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101 Top South African Travel Tweeters in 2017

Wow, there are so many Twitter rockstars in South Africa. Below is a list of who to follow to have a tweeting good time travelling in South Africa. It's a list of South African travel tweeters who actually follow, engage, reply & retweet (divided into categories of involvement in travel), as measured by our subjective experience of that interaction (no smart computer software). The order of categories doesn't matter. The list consists of everybody who was nominated during the nominations round a couple of months ago (plus some from a list made a few years ago). I'm sure that we have missed some great tweeters, but promise to include them in the update of this list - if you are one of the tweeters we missed, please accept our humble apologies, and contact us at @southafricaTO. Levels of participation naturally change over time, and we'll do this again in a few months time for a top 2018 list.

Travel Agents
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Port Elizabeth

Here are the Dream Teams:

Travel Bloggers

@Monique_PR_ - based in KZN, Monique ditched the corporate world and broke out into the world of social media & photography. A bedrock of the SA twitter scene (nominated by @travelopulent, @JustTours1 & @InAfricaNBeyond).

@StephanieMarthi - Black belt in photography, and into travel, beauty, adventure & small towns (see you at VAL, Stephanie,...only 18 permanent residents); uncanny knack of tapping into the subconscious and revealing the secrets of places explored (nominated by @travelopulent).

@livingitupct - a Cape Town beachie / blogger / tweeter / photographer / foodie / #Hashtagradio star (nominated by @Monique_PR_).

@tulipandphoenix - cityslicker who's a not so closet road tripper; and Jedi master of the camera. Recognises talent & #PaysItForward. All-round rockstar & All-in South African. Stick by this one people - she's going places. (nominated by @travelopulent, @meletsoblog & @InAfricaNBeyond).

@gotravelbug - go down the rabbit hole with Rose and she may take you places you would fear to go by yourself. Posts beautiful photos of her travels through South Africa. Willing to brave the cold to tell the tale (nominated by @travelopulent & @DiBrown5).

@travelopulent - our leader, who hosts #TravelChatSA - the best gathering on Twitter. She's your go-to person to figure out where to go & what to eat & wear. Recognises talent. (nominated by @thedeal_is & @MLTcarhiretour).

@CPTtwins - Twins from Cape Town - they'll take you for a hike into the wild (nominated by @Monique_PR_). Just be sure that you're not scared of heights and know how to pose whilst leaping into the air; and you'll be fine.

@DiBrown5 - also known as "The Roaming Giraffe", this former cartographic ninja is based in Cape Town, and has transformed into a photographic martial artist of note (nominated by @Andre24Social, @CeecesTravel, @thejaxblog, @Verushka143 & @InAfricaNBeyond).

@AnjeRautenbach- Somebody once said "How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live"...fortunately, Anje has lived large and boy can she write - she has cycled much of the world but her soul is in South Africa - let go and let her take you on a trip. Knows how to tickle your funny bone (nominated by @DiBrown5, @Verushka143 & @thejaxblog).

@DoroLef - Dorothée Lefering - International travel writer, blogger and Host of #TravelChatSA. Now residing in Berlin.

@traveltonia - Travel blogger, writer & vegan...basically an all round good ouk who sees the larger meaning (nominated by @travelopulent).

@WeszMadz - is on a flight just about every week of the year, so has to be included here. When not working (or should I say, finding others work to do) he's camping - ask him for help in planning your roadtrip.

@Verushka143 - a Spicegoddess with a great sense of humour, Mistress of words, tourism lecturer & lover of books. Verushka hails from Durban. (nominated by @Monique_PR_, @CeecesTravel & @thedeal_is).

@Winelands- aka Marlize Stander - Photographer extraordinaire, Marketing, Dancing & most NB - Tourism + Travel (nominated by @travelopulent & @invisable_ct).

@DawnJorgensen - a long-time twitter travel tweeter, and an amazing writer - the best in fact. Dawn is passionate about photography, travelling and animal rights. She writes and photographs like a dream. She posts interesting tweets about her adventures sharing pictures with her followers (nominated by @Verushka143).

