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Kulula to Durban to MSC Cruise

I would like to share my cruise and flying experience with everyone! My family, a friend and I planned an MSC cruise holiday in March this year.  We had to fly from Lanseria to Durban and were transported from there to the harbour. On our arrival at Lnseria Airport at 04:30am there were crowds of people also going on the cruise trip, which set an amazing atmosphere!  One old lady entered the airport shocked because they smashed her window at the robot and stole her handbag with her and it had passport inside!! She was also due to go on the trip.  Some good samaraton helped her and took her to lay down a police affadavit in order for her to fly and they even took her to home affairs in Durban for a temp passport! It was great to see that there are still some good, no make that great, people out there! The cruise was amazing and I will without a doubt save for next year to do it again. Well done to all the people at MSC, Kulula and Lanseria. You are all ANGELS WITHOUT WINGS! Much love

Kulula plane parked at Lanseria Airport

Goofing it up at Lanseria Airport:

goofing it up at Lanseria Airport

First glimpse of the Sinfonia.

first sight of the MSC Sinfonia

Relaxing at Portuguese Island:

At Portuguese Island

Mandatory pose in front of the MSC Sinfonia:

mandatory pose in front of the MSC Sinfonia poster

pose on the deck of the Sinfonia

Watermelon carving by a talented chef:

watermelon carving

2015 Investment Cruise

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