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Europcar Kulula Rental

21 Feb 2010

So we booked a return flight to Johannesburg with the Kulula seat sale, and decided also to get a 10% discount with Europcar by booking through Kulula. We picked up our vehicle at Europcar Johannesburg on the 18th Feb 2010. We were delighted that we were upgraded to a better Toyota (in fact the first time I have ever driven a car with 6 gears plus a reverse gear). It was unfortunate that the vehicle wasn't in the bay they told us it was at and we had to wait 20 minutes whilst they found it, but good to hear that Europcar will engage with those involved to try prevent it from happening again.

Europcar in Johannesburg, South Africa


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Your request for your booking has been confirmed with Europcar. This quotation reflects the costs, which will only be paid when you pick up your wheels.
Please quote the booking reference (left) for any correspondence with regard to this booking.

 Important information

  • Don't forget to take your drivers license and credit card along. The below rate is subject to change without prior notice. It's in your interest to read the terms and conditions of rental. Please have your reservation number with you to produce at point of rental. You will also need to produce a valid credit card and payment is made by either direct debit on this card or a pre-authorisation amount. This pre-authorisation amount varies according to vehicle group and rental duration.

  • All members may now make use of the Europcar 'Ready' service. This speedy service allows you to get your car in 20 seconds flat‚Ķ no standing in queues, no signing of long rental agreements and definitely no speeding fines! If you haven‚Äôt already registered for the Ready service, click here to apply now.

  • Should you wish to amend or cancel your car booking, please use the 'my bookings' options on the website. Alternatively you may contact the call centre on 0861 5858 52. If you are calling from outside SA, please dial +27(0)11 921-0111

  • If you make changes to your flight booking, your car booking will not automatically change. You will need to follow the same process as for changing your car only booking and then make an entirely new car booking. Remember to check that the times, dates and destinations of your new car booking correspond to those of your flight booking.By changing your original car booking, we cannot guarantee that the same vehicle group and rates will be available to you.

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Johan Doe



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Thu, 18 Feb 2010


Sun, 21 Feb 2010


JOHANNESBURG: O R Tambo International Airport


JOHANNESBURG: O R Tambo International Airport






Optional requirements*

Damage and theft waiver


Baby seats


Personal accident insurance


Personal baggage insurance


Vehicle delivery


Vehicle collection


* Optional extras will only be billed for when the vehicle is collected

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Refundable vehicle deposit


Deposit to be refunded within 3-4 working days of returning the vehicle, terms and conditions apply.
200km free per day, excess km charged at applicable rate and fuel costs are excluded. terms and conditions

This agreement is between THE CUSTOMER (referred to as "you") and Europcar Limited trading as ("referred to as "we/us") and applies only in respect of passengers of hereunder) in respect of the hire of motor vehicles from us.

1. Definitions


"BROCHURE" means the pamphlets published by us containing our current tariffs from time to time, including Rates Sheets published by us, which are available on request;


"THE CUSTOMER" means the signatory hereto provided that he is in possession of a TICKET issued by;


"DAMAGES" (in relation to the VEHICLE) includes our expenditure in towing, transporting and storing the VEHICLE, repairing any damage caused to the VEHICLE from the time of delivery to you and until the return to us, replacing parts or accessories (excluding normal wear and tear) and paying an expert to inspect damage and report thereon;


"FLIGHT" means a flight undertaken by THE CUSTOMER with;


"" means a division of Comair Limited;


"RENTAL PERIOD" means the period commencing on delivery of the VEHICLE under clause 4.2 and ending on the RETURN DATE or at the end of the EXTENDED PERIOD, if applicable;


"RETURN DATE" means the date stated on the face hereof on which the VEHICLE must be returned by you to us. You may only rent a vehicle for a maximum of 31 days, provided that the period may not exceed the days between the initial FLIGHT and the return FLIGHT;


"TICKET" means a ticket issued by in respect of a FLIGHT;


"VEHICLE" means the vehicles referred to on the rental agreement and under cars info.

2. Authorised drivers and age


By your signature hereto, you confirm that you have an unendorsed and valid driver's licence and are above the age of 23. You agree that we have the right to verify that your licence has been validly issued and that we may refuse to rent a VEHICLE to you, if your licence has been suspended, revoked or restricted in any way. An additional driver is authorised only if you pay an additional driver charge, and that person has a valid and unendorsed driver's licence, is above the age of 23 and is named on the face hereof.