@2summers - yankie risking her life by living in Johannesburg, but fortunately knows how to box her way out of a situation. Distributor of sunshine. Was on Twitter before it became the kewl thing to do. (nominated by @meletsoblog, @Travelwrite1 & @moving_sushi).

@TazzDiscovers - Two Tazz's for the price of one - let Tami & Anton take you on a road trip through our beautiful country (nominated by @thedeal_is, @invisable_ct & @thedeal_is).

@TheSoloWandera - this crazy lady is hiking from Cape to Cairo through some of the most dangerous countries on this planet. Follow her whilst she's still alive (nominated by @Macoww, @Verushka143 & @GriffithsDaveA).

@InAfricaNBeyond - Sara Essop a much-loved Twitter stalwart whose travel experiences begin in Jozi - cruises, trips to Europe, budget travel & more (nominated by @tulipandphoenix, @Monique_PR_ & @thedeal_is).

@thejaxblog - Living the dream. Travel writer + Foodie = great combo. All round nice person (nominated by @Monique_PR_ & @CeecesTravel).

@thetravelmanuel - writer, influencer & digital marketer; who is fortunate enough to travel a lot #jealous (nominated by @invisable_ct & @moving_sushi).

@HawthorneBlog  - a quick look today shows me caves, sunsets & views from misty mountains - this man is a professional mountain guide and it shows (nominated by MLTcarhiretour & @Monique_PR_).

@Travelwrite1 - In between commuting between Denmark, SA & the rest of the world; Caroline mixes up her travel writing with posts about contemporary events (nominated by @MLTcarhiretour).

@meletsoblog - perfect person to share a cup of tea with, and she'll take you where the chow is good (nominated by @tulipandphoenix).

@Kate_Els - Twitter stalwart & photographic Samurai - knows a good viewpoint when she sees it - stunning clickies of & reviews of her travels in southern Africa. A must follow! (nominated by @moving_sushi).

@NatalieRoos - keen traveller & blogger, who owns the brightest twitter colour scheme; always quick with a quote; loathes phone calls (nominated by @GreatGrampops).

@campsbay_girl - has the best Twitter handle - into travel, exploring & youtubing (nominated by @GreatGrampops).

@MzansiGirl - lives by her name - a travel blogger who tweets about tourism in South Africa and how we can improve it. Part-time snapchatter, full-time rockstar (nominated by @meletsoblog).

@dheusdensza - twitter stalwart; covers a lot of ground in her travels so hold on tight & enjoy the feeling of your world being embiggened (nominated by @tulipandphoenix).

@RoxanneReidSA - writes like a favourite dream, covering all South Africa's natural treasures (nominated by @Travelwrite1).

@thelawry - world traveler & explorer, with lots of Western Cape clickies - travels with @campsbay_girl (lucky guy) (nominated by @GreatGrampops)

@ExpressionsSA  - doctorate in photography; 2 photographers for the price of 1 - (nominated by @thejaxblog)

@r_kambule - Runs, into travel, lifestyle & marketing - authentic only; has hosted the famous #TravelChatSA (nominated by @travelopulent)

@AnksW23 - the restless voice of Lekkeslaap (nominated by @travelopulent)

@CapeTownCitizen - see the Mother City through the lens of this amazing photographer and father.

@MyLimeBoots - follow this Jozi-based accountant's travels through his lens and pen

@CombrinkD - Always ready with a quip; follow him for a (more than) daily quote (nominated by @invisable_ct ).

@fit4thabo - travels a lot, dines a lot, and is sometimes found on Google/+

@scarletnguni - a romantic who loves to love & write. No longer a cynic! Hosts the famous #discoverOverberg on Wednesdays at 12h00.

@SandyNeneSA - Brand content creator & founder of South Africa's first blogger community

@AllisonFoat - Capetonian who blogs about travel & takes amazing photos

@deshaakonsen - upbeat tweets about beautiful South Africa

@MadamAfrika - Madam Africa is a travel tweeter & blogger & occasional couchsurfer, who has travelled Africa extensively.

