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Avis Johannesburg review

21 June 2007. After my flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, I absolutely blitzed through Avis. What a pleasure - no queues at Johannesburg Airport's Avis (ok, I cheated a bit as I'm allowed to go through Avis's back section for regulars...but it still felt good, and there weren't queues in the regular section either).

Nissan Tiida