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Two MSC cruiseliners and a tropical island beach

Passengers on a speedboat departing from an MSC cruiseliner

A view of the MSC Sinfonia's new spray park

Waterpark on the deck of the MSC Sinfonia

Bartender on the MSC Sinfonia and mojito cocktail

Passenger posing on the top deck of the MSC Musica

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MSC Mediterranean Cruises

Experience the beauty of the Mediterranean on one of the MSC luxury cruise liners by booking an international cruise. You can choose between cruises departing from Barcelona, Istanbul, Venice, Lisbon and Genoa to name a few (Venice is the most popular). Check availability by filling in the MSC Mediterranean Cruises form below, or emailing Please note pricing on cruises is dynamic and is changing continuously. Please contact us for the most current price.

MSC Mediterranean Cruises
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Kosher Meals

MSC does not provide kosher meals as part of its regular service, and these need to be ordered well in advance of the cruise (check with your consultant exactly how much notice is required).

MSC Mediterranean Cruises are rated 4/5 based on 1 customer review.

MSC Cruise from Genoa

14 Nov 2013 Rating 4/5 : My cruise started in Genoa in Italy on 25/03/2013. I flew from South Africa to Dubai. Then on to Milan. In Milan I was met by a most cheerful person wielding a name board "NAVA NAIDOO". Guess what - they knew me in Milan. The “BOARD LADY’ was Alison. We had some time before we could board our MSC courtesy bus to Genoa port. She treated me to a welcoming cup of coffee. It was cold, very very cold in Milan. Fortunately I was adequately dressed for this weather. A short while later a chubby, very happy person came to collect us to board the transfer bus to Italy. Even though most of the conversation was “non comprehendo” I just enjoyed his jolliness. Needless to say the traffic was very scenic, with lots of road works. But hey; who am I to complain? I live in south Africa. Robots all working. We got dropped off at the port. There were 4 of us on the bus heading for this cruise. The other 3 were Italians. Our bags were all taken away and we were left just with our handbags. This made it very easy for us to move around. There was a very large, diverse queue which we fell into. The assistants were all dressed in red suits and white shirts. They made a pretty picture. You should have been there to see how jacked up these assistants were. No delays. no dragging their foot. After filling in some forms we were “A-FOR-AWAY” with our room key. We got onto the gangplank walked through a covered passage and I was on my way to inside cabin number 0950. AND LET THE PARTY BEGIN! We set sail from the port of Genoa at 6pm. We docked the next day in Civitavecchia ( wow! hows that for spelling) near Rome. I had been to Rome in 2008 & did the Trafalgar bus trip - I thought that was fantastic until I did the cruise. Our guide in Rome took us to the most beautiful sights. Nothing compared with the buildings and houses. You could see all the buildings were almost original. I did throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and I sighed on The Bridge of Sighs. Lots of men carved into statue covered in robes. I mean really Ceasar. Time for the Armani to come out. 27 AND 28TH March we cruised the seas. I got up late and just wandered around the deck. went to the sumptuous buffet. I made some very nice friends. Some of them were also travelling alone. We made a happy group of fun. I think we brought the house down. On the 29th March we were on our way to Istanbul, Turkey. This place was absolutely wonderous. we disembarked in the morning. We met a beautiful tour guide, and got onto one of MSC’S buses and were on our way around the city. We visited some very beautiful mosques. The Blue Mosque was the popular one. Originally this mosque was known as the Sultan Ahmed Camii mosque, and is now known as the Blue mosque because of the blue tiles laid all around and inside. We took a boat trip down the Bhosporous, sometimes known as the Istanbul straits. The Bhosporous is the boundary between Europe and Asia. I know Turkey has opened a sea tunnel connecting the 2 continents - ie. Europe and Asia. A whole lot more walking and shopping at the Grand Bazaar. This you must do, even if you don’t buy. You will have lots of fun just browsing the aisles. We ended our tour of Istanbul with a visit to the carpet factory, and enjoyed sitting around in a circle sipping apple tea and watching an old woman weaving carpets was amazing. On the 30th March we cruised into Ukraine, Barishnikov country. We went to a live orchestra and were entertained to some very lively musical cultural shows. The people were extremely friendly and warm hearted. Of course there was a language barrier! Like Rome the city boasts very many golden domed churches glinting in the day's sun . We walked on to the Kiev Zoo and as you walk the city, the smell of freshly milled coffee beckons. Oh! did I mention I climbed the wooded slopes in a city called Lliv. Not bad for 68 years. Then back to the MSC Opera. Took a short nap, very short, as I didn't want to miss anything. After a quick shower, I prettied up and went to dinner. after dinner it was voogie time. We danced till 2am and sat around about 5am watching the sunrise, what a spectacular sight,. Anyway we were cruising the whole day. I stepped out of my floating room in the afternoon and watched a couple of shows, went to the movies, joined the crowd and went for a walk around the port. Next “MSC AHOY” to Greece. Again we were met by the guide. Her name I remember - Katia - what a pleasant person. First attraction RUNNING MAN. There after the Acropolis, Parthenon, the Olympic stadium. and yes back to my floating home for one more day. We docked in Italy, Sorrento on the 7th April, and we were treated by a lovely surprise - the passengers were treated to a complimentary trip into Sorrento by MSC (another reason to cruise MSC). Just for 4 hours but we packed in lot of visiting. Some of us took a boat trip across to Capri - beautiful. We shopped & enjoyed unguided tours, as well as bus rides up to the mountains and back - you guessed it - to the MSC. I suppose this is what they mean by round trip. Columbus did get it right eh? At 9am we boarded our respective buses to our airports, and were homeward bound. The planning. structuring and getting the passengers onto the right busses went without a hitch. All good things do come to an end , but seeing my family and 6 grandchildren at OR Tambo Airport was priceless. No one carried a board with Nava Naido! Next cruise Panama - best pensioner price of course.


