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Bluu Car Rental has sharpest social media team | Feb 2024

We surveyed all the car rental agencies in South Africa to see which provided the option of dashcams along with their rental vehicles. We reached out to their Facebook profiles, and here are their responses, in order of receiving - Bluu Car Rental's Facebook team was the fastest to respond, followed by Pace Car Rental (living up to their name!). So if you're tired of yellow and red car hire, maybe it's time to go Bluu!

The only company for which we could not find a Facebook profile was First Car Rental.

1. Bluu Car Rental : No dashcams

Bluu were the first to respond on Facebook. "No we don't." (supply dashcams). This was their response on Facebook about 32 minutes have their automated reply "Hi , thank you for getting in touch! For reservations kindly contact us on 0861017722, visit our website at or email us at For international calls please call us on +27 11 398 0123. For any other concern e-mail us at Alternatively we will be in touch as soon as possible!"

Bluu Car Rental - "every minute counts"

2. Pace Car Rental : No dashcams

"Hi, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately our cars do not come with dashcams." Pace replied via email 56 minutes after their initial automated response "Thank you for contacting Pace! For queries or to make a booking, contact 011 262 5500 or email and one of our reservations agents will assist you further. Team Pace!"

3. Budget Rent a Car : No dashcams

"Hi, we unfortunately do not.~ML" Budget responded after 59 minutes.

4. Sani Car Rental | No dashcams

"Hi there unfortunately not" they responded after 61 minutes (Sani does not have an automated reply).

5. Avis : No dashcams

"Hi, thank you for contacting us, we do not offer dash cams as an accessory with the rental vehicles.~ML". This was received 63 minutes after their initial automated response "Hi, thanks for contacting us. We've received your message and appreciate you getting in touch."

6. Woodford Car Hire : No dashcams

"I trust that you are well, unfortunately we do not offer this service." was Woodford's response 76 minutes after their initial automated Facebook message response "Hello Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your feedback and are working tirelessly to make sure that you will receive a response that is satisfactory. One of our agents will get back to you in 24-hours. While we are looking into your query, be sure to have a look at our FAQs, where you can view common queries. We want you to know that we will do our best to make you happy and that we are constantly striving to put you first. With your best interests at heart, Team Woodford Car Hire"

7. Hertz & Firefly Car Rental : No dashcams

"Good day, We don't have dashcams to rent Kind Regards," Hert & Firefly replied by email about 5 hours after having sent this automated response on Facebook:

"Thank you for contacting Hertz South Africa. Our team will respond to your query as soon as possible. If you require urgent assistance, kindly call us on 0861 600 136 or send an email to Best, Hertz South Africa"

Subsequetly emailed and got another automated response: "Dear Valued Client, Thank you for logging your query with us!  If you have not received a ticket number,please resend your email to ensure that your query is actioned accordingly.Please forward all related queries to their respective divisions as set out below.

For etoll queries please address emails to: Etoll
For Fine relate queries please address emails to: Hertz Fines Admin
For damage queries please address email to : Hertz Claims
 For all reservation queries please address email to Res
 For all debtors queries please address email to debtors
 For all customer service and rental invoice queries please email: Customer Relations"

Tempest Car Hire

"Good day. Thank you for your enquiry. We do not have dash cams in our vehicles." Tempest replied on the Monday, 3 days after our message on the Friday afternoon.


"Hi Rob. Thank you for your enquiry. Regrettably we do not have dash cams in our vehicles." Europecar replied on the Monday, 3 days after our message on the Friday afternoon.

First Car Rental

No Facebook profile found.



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