Drivers under the age of 23 are limited to renting car groups J, T, A, B and C only. Super Damage Waiver surcharge will be charged for Standard Waiver cover. No Super cover is available. A Damage Waiver of R155.00 per day is applicable.

3. Rental


We let and you hire the VEHICLE for the RENTAL PERIOD at the rate on the face hereof, plus additional charges. Where no additional charges are stated, the rates in the BROCHURE or such other agreement as the parties may have entered into, shall apply. You will pay all taxes and charges for miscellaneous services, including any applicable excess km charges which apply hereto and for the filling of the fuel tank.


All payments are due at the time of the reservation of the TICKET by authorised credit card and are non-refundable. A minimum authorisation amount on the authorised credit card will be held by us, which amount will be adjusted at the end of the RENTAL PERIOD to the actual amount charged. All and any additional payments, whether in respect of kilometre usage and charges for miscellaneous services, if applicable, shall be payable at latest on expiry of the RENTAL PERIOD and you hereby irrevocably authorise us to include those payments in the credit card charge. You shall not set-off or withhold payment of any amounts due by you in terms of this agreement for whatever cause.


Any amounts not paid when due will bear interest at the prime rate of interest charged by our bankers at the time plus 7%.


Your rental includes 200km per day; any additional mileage will be charged at a later stage to a credit card.

4. Delivery and collection

A minimum delivery and collection fee of R235.00 is charged (+ 25 KM @ R9.00 PER KM). In the event of after hour deliveries and collections, between 17h00 and 08h00 on weekdays and on weekends and public holidays from 12h00 on Saturdays and 08h00 on Mondays, a fee of R400.00 is charged.


We may refuse delivery if payment has not been made in terms of 3.2.


Delivery will only be given to you against production of the credit card in respect of which payment of the rental was authorised in terms of 3.2 and of a valid driver's licence;


You shall take delivery of the VEHICLE at the airport of the first destination point indicated on the TICKET. You shall have no claim against us if the VEHICLE is not available then, except to a refund of any amount paid. On delivery, the VEHICLE shall be deemed to be in good order, condition and repair and properly filled with petrol, oil and water, unless you notify us to the contrary within 30 minutes after delivery.


On the RETURN DATE you shall:



return the VEHICLE at your risk and expense to us at the same airport referred to in 4.3;



pay to us all DAMAGES and any other losses sustained by us, as provided for in this agreement; and



if required by us, pay for the valet cleaning of the VEHICLE.

6. Your obligations


The VEHICLE shall be at your sole risk for the RENTAL PERIOD.


You shall not:



hire or lend the VEHICLE to anyone;



permit the VEHICLE to be in the possession or control of anyone other than the additional driver;



cause or permit the VEHICLE to be driven unlawfully or illegally or to be used for any unlawful purpose or for a purpose for which it was not designed or in such a way as to increase the risk of it being damaged or lost, or to be overloaded;



cause or permit the VEHICLE to carry any passenger or goods for reward or for racing; or



cause or permit the VEHICLE to be exposed to the risk of damage in or by any civil or public disturbance or unrest.


You shall take all precautions to protect the VEHICLE from theft and damage and shall lock and immobilise the VEHICLE and activate the burglar alarm when the VEHICLE is not in use.


In case of a collision, accident, theft or loss of or involving the VEHICLE, you shall immediately:



report the event to us and the police or traffic department;



immediately complete and ensure that the driver completes all documents required by us and our insurers; and



furnish all assistance required by us and our insurers to deal with any matters arising from the incident, whether directly or indirectly.


You agree that you are not allowed to permit any towing, repairs or servicing to be done to the VEHICLE unless authorised by us in writing beforehand.


It is compulsory for you to accept our Damage and Theft Waiver should you be paying by cash or credit card.


If the VEHICLE is driven by anyone other than you, you shall remain liable for all your obligations in terms hereof, and in addition, you shall be liable to us as if you had been the driver.


We can repossess the VEHICLE at any time if it is found illegally parked, being used to violate the law and/or the terms of this agreement, or appears to be abandoned. We may also repossess the VEHICLE at any time if we discover that you have made a misrepresentation to us in connection with the conclusion of this agreement.

7. Damage and loss waivers

Damage and Loss Waivers DECLINED



You understand that if you do not accept these waivers you will pay for all loss or damage to the VEHICLE regardless of fault and howsoever caused, including theft. If the VEHICLE is stolen or found to be uneconomical to repair, you will pay the suggested market value as determined by the Auto Dealers Guide of the same make and model as the VEHICLE, in the month that the VEHICLE was stolen or found to be uneconomical to repair. In the event that a VEHICLE is stolen or found to be uneconomical to repair in its first year of registration and there is no suggested market value for such VEHICLE as determined by the Auto Dealers Guide, you will be liable for the retail selling price of a new VEHICLE of the same make and model, in the month the VEHICLE was stolen or found to be uneconomical to repair.