@davbai83 - David-John Bailey: Samurai, Capetonian and blogger, who #LoveTheDoers

@rochkay - green South African blogger & photographer

@26DegreesSouth - Traveller, writer & genealogist. Researches South Africa.

@Foodandthefab - Cape Town based foodie, Ishay Govender-Ypma, who shares lots of photos with her posts.

@FireflyAfrica - Jonker Fourie is a travel & tourism marketer, geocacher & blogger.

@UrbanWalkerCT - A Capetonian based in Tableview who shares his walks around the city.

@SandysView - hospitality, food & vino blogger, based in Cape Town.

@capturingafrica - This twitter page specialises in African Safaris around Africa. He shares his travels adventures and pictures from places like Zanzibar and Mozambique to name a few.

@KnysnaSailing - to experience the motion of the ocean.


Ourselves of course :) @southafricaTO

@Victor_TB - A top notch travel agent, particularly in the area of cruises - South African and Mediterranean.

@MSCcruisesSA  - the king of cruise - without them, there wouldn't be a cruise industry in South Africa.

Taking photos of the MSC Sinfonia from a ferry boat

Travel Agents

Ourselves of course :) @southafricaTO

@LekkeSlaap - focuses on accommodation "van die Kalahari tot die Kaap".

@ToursduCap - run by Francoise Armour, who has a wealth of knowledge about travel, particularly in the Western Cape, where she is based and runs her tours from.

@RitsGids - an Afrikaans twitter page mainly covering cruises from Durban and Cape Town but also touches on flight and car rental deals.

@TWFTravel - Travel with Flair offer travelling tips like how to pack your luggage for a flight or tips to stay productive whilst travelling. They can help with personalising your leusire or corporate travel needs.

@GLMTours - based in Cape Town, arranges shark cage diving, safaris & adventures tours

@Travelstart - An online agency ready to give followers quotes for flights, car hire and accommodation. They post specials for their followers and share inspirational travel articles for others to read.

@FlightSite - an online travel agency with a strong focus on package holidays, and shares plentiful travel news and photos from around the world.

@PackageToursSA - offers package tours to Southern Africa

Government Officials

@Derek_Hanekom - our previous Minister of Tourism, an avid travel tweeter!

Travel Media

@TIR_SA - the leading news source for the travel trade in SA.

@SAPassionista - Tweets about everything South African Travel & tourist related.

@travelcomments - follow Seb for information, tips and great deals about accommodation, flights, car rentals and tour packages in South Africa.

@ShotLeft - the domestic arm of South African Tourism.

@Rondrits1 - the twitter account for the Rapport newspaper's travel supplement.

@eTNW_SA - a news feed for the South African travel trade.

@satsa_sa - a non-profit association involved in Southern African Toursim Services.

@Bonolo_Modise - the brains & beauty behind @shotleft and the Wednesday #shotleft community travel chats.

Social Media Practitioners

@Andre24Social - social media guy, friendly, and a favourite who tweets a lot about travel in Cape Town. #MustFollow. Especially food and travel in Cape Town (nominated by @travelopulent).

@MariusSoU - The person most likely to engage with you on Twitter. VERY active and engaging on Twitter, marketing the Western Cape (nominated by @Monique_PR_ & @InAfricaNBeyond)

@GoSocialSA - aka Jacqui MackwayWilson - a friendly WordNerd who chats about travel, nationbuilding and everything else from her base in the Western Cape (nominated by @Andre24Social).

@QueenBee_Mktg - knows how to create a buzz amongst the bees - she'll meet your social media needs. Focuses on hotels, guest houses & B&Bs (nominated by @invisable_ct ).

Cape Town

@thedeal_is - wide range of interests & always ready with a quote (nominated by @invisable_ct & @InAfricaNBeyond)

@invisable_ct - Happy hour - 2 for the price of one - hubby & wife blogging duo (nominated by @thedeal_is)

@craigjsa - petrol head who's into anything which involves a motor. Outdoorsman (nominated by @Andre24Social).

@Merentia  - stalwart of the SA twitter scene, and very active. Has her own hashtag - #merentiasadventures. Tweets about travel, South African experiences, events & adventures.

