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There was a Mango birthday sale on today, so we're sorted for local flights - but what about international flights? The good news is that Qatar Airways, which is is rapidly making a name for itself as a low cost international carrier, is running a sale.

Cruise news: Great client feedback: "Victor is an asset to your organization. Not only is he efficient in his service, but has wonderful telephone manners. These are rare commodities and he deserves an accolade". Book your cruise at victor@southafrica.to

Qatar Airways 25% sale

Experience the Qatar Airways 5-star journey at a fraction of our usual fares.

From now to 17th November 2011, save up to 25% on Economy Class, 20% on Business Class, and 15% on First Class* fares throughout the expanding Qatar Airways network.

Click here to book now to take advantage of this offer

We look forward to welcoming you onboard Qatar Airways South Africa

Terms and conditions

• Book before 17th November 2011 23:59 local time
• Sale offer:
       • Up to 25% savings on fares in Economy Class
       • Up to 20% savings on fares in Business Class
       • Up to 15% savings on fares in First Class* 
              • Only available on routes where no Business Class cabin is operated
• Travel between 21st November and 31st May 2012 
• All travel must be completed by 31st May 2012 
• Valid on Qatar Airways operated flights only 
• Offer applies to return tickets only 
• Changes are not permitted
• No refunds; a 100% cancellation fee is applicable 
• Child fares are set to 75% of the applicable adult fare  
• Infants fares are set to 20% of the adult fare 
• Seats are limited, subject to availability, and may not be available on all flights and dates 
• Other conditions apply, please review the terms at the time of booking

Qatar Airways plane in Johannesburg




After resolving a dispute with fuel suppliers, Air Zimbabwe has resumed international flights.

RIP Lieutenant Sean Cunningham, who died after being ejected from a Hawk T1 aircraft whilst on the ground at a UK base in Lincolnshire. Cunningham was born in Johannesburg, and moved to the UK in 1986.

Are you planning to travel to London? The UK Border Agency in SA has introduced a "Priority Visa Service", whereby you can pay an additional fee of R675 to have your visa fast tracked.

Very exciting that Andy Green, a Royal Air Force pilot, has chosen the Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape as the venue for his attempt to break his own land speed record. The date hasn't been set yet, but 2013/2014 has been mentioned.

1time airlines have released their flight timetable until 26 March 2012.

Comair's share price hit a new 52-week low yesterday (Comair flies the Kulula & BA South Africa brands).

The Purple shall rule! Some feedback after the Mango special:

"I saw that Mango are having bday specials but it seems I am not in luck in trying to book through them... both their website and their call center seems down? Website doesnt load and their call centre makes a funny beeping noise then the engaged tone after...My guess is that their site and call centre are being bombarded with a vengeance from everybody trying to get in on these crazy specials.  I have asked my mother who is in CT (I am in Durbs) to book the flight for me from there to see if there is any difference.  She seems thus far to have gotten further than I did via their site, as I got to the point where I could try and select payment options and it would not go any further. " Chad

"Happy birthday Mango Airlines. Please bring some direct cheap flights for Cape Town to Kimberley and Kimberley to Cape Town. You will have so many more passengers who will use these flights on a regular basis. Why should we have to fly to O.T. to get to Kimberley at great inconvenience, and pay for the trip that we do not need. You will have business people as well as students. Please give this your serious attention. Dinah"

"Service unavailable, been online for an hour already, no luck" Farzana

"I cannot get thru and I really want a return from Lanseria to Cape Town. I have tried for ages and eventually got thru to book a R555 ticket on 24th December from Lanseria to Cape town at about 10.30, I think and to return to Jhb on Jan 8th, or 7th at a time which went off the screen and that cost was also about R555. The problem was that as soon as I was entering my credit card details and feeling hopeful it said SYSTEM NOT AVAILABLE and kicked me off...now I cannot get back in so I will now lose out...The numbers are a waste of time. They just disconnect." Richard

"error error error...thats all you get online & the 086 number is down. I need to book now!" Marius

"I cannot get through on the callcentre number or the website. have tried for over an hour now." Sivanah

"The website cant handle the volme of people, call centre is unavailable...." Fagriey

"These specials thrown out are a scam one can never get a booking - always excuses etc. Why post and invite people to purchase when you'll know that it is impossible -from always dissapointed"

"Does Mango seriously only fly 3 times a day from Lanseria? Is there something wrong with this picture????" Cezanne

"They are so offline I can't even book regular ticket" Simone

"O gosh at da airprt gone 2hrs nw, dey cnt pik up any specials on dis mango flights ere, n I cnt even get onlyn to book,....dis is so unfair! I'm gettin reali, reali pissd off ryt abt nw...Grrrrrrr, been tryin onlyn for sooo many hours nw....dis my first experience wid Mango, n it dusnt luk Gud at all!" Coleen

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The Bottom Line: It's a misconception that the broader people don't benefit from mining activity in South Africa. Mining companies pay large amounts of income tax & VAT to the government, which is used especially for the benefit of the poor, and employ thousands of people. Large volumes of minerals are exported, which keeps the Rand strong and the cost of goods down. It is in fact only a very small part of the cake which gets paid out as dividends to shareholders (which is the portion those advocating nationalisation have an issue with, as the poor aren't receiving those dividends):

- For example, Impala Platinum, one of our most successful miners had turnover of R33bn in the last year, but only R2.5bn of that got paid out as dividends (the rest goes to salaries, plant & equipment, gets reinvested, value added tax & R2.8bn was paid as income tax).

- Less successful miners, like Eastern Platinum, haven't paid out any dividends over the last few years.