Where a VEHICLE was found to be uneconomical to repair you accept that we will sell the remains of such VEHICLE and the amount due by you as a result of the loss will be reduced by the amount received by us for the remains of the VEHICLE.



Where a financial decision was taken by us not to repair a VEHICLE that was damaged as a result of an accident you will be liable for the damage that was caused to the VEHICLE regardless of fault and howsoever caused.

Damage and Loss Waivers ACCEPTED



If you accept the Damage Waiver and/or the Theft Waiver and you accept to pay the excess (referred to as Standard Waiver in our BROCHURE), and provided that you have complied with all the terms and conditions of this agreement, you will be liable for any damage or loss of the VEHICLE or the amount as reflected in our BROCHURE which ever is lower plus towing and storage charges.



If you accept the Damage Waiver and/or the Theft Waiver and you accept to pay the reduced access (refer to as Super Waiver in our BROCHURE) and provided that you have complied with the terms and conditions of this agreement, you will be liable for any damage to or loss of the VEHICLE or the amount of the reduced excess as reflected in our BROCHURE, whichever is lower, plus towing and storage charges.



If you have not complied with the terms hereof, 7.1.1 shall be deemed to apply to you.



You shall be liable for the full value of any damage to the vehicle if you were driving negligently, or were driving on roads not suitable for the vehicle, or where no other vehicle, animal or person was involved.

Third Party Claims

For purposes of this clause, third party claims refers to any claims by a third party in respect of damage or loss that you may cause to any other vehicle or property.


If 7.1.1, 7.1.2 or 7.1.3 applies, you will also be responsible for all third party claims.


Not withstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, a claim administration fee will be charged in the event of a claim.

9. Under carriage/glass


Not withstanding the above clauses where damage is caused to the undercarriage and glass of the VEHICLE, we will assess the damage so caused and will be entitled, in our reasonable discretion based on the merits of the claim, to exclude such damage from the waivers.

10. Tyres and rims


Any tyre/rim damage whatsoever is for the renter's account.

11. Personal accident insurance


You acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of such insurance and agree that your choice to accept or decline this insurance is indicated on the front of this agreement. You agree that all claims in this regard will be directed to the insurer, Regent Insurance Company Ltd and acknowledge that we act as the insurer's agent and that we will not be liable in any way in connection with the insurance covered by them.

12. Exemption


We shall not be liable for any damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, arising out of any defect in or mechanical failure of the VEHICLE or the driving or use thereof or caused by any fault of ours, our agents or our servants, nor for any indirect loss, consequential damages, loss of profits or special damages arising out of any of the aforementioned and for any breach by us of this agreement. No warranties as to the condition, state of repair, performance capabilities, year of manufacture, odometer reading or anything else concerning the VEHICLE are given by us.

13. Exceptions liability


Where damage to a vehicle is caused by you where no other vehicle is involved or whilst driving it on roads not suitable for it. If you were driving negligently, you shall be liable for the full value of any damage to the vehicle.

14. General


All notices in terms hereof shall be given to you at the address set out on the face hereof. Any notice posted to you there shall be deemed to be received 7 days after posting, unless you prove the contrary.


We reserve the right to undertake an ITC/Credit Bureau Check on you at our discretion.


You consent to the Magistrate's Court jurisdiction in respect of any action instituted by us in connection with this agreement and agree that we may in our discretion institute action in any High Court division in South Africa having jurisdiction, to which jurisdiction you consent.


This is the entire agreement and no variation or cancellation shall be valid unless in writing and signed by you and us.


We may claim and recover from you on demand all costs and expenses incurred by us in consequence, directly or indirectly, of any breach by you of this agreement, including attorney-and-own-client costs, collection commission and any costs of tracing you or the VEHICLE.


A provision of this agreement which is invalid or unenforceable for any reason shall be severable from the rest of this agreement and shall not affect the validity thereof.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.


By your signature hereto, you accept all the charges charged by us in terms of this agreement, including any charges relating to loss and damage to the VEHICLE.

Conditions of rental

Vehicles are rented subject to these terms and conditions together with those on the reverse of the Rental Agreement. They are subject to change without notice.


