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Budget down Avis up

18 Oct 2008

[Note that since this article was written, Imperial Car Rental rebranded as Europcar on 1 Jun 2009]

I'll keep it brief - Avis Car Hire are still cheapest (R329 for a weekend's rentals of one of their VW Chico's from Cape Town International, with 400km free). Unfortuanately somebody always has to spoil the party by their website not working (last time was Hertz), and this week it was Budget's turn.

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14 Nov 2008
16 Nov 2008


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What Budget told us

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Budget rent a car offices in Joburg

Meg Cabot whisks through Cape Town & Johannesburg

Meg Cabot's British Airways flight from Gothenburg to Cape Town (via London Heathrow) arrived safely, but sadly her luggage did not [in case you don't know Meg Cabot, she's an author of some 50 books]. Fortuanately British Airways and her publisher (I wish I had one) took care of her and gave her 200 pounds to find what she needed...without time to buy new clothes, she wore the same clothes to all her functions in Cape Town (well done, Meg!). After finding her suitcase, she caught a flight up to Johannesburg (where her itinerary included visiting Oprah's Leadership Academy).

Meg at the beachfront in Camps Bay


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