@Instacptguy - has an eye for a good photo and the skills to execute on it. His collection of Cape Town photos ranks with the best.

@ryanmccoll - loves to travel & has itchy feet. Recently visited Thailand.

@BlaineTheCanuck - Canadian radio personality who now resides in the Mother City.

@capetrail - publishes the most awesome videos of hikes

@Salmoses - dreams of being a pilot

@kingjimZA- King Jim has a passion for travel & photography, and has recently put his tweeting feet on again :)

@CapeTown - a proudly independent tweeter about everything Cape Town

@CapeTourist - tag your post #capetourist and you might get retweet!

@hamishniven - Travels the world from Cape Town on photography gigs - what a life!

@cometocapetown - covers accommodation & travel in the Mother City.

@JanineBS - - into traveling, food & living authentically.

@ishotimagesza -likes vino, #discoverOverberg & photography - preferably together. Doesn't always follow back! Is not snobbish :)

@hippie_ina_suit - friendly tweeter who is a bit of a hippy

Durban & KwaZulu-Natal

@CeecesTravel - KZN-based social media pro and content writer. (nominated by @Monique_PR_ & @meletsoblog)

@MPlaysInternets - Sassy publisher & Twitter ninja (nominated by @CeecesTravel)

@Yovanie  - founding member of @DurbanTwitrMeet, footie-lover who's into marketing (nominated by @CeecesTravel)

@Route56 - accommodation and events along Route 56 from Middelburg to Pietermaritzburg.

@ILuvDBN - Tweets everything Durban related.

Garden Route

@WurstExpress - when in Sedgefield be sure to pop in to get a CurryWurst from this uber-friendly spot.

@martinhatchuel - Martin Hatchuel runs "This Tourism Week", sharing his views about SA tourism from his base in Knysna.

Gauteng (Johannesburg / Pretoria)

@DebbieDamant - Country Manager at South African Tourism, shares insights into travel in Southern Africa.

@KEyckmans - Johannesburg-based aviation & travel man.

@NTH_express - Nasrec Transport Hub plans to change the way people get around in Johannesburg South.

@MegtheGood - great sense of humour, knows the ins & outs of travel even though it's not her only focus - familiar with OR Tambo International Airport

@Me_l7 - based in Pretoria & loves travelling, especially flying to exotic places (has business class dreams)

@Jodenecoza - a legend of the South African twittersphere. Jo-dene is based in Jo-zi :)

@Gail_Mail - connecting travel, people, places & wildlife conservation.

@swank_ZA - Avid travel tweeter with interests in golf, hoarding & photography.


@ToursDeMornay - Nelspruit-based tour operator who does safaris in the Kruger & historical/cultural tours

@KrugerLowveld - covers the Kruger, Panorama route and Barberton Mountains

Port Elizabeth

@MyPE - this guy doesn't follow anybody, but boy does he engage if you mention Port Elizabeth.

@GuestHousePE - runs Dempsey's Self Catering Guest House in PE

Frequent Flyers

@pilotsimon208 - British pilot who spent some time in Africa

@MilesForStyle - allow SAA Voyager members to earn miles when they shop


@flycapetown - a provider of paragliding in Cape Town (tandem), mostly off Signal Hill & Lions Head, and shares fantastic footage of these flights.

Car Hire Tweeters

@Rent_A_Cheapie  - Offers affordable car hire. Tweets about driving tips as well as car maintenance tips.

@firstcarrental - You can request car hire quotes for most destinations in South Africa. They list polls on their twitter feed which followers can take part in.

Accommodation Tweeters

@deoudehuize - runs De Oude Huize B&B in Harrismith, but takes an interest in all things Twitter in South Africa.

@FAncourtSA - Simply the best golf course in South Africa. Say no more!

@W2SsouthAfrica - runs "Where 2 Stay-South Africa" from his pad in Port Alfred.

@TravelGround - accommodation experts, based in Cape Town, but covering accommodation across South Africa

@igumbley - runs a guest house in Salt Rock called "The Saffron House".

@TheHydeHotel - stationed in Sea Point, with stunning views of Signal Hill, including paragliders flying over The Hyde.