27 Sep 2013 : The MSC Musica becomes the first cruise ship to use Constanta in Romania as an embarkation point. Whilst cruise ships have stopped there before, it has never been to pick up passenger. The passengers will cruise from Constanta to Cythion, Venice (Italy), Katakolon, Istanbul (Turkey), Yalta, Odessa and then back to Constanta.

MSC ships in the Mediterranean

The following MSC cruise ships are regularly in the Mediterranean: MSC Armonia, MSC Musica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Preziosa, MSC Fantasia, MSC Lirica and the MSC Splendida.

MSC Armonia

Genoa - Marseille - Palma de Mallorca - Ibiza, Olbia, Livorno - Genoa

MSC Musica

Venice - Brindisi - Olympia - Santorini - Athens - Corfu - Kotor - Venice.

Here's a review of an MSC Musica Med cruises, starting in Venice.

MSC Sinfonia

Venice - Split - Santorini - Mykonos - Dubrovnik - Ancona - Venice. Think history, off-road villages and forests mountains rising above the seas.

MSC Meraviglia

Naples - Messina - Valletta - Barcelona - Marseille - Genoa - Capri

MSC Orchestra

Civitavecchia - La Spezia - Genoa - Cannes - Palma - Barcelona - Ajaccio - Rome

MSC Poesia

Venice - Bari - Olympia - Mykonos - Athens - Dubrovnik - Venice

MSC Splendida

Valencia - Marseille - Genoa - Rome - Palermo - Cagliari - Palma de Mallorca - Valencia

All the above ships are great choices for Mediterranean cruises - the main choice is to decide if you want to go for a western or eastern Med cruise.

Colosseum in Rome

Package Deals

    Currently there are no Mediterranean Package deals, but keep an eye on this page for more specials during 2020.

*The longer the time since the date the offer was published, the greater the chance of prices having changed.

MSC Cruises offers year-round cruises in the Mediterranean. Being an Italian company, they are extremely well versed with the area and offer a wide selection of ports to visit. Immerse youself in the culture and history or try an exotic meal. There is so much to explore, see and do, all from the comfort of an MSC cruise ship. Choose from one of MSC's fleet of 12 ships for your unforgettable Mediterranean cruise holiday.


Mediterranean Ports of Call

Port Name

Brief Description

Venice (Italy)

This bucket list destination is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. If your cruise starts or ends in Venice, be sure to book at least a few days accommodation there. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the town's cobble stoned streets while you indulge in real Italian gelato. Hop on a gondola ride with your loved one and view the city from its network of canals. Visit the Doge's Palace (go on the Secret Itineraries tour), and hop onto a boat to Murano and see how they make glass ornaments.

Here's a video of an MSC Musica cruise in the Eastern Med, starting in Venice.

Genoa (Italy)

Book a shore excursion to the Italian Riviera town of Portofino during your stop in Genoa. This fishing village is famous for its picturesque harbour and is a popular resort for celebrities.

Civitavecchia (Italy)

This port is close to the city of Rome. View the ancient city of Rome which is still standing in ruins today. Take in all the history that this city has to offer by visiting the Colosseum, the Vatican City and the Forum.

Barcelona (Spain)

This Spanish city is famous for its architecture, much of it from medieval times. Learn to dance the flamenco, sip on fruity sangria and snack on tapas while you enjoy all the culture that this city has to offer.

Villefranche sur Mer (France)

This port is close to Nice and Monte Carlo so passengers can book a shore excursion to explore one of these breathtaking French towns, or relax on hte beaches, soaking up the sun in the French Riviera.

Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul has been described as a city of east meets west, with influences from both Europe and the Middle East evident in all aspects of the city. Enjoy traditional Turkish meze and Turkish delight while you enjoy the beauty of this unique Mediterranean city.

Santorini (Greece)

Marvel at the traditional blue and white architecture to be seen on this magnificent Greek island. Enjoy dolmades, gyros, souvlaki and baklava while you stroll around the streets of Santorini.

Youtube clip from an MSC Musica cruise to Santorini, Kotor, Venice and Corfu.


Often on Med cruises, the only visa you require is the Schengen visa, which is relatively easy to obtain. Ask one of our friendly agents to assist you in getting your visa.

Santorini, Greece

There are also Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises; as well as Holland America, Cunard Line, Norwegian Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises.

MSC Magnifica

MSC Sinfonia's pool on the deck

A view of Maputo's skyline

Venice's harbour

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