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Stumbled across a R4766 Johannesburg - Frankfurt return flight price! The trick seems to be to leave before 3 Dec, and return before 8 Dec (obviously, prices can change).

Cruise news: Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas is the first cruise ship to feature iPads in all staterooms. Email cruises@southafrica.to to make a reservation

Cheap vehicle hire in South Africa

2011-11-16. Here's the cheap vehicle hire quotes we did this week for vehicle hire in George. Note that prices could well have changed since we did these quotes. Navigate here to request a car rental quote.

Cheap vehicle hire from Cape Town

I'm looking to book an automatic car from 15th Dec 2011 to 02 Jan 2012.

The cheapest automatic car at Cape Town airport is a Nissan Tiida auto, going for R6833 (R379/day).  Click here to book.

We'd like to hire a car from CT int airport for 7 days 20th-27th Jan 2012.

Best price is R1085 for a Chev Spark runaround, XCESS: R5,500; 100 Km / day; EXTRA KM: R1.17; with First Car Rental.  Click here to book.  

May I have a quote for hiring a car from the 9th to the 26th January, picking it up from Cape Town & dropping it off in Port Elizabeth.

You can get a Chev Spark for R3150 (R150/day + a R600 1-way fee). Click here to book.

May i have the quotation for corolla 1.4 litre from Capetown to Joburg from the 5th to 10th December 2011.

 The closest I’ve got to that is an Opel Corsa Essentia 1.4l for R1605.

Cheap car & van hire from Johannesburg

I am looking for an automatic car from the 28th of November to the 3rd of December, picking up the car in joburg, drving to durban and dropping it off again in joburg. I am a young driver (21) and would like to have unlimited km's for the first and last days but for the other days, either way is fine, the cheapest option would be best.

You have to choose unlimited the whole trip or limited, one cannot have a mixture.  I suggest you go for unlimited, as it seems you have some distance to travel.  You can book a Nissan Tiida/similar (automatic) for R1785.

Please can you give me a price to hire a vehicle from O R THAMBO, on Monday 5th December 2011 from 5:30 am to 13:00

Best price is R180 for a Chev Spark, Standard Package. (EXCESS: R5,500, 100 Km / day, EXTRA KM: R1.17).

I'm looking for the best way (car or plane?) of getting from Joburg to Durban on 30th December, returning 4th January. There will be 4 of us and we will need to hire a car for the duration of our stay in Durban.

Flights are quite expensive on those dates, so I suggest hiring a car.  Also, be sure to take an unlimited mileage deal, so that you're not charged extra for all the km you clock up.  In December air conditioning is a must in Durban.  The best deal is R1475 for an Opel Corsa Essentia (with air con) and unlimited mileage.

I need an 8+ seater to hire from the 9th to the 11th December to use in JHB. 

 For R1941 you can hire a Toyota Quantum.  Book at Europcar Johannesburg.

Cheap vehicle hire from Durban

I'm looking for a car rental for 2 Adults from 15 Feb 2012 - 20 Feb for 5 nights pickup/drop off at Durban airport.
Any cheap options.

Cheapest rental is R775 (R155/day) with First Car Rental (you get a Chev Spark), but at that time of year in Durban you really need a vehicle with air conditioning, so I recommend you go with a Kia Picanto from Car Trawler, going for R1013.

I am looking to hire the cheapest car in Durban, from the 20th December (08H00), to the 26th December (05H00). what will the cost per day be, or the total package? 

The cheapest price for car rental is R930 for a Chev Spark, but that doesn't have air conditioning (which in Durban in December is a must).  I recommend going for the Opel Corsa Essentia for R1206.

Cheap vehicle hire from George

Can u give me a price to hire a small car from George from 21 to 28 Nov 2011

Best price for car rental from George Airport is R1085 for a Chev Spark (R155/day). Book at First Car Rental

Cheap vehicle hire from Port Elizabeth

No car rental quotes requested from Port Elizabeth this week.

Europcar in Johannesburg Airport





In protest against public sector pension reform, the United Kingdom Border Agency, who take care of immigration & passport control, have voted in favour of industrial action on 30 Nov 2011. This will probably cause delays across the UK for arriving flights, but not for departing flights.

You may recall that earlier this year volcanic ash from Chile’s Puyehue volcano disrupted flights in South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. On Tuesday it was at it again, causing more than 30 flights to be suspended in Argentina and Uruguay.

Congratz to Mr Garth Collins, Acting Chief Executive of Sun International, on being appointed as an executive director.

Lufthansa have reported a slowdown of tourism to South Africa, with a slight volume drop on its Johannesburg & Cape Town routes.

The Purple shall rule! "We have just got back from a week-end in Ficksburg (Thursday to Sunday). Camped in the municipal park managed by Freddy- clean and well run- though obviously noisy with festival sounds going on through the night. I am glad I did it but once was enough. I found the town neglected and sad.....! We ate at the Cliff House on Thursday and found it exceptionally good with a complimentary bottle of wine to make up for the glasses of red wine served ice cold - so decided to repeat our experience on Saturday evening. Sadly Cliff House is not geared for volume and so inconsistent- and we were left dissatisfied - The ribs were half the size of the ones on Thursday evening and when we complained we were given 2 explanations- "we ran out" and then from the chef- "the weight was the same, it just looks less" - The smaller ribs and the 10 french fries on my plate left me hungry so we asked for extra chips- which we were not charged for. The cheese platter again was not equal to that of Thursday evening. Enjoyed our visit to Ben Nevis Farm and the taxi ride which was fun and not hair raising at all.

Clarins is a lovely week-end destination and would be stunning in Winter. Interestingly it is clean, despite hundreds of visitors- there are no or few beggers as they have a system to help street kids.

My final word on Ficksburg - and all small places in South Africa is - don't blame the lack of municipal service - get together and make a plan to make your town inviting. My highlight was Freddy (and not Eddie!) from Ficksburg who is an asset to the town and the municipality."

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