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The Great guide

Whilst we had a rough idea of how to get to the Pilanesberg, it felt great to hear the soothing and reassuring tone of the Greatguide confirming the route we should take to the Bakubung Lodge (a great option for malaria-free viewing of the Big 5 close to Johannesburg).

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Our itinerary had been preprogrammed when we picked up the Greatguide at Cape Town International Airport. On arriving in Johannesburg, we picked up our vehicle from Comet Car Hire and it took a few minutes for the Greatguide to pick up the satellite signal. After adjusting the volume on the side of the Greatguide, it started telling us the way. We decided not to take the N1 past Pretoria but rather the Oliphantsfontein R562, and after initially telling us to do U-turns, it eventually figured we had our hearts set on this route and recalculated a new way. We passed the nuclear bad boys at NECSA and then saw the beautiful view of the Hartebeespoortdam (where we would be going later to the Ponciana Guesthouse) and the magnificent Pecanwood Estate (golf course designed by Gary Player).

The Greatguide did an awesome job of guiding us to the Bakubung Bush Lodge, to the Sun City Hotel and onto the doorstep of the Ponciana Guesthouse. However, we would have liked to hear more information about the areas we were passing - we found Greatguide told us far more when we have previously travelled from Johannesburg to White River (e.g. about Anglo-Boer War battles along the way). A minor issue is that they misspelled Bakabung Bush Lodge.

Comet Car Rental Corsa at the Sun City Hotel

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