These include maintenance, oil and Value Added Tax at the current rate and are subject to change without notice. The minimum charge is one day (24 hours) e.g.: 08h00 today to 08h00 the following day. The following day, a second rental day charge is applicable.

Terms of payment

A minimum deposit is required at the time of rental and final adjustments are made upon termination of rental. All local and internationally recognized credit cards are accepted. Unfortunately, electronic credit cards are not accepted.

Payment is by embossed credit card (digits raised) only, we accept all major credit cards but regrettably we cannot accept debit cards, cheques or cash.

The card holder must be the renter and the credit card is not transferable.

How payment works: Upon collection of the vehicle, your credit card will be charged with the rental amount, an additional day's rental and a tank of fuel. Any expenses for extras eg. additional driver charge, will also be billed. On return of the vehicle and when your final invoice has been calculated, any monies due back to you will be refunded within four working days. Any amounts due to Europcar Car Rental will be charged to your credit card. Additionally, an authorisation hold will be placed on your card for the applicable excess amount, this hold will be released within 2 working days once the car has been returned.

Two credit cards are required for the rental of Group E vehicles. A minimum deposit of R5000.00 per card is required, and is dependent on the rental duration.

Rental extension

Any renter wishing to extend a rental beyond the original return date must immediately notify Europcar. Failure to do so will result in the renter not being covered by Damage/Loss Waiver if applicable, and unlawfully being in possession of the vehicle.

Authorised driver

A renter and / or additional driver must be in possession of a valid unendorsed driver's license and shall produce it at the time of taking delivery of the vehicle. All additional drivers must be listed on the Rental Agreement. A charge of R220.00 per additional driver per rental is levied. In the event of any damage to or loss of a vehicle whilst in the possession of or being driven by an unlisted driver, the renter shall be liable for this damage or loss.

Over border

Any renter wishing to cross the borders of the country in which the vehicle is rented, must obtain prior written authorization from Europcar. A fee of R550.00 is levied for this cross border letter. For rentals originating is South Africa and driven into Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia or Swaziland, the local Damage Waiver, Loss Waiver and exceptions liabilities shall apply.

Outside South Africa

  • South Africa & Botswana¬†R1 000

  • South Africa & Lesotho¬†R800

  • South Africa & Namibia¬†R5 000

  • South Africa & Swaziland¬†R800

It is the renter's responsibility upon entering any neighboring countries in South Africa to obtain the required border permits. This non refundable permit s hall be for the renter's account and is payable directly to the border authorities.


All vehicle odometers are sealed. If they are found to have been tampered with, the renter will be charged with an additional 500 kilometres per rental day. Discounted rates including long distance, monthly and weekend rates and any applicable discount become voidable under these circumstances.


Petrol is not included in the rates. Vehicles leave the depot/branch with a full tank and the renter is charged for refuelling upon termination of rental, even if you have filled the tank.

Airport surcharge

A surcharge of 9% of daily and kilometre charges is applicable to all rentals commencing at State Airports and is included in the daily rate.

Special equipment

We offer child seats at a nominal fee of R450 per rental.

We offer GPS rates quoted and billed at R59 per day, which includes insurance and 14% VAT. Garmin GPS navigation units can be collected and returned at the following airport locations:

  • OR Tambo International Airport

  • Cape Town Airport Domestic

  • Cape Town International Airport

  • Durban International Airport

  • East London Airport

  • George Airport

  • Port Elizabeth Airport

We offer Handsfree Car Kit at a nominal fee of R25 per day and can be collected at the following locations:

  • Cape Town Airport Domestic

  • Cape Town International Airport

  • Durban International Airport

  • OR Tambo International Airport

Claim handling / assessors fee

In the event of an accident/damage to or loss/theft of a vehicle, a fee of R500 is levied per incident. This fee covers administration costs and assessors fee.


Fees for additional charges are quoted in rands. In the event of a traffic offence, an administration fee of R220 will be levied per incident.

Damage waiver (dw) & loss waiver (lw)

The renter accepts and pays for DW and/or LW and complies with these terms and conditions together with those on the rental agreement, the renter is liable for the excess as per the brochure. Failure to comply renders the renter liable for the full value of damage or loss.

*exceptions liability (South Africa)

Where damage to a vehicle is caused by the renter driving it on roads not suitable for it or where no other vehicle is involved. If the renter was driving negligently, the renter shall be liable for the full value of any damage to the vehicle.

Traffic fine fee

A traffic fine handling fee of R220 is levied on all traffic fines.

Tourism levy

A tourism levy of 1% of daily and kilometer charges is applicable to all rentals, that have been included in the daily rate.


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