18th March - 23 March 2012.  Please advise the cheapest option. 

The best quote that I can get for you is a Chevrolet Spark (or similar) for R775, including 100 free km/day.  See  First Car Rental

East London car hire

Can you please give me a quote  pick up E.L. and  dropoff  from the 5thApril - 9th April ,that would be suitable for untarred roads.

A Nissan 2.7 L bakkie will do the job at R 1356, including 100 free km / day.  See First Car Rental

I need a small car hire from 15th - 18th March 2012 pick up and drop off at East London airport. 

The best quote that I managed to get was for a Chevy Spark or similar for R 540. See First Car Rental. 

Johannesburg car hire

I am looking for car with air con to be picked from O.R Tambo on 2 march friaday at 11.30  to sunday 4 march

Assuming you'll drop the vehicle off by 11h30 on Sunday, the best price is R235/day (can change) for a Ford Figo.  This has air con and offers 100km free per day (R1.22/km for more).  See First Car Rental.

Europcar offices at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg


R1100 for 2 nights, 2 people, at Ingwe Bush Camp

Happy birthday 1time airline - just turned 8 years old, which is good going in the airline industry.

Bad news for those who enjoy their pat-downs at Australian airports - full-body scans have been installed at airports across Australia - and if you don't like the fully-body scans you wont be allowed to fly.

This photo of cattle crossing the N2 is doing the email rounds - foreigners seem to find it quite funny.

The Purple shall rule! At last, a positive comment about a bus company - Intercape wins the Kudos "I just called into your call centre enquiring about a bus to Lusaka from JHB. I had such wonderful service from a lady called Batiswa (please excuse spelling if wrong). Its really nice to speak to a cheerful and helpful person so early in the morning. Keep it up young lady. Agnes"

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The Bottom Line: Feedback on our Free Investment Advice sister site: "I had a similar situation with Old Mutual. I wanted to move my RA over to Allan Gray and they wanted to penalise me very heavily. What I did is I reduced my contribution to the minimum with a 0% escalation and open up a new RA with Allan Gray. There was a penalty involved but it was minimal compared to closing up the investment. I reduced the escalation on teh Allan Gray RA so it wont hurt my pocket that bad and at the same time I will be getting the tax benefits on both these RA's. I did sum of my own calculations and noticed that if I closed the investment I could have lost out close to R250k taking into consideration of compound interest. With the option that i went for I am only taking a knock for about R60k. Not all advisors, advise you with your best interests at heart because you must realise their commission is affected. That's why I appreciate sites like this because you can getting unbiased and informatuion from people who have been faced with similar problems"