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Cruises to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, situated in the far south of Croatia is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. This tranquil little city, once home to over 120 000 people, is enjoying new-found fame since the celebrated HBO series, Game of Thrones aired in 2012 and visitors flocked from afar to see the ancient city walls and scenery featuring as Kings Landing and the magical town of Qarth. It's one of the leading tourist resorts of the Mediterranean and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

For the 2017/2018 season, the MSC Sinfonia stops at Dubrovnik en route to Venice, departing from Cape Town on 5 May 2017. Pop an e-mail to for a quote.

Dubrovnik Ancient City Walls
Arial view of Dubrovnik's ancient city walls

If you're visiting Dubrovnik as part of a cruise, you have about half a day to get around, so we think it's best to do your own thing and not pay for a shore excursion. The cruise ship docks at the Port of Dubrovnik (Port Gruz) which is right accross from the main bus station, about 2.5km from the walled old town. The easiest and cheapest way to get to the Old Town from the main bus station, is by using the local buses number 1, 1A and 1B, which circulate constantly. There are also several taxi's around the docks area (not too expensive) with which you can quickly get to the tourist area and explore. It's estimated that in 2012 over one million passengers stopped at Dubrovnik via cruise ship.

MSC Opera Northbound Cruise
MSC Opera Northbound cruise 2015 from Cape Town to Italy
Dubrovnik harbour
Dubrovnik's harbour
View over the harbour from one of the lookout points
Dubrovnik Fortress
Minceta fortress. One of the best spots to see the spectular view over the harbour

Top things to do and see in Dubrovnik

Take in some stunning architecture with sculptural detail, ancient churches, monasteries, museums, and fountains in the ancient city

Ancient City Walls and Old Town

See the ancient ruins, historic/scenic walking areas and neighbourhoods. Best way to get a feel for the old city and it's history. It can take anything up to 1-2 hours or longer, depending on how extensive you want to cover everything. There are several cafe's and bars along the way. Expect to shell out several bucks, since this is the main tourist area.

Placa Thoroughfare (Stradun)

The Stradun (Placa) is the central road Dubrovnik and is the place where everything happens. The architecture is all in Baroque style and though several of the grand Gothic and Renaissance palaces have been destroyed during the earthquake in 1667, it has been restored sufficiently to retain the Dubrovnik culture. Today the Placa is the shopping mecca and venue for major events.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

Tickets are sold at the northern gate, but it's easier to buy tickets beforehand as you will get in sooner. Wait until you get to the top to take photos, as the cable cars are filled up to the brim and can be crowded. A good tip to save money: Take your own drinks, prices at the cafe up at the fortress are quite high. You can walk down with a zig-zag path. Don't forget your camera to take in the spectacular views of the city and harbour.

Dubrovnik Main Road Old Town Market Place Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik main road
Old town market place
Onofrio's Fountain Old Town Rector's Palace
Onofrio's fountain, a central meeting point in old town
Rector's palace

Once you get to Old Town, the city is completely pedestrian friendly and small enough to easily get by on foot.

To eat

Dubrovnik side alley St Ignatius Church Dubrovnik
Neighbourhood side alley
St. Ignatius Church, a famous church for tourists to get married in.

There's a variety of restaurants in the Old Town, mostly local seafood and some meat dishes to be found. The food is typically not very spicy and tends to me more traditional. There are some cheaper places ("for tourists", though not as cheap as imagined), few pizza places which are not too bad. Dubrovnik, slightly more so than the rest of Croatia, is a popular toursit spot, so remember that menu prices will reflect this. TIP: Get some Kraš chocolate, it's a favourite among many that visit.


The local currency, kuna, is best to save money when spending actual money in town, but if you're only there for the day with the cruise, then we suggest keeping euros at hand (like you would for other parts of Europe). Many traders accept it and several hotel rates are quoted in euros.

This is pretty much all you need to know for a short visit to Dubrovnik. Most important part is to remember your camera, as the views are unforgettable (of course, in 20 years a lot of it would've been forgotten!)

Dubrovnik Monastry Old City Walls Arial View
One of the many monastries in Dubrovnik
View from old city walls
St Blaise Church St Ignatius Church
St Blaise Church
St Ignatius Church
Cathedral Treasury Dubrovnik
Cathedral Treasury - baroque cathedral dating from the 1600's. Also known as the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary.

If this seems like a city you'd want to visit whilst on a cruise, remember that it's as easy as popping an e-mail to one of our cruise consultants asking for a quote.

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