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Q&A with Travel Opulent Box Founder

Patrycja Oosthuizen runs the hugely successful #TravelChatSA community chat on Twitter every Wednesday at 7pm, from her @travelopulent account. If you haven't already, come join in on the Wednesday night fun - all are welcome.

We (@southafricaTO) have been lucky enough to be asked to co-host a few of the (very vibey) chats, and wanted to get to know the person behind this a bit better. We are delighted that Patrycja agreed :) This is only the second Q&A we've ever published (the first was of Kyle Haywood of fastjet South Africa).

What's the secret of your success? I am very passionate about the things I am doing, I simply don't give up.
I also believe in balance between work and my private live and I live my life according to the saying: "taking time off to live life will only inspire your work."

What was school like? I was born in Poland and attended school there - I was a good student, always reading and making stacks of notes. Geography was my worst subject - now I love it ;)

Tell us about your first job. I was a waitress during school holidays just to earn some extra pocket money.
I've learned there how to deal with different kind of people :)

Patrycja Oosthuizen

When did you know you'd like to get involved in the travel industry? I always loved travel but the travel industry wasn't in my dreams. I wanted to be a doctor first (I know you surprised), but failed the physics exam and had to go with my alternative plan, public relations. That is where it all started.

You run the highly successful #TravelChatSA on Twitter every Wednesday. What inspired this? When I first moved to South Africa I knew this was a unique place. I fell in love with everything: people, spectacular views, weather. I love discovering new places, sharing my experiences with everyone and that is why I created #TravelChatSA - where people can simply share their knowledge about this beautiful country, exchange opinions and discover new, hidden gems.

Where is your favorite destination & why? If we're talking South Africa, I love all the country, with special sentimental feelings towards Knysna (I spend my first South African holidays there). If we're talking World: definitely Poland (my home country).

If you could change one thing in the South African travel industry, what would it be? I would love everyone living in South Africa to be able to afford travel in their own country (from budget to luxury places).

Which airline do you most prefer flying on?
I like South African Airways, Air France & Lufthansa.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to travel internationally for the first time? Check out deals, and special offers, don't be afraid to ask questions, read about the destination you are going to, research.

If money wasn't an issue, where would you go on holiday? I would Travel the World starting in Bolivia:)

You're into the opulent form of travel. Do you always fly business/first class? NEVER!

What keeps you awake at night? I sleep well at night :)

What advice have you got for young South Africans, wanting to build a career in the travel industry? "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

What do you do in your off time? I spend as much time I can with my Husband, Family and Friends.

What is the best part of working in the South African travel industry? You meet such a passionate people, full of great ideas, experiences.

Chicken or Beef? Sea Food and Sushi :)

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