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Today's your last chance to take advantage of the Emirates special, and we put our money where our mouth is, and booked a flight to Rome for the obscenely low price of R3968 each :)

Cruise news: "We came back on the 28th of December, the cruise was 10 days, absolutely awesome, we enjoyed every moment , thanks MSC Melody, we certainely want to do this again." Jen

Kulula "here's to 2012" sale

Kulula's kicking off the year with a "here's to 2012 sale", with 150,000 seats available. This online Kulula sale start at 6am on Tuesday the 10th January 2012. Fly on selected flights between these destinations from 10 January until 30 June 2012 one way all inclusive.

  • Johannesburg (Lanseria/O.R Tambo) - Durban from R399+ (1-way)

  • O.R. Tambo - Port Elizabeth from R599+ (1-way)

  • Johannesburg (Lanseria/O.R. Tambo) - Cape Town from R499+ (1-way)

  • O.R. Tambo - George from R499+ (1-way)

  • Cape Town - Durban from R499+ (1-way)

  • Cape Town - PE from R499+ (1-way)

  • Durban - PE from R499+ (1-way)

  • O.R. Tambo - Harare from R999+ (1-way)

  • O.R. Tambo - Windhoek from R999+ (1-way)

  • O.R. Tambo - Livingstone from R999+ (1-way)

  • O.R. Tambo - Nelspruit from R599+ (1-way)

Book at Kulula, but compare prices first (including with Velvet Sky). Hurry, to avoid disappointment.

Legal stuff
  • These prices are only available online and NOT through Kulula's Contact Centre

  • Sale starts 10 January 2012 at 6am until seats sell out

  • Seats are limited and subject to availability at the time of booking

  • Tickets are available for travel one way from 10 January until 30 June 2012 and all taxes are included

  • Offer excludes group bookings, special events, long weekends, school holidays and peak periods

  • Don't forget about your right to cancel any booking made as a result of receiving this email. You can
    cancel your purchase in writing within 5 working days of paying for the booking. Once notice to cancel
    has been received, we will refund you the price of the ticket less any credit card charges

  • Availability on flights: 150 000 seats are available across the advertised Domestic and International routes

Last day for Emirates special

So, we decided to take advantage of the Emirates special to carry out a travel review at minimum cost. The lowest price (appealing) destinations we considered to be Dublin, Geneva, Istanbul, Rome, Madrid, Venice & Mumbai. Of these, Rome looked the most appealing, so the next step was to check what dates the really cheap flights were available.

Cheap flights from Cape Town to Rome

We wanted to go for more or less a week (cant be away from the office too long), and these were the options (availability may have changed by the time you read this):




4, 7 Mar

10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Mar


11, 12, 13, 14 Mar

17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Mar


16 Apr

24, 25, 26, 27, 29 Apr


23 Apr

29, 30 Apr; 1, 2, 3 May


12 May

22, 23 May


19, 20, 21 May

30 May


22, 23 May

4, 6 Jun


29, 30, 31 May; 2 Jun

6 Jun


18 Jun

2, 3, 4 Jun


Colosseum in Rome



In every bungee jumper's nightmare, the bungee cord broke (click through to see video) during an Aussie tourist's jump at Vic Falls - she fell in the water from 20m, and swam to safety.

After 3 years, Lindiwe Kwele has resigned as the Johannesburg Tourism's Company's Chief Executive Officer.

A hot air balloon caught fire & crashed in New Zealand on Saturday, killing all 5 copules & the pilot on board (2 of whom jumped from the balloon). A witness reported that it appeared to clip power lines.

As far as I know, there have been no fatalities in commercial hot air balloon flights in South Africa.

The Purple shall rule! David explains why he wont fly SAA: "My carrier of choice was South African Airways. I often fly, both locally and overseas. My last flight with SAA was in 2005 when, flying from Zurich, Switzerland to Johannesburg, I and my fellow passenger (SAA Platinum Card Holder) were exposed to such verbal abuse and arrogance by a member of the cabin crew, that I vowed, NEVER AGAIN. It is sad that a South African institution such as SAA has such members that influence their international image. The worst was when I tried to lodge a complaint with "Customer Care" on my return, my complaint was met with even worse arrogance and contempt. It makes a vast difference in crew attitude when they have been appointed on merit rather than political or cultural preferences. Arrogance is emerging in its most gross blatant grade. I am flying to Malaysia soon. I wanted to fly Malaysian Airlines, but the forward flight is a joint flight with SAA. So, I am flying Singapore Airlines instead."

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The Bottom Line: Total travellers in South Africa over December 2011 was 3.7m, which was 2% up over December 2010.