@HermanusWindsor - iconic Hermanus hotel, which is exceptionally well positioned next to the rocks.

@ExclusivGetaway - takes bookings for top notch resorts, safari lodges & hotels in South Africa.

@12_Apostles - the hotel located between Camps Bay and Llandudno

@Beds4Business - Tweets the daily minimum & maximum temperatures, as well as travel-related posts

@Mr_Hotels - Thomas Walaza tweets about hotels from his base in Port Alfred.

@CityLodgeHotels - countrywide chain of hotels - City Lodge, Road Lodge, Town Lodge & Courtyard.

@capeholidays - the king of holiday accommodation in Cape Town

@Hilton_Durban - won the prestigious title of South Africa's Favourite Hotel in the 2013 SouthAfrica.TO Travel Awards

@HotelMRP - one of the top 10 hotels in South Africa in the 2013 SouthAfrica.TO Travel Awards

@MillionThrills - all about Sun International - from Sun City to The Boardwalk.

@ParkInnCT - enjoy views of ships cruising into Cape Town from their sunterrace

@WhaleCottage - Camps Bay, Franschhoek & Hermanus accommodation tweeter with a large following.

@McGrathHotels - The Plettenberg, The Cellars-Hohenhort & Marine Hermanus hotels.


@ortambo_int - Mention OR Tambo International Airport in a tweet, and they'll probably retweet it!

@kingshakaint - The official King Shaka International Airport tweeter.

Honorary mentions

@lachicnomad - our contact with Mauritius, has lived through being detained in CPT airport - shame on you, Cape Town (nominated by @thejaxblog & @Verushka143).

@wanderlustmvmnt - international travel blogger of note (nominated by @thejaxblog)

@Jodenecoza - business owner, author, teacher & speaker (nominated by @Andre24Social).

@JacquiCooks - The Jax - assists she-preneurs, he-preneurs, solopreneurs & small biz (nominated by @Andre24Social).

@punkrockdawwg - somtimes Dumbledoor, sometimes Voldemort, always a twitter rockstar (nominated by @CeecesTravel)

@ndre007 - Proudly SA (nominated by @Andre24Social)

@hildacronje - Retweeter of note, but no DMs allowed (nominated by @Andre24Social).

@gotravelyourway - run by Josh Cahill, who is from Germany, but based in Australia, and has travelled to more than 65 countries, including over 40,000km of hitchhiking.

@NigeriaTO1 - tweets from further up the continent from our cousins in Nigeria

@Fly_Naija - mostly Nigerian related tweets, but shares a wealth of travel information.

@Campjay76 - CampJ is such a great retweeter that we found it impossible to leave her off this list!

@maxroamRSA - prolific travel tweeter who also sell sim cards for international travel

@elizabethjoss - based in the Netherlands, Elizabeth tweets regularly about travel all over the world.

@Outcastotter - kids travel companion & a great interacter

@rianatravelblog - covers photography & travel

@wanderingiphone - Canadian based pro photographer, who founded The Heart of a Woman Project, which was piloted in Khayelitsha (a Cape Town township).


@FlyCemAir  - operates flights between Johannesburg, Plettenberg Bay & Cape Town.

@FlyMangoSA - low cost airline offering competitive rates on selected routes. Mango Airlines keeps followers updated with flight specials, and is used as a good platform for guest feedback.

@SawubonaSAA - South African Airways' in-flight magazine tweeter.

@flySAA_US - SAA flights from the United States. Shares South African travel related tweets, to showcase SA to the US.

@SAA_UK - South African Airways tweets from the United Kingdom.

@FlyRwandAir - RwandAir offers 1-stop flights from Johannesburg to numerous spots in the world, in particular in Africa.

@kulula - Their twitter page mostly serves as a way for followers to communicate with Kulula. You can ask questions and post a problem you are experiencing and Kulula will provide feedback.

@FlySafair - representing new airline FlySafair, which is owned by Safair. Shares a wealth of information about their startup plans.

@AirFranceZA - keep an eye out for their competitions to win free trips to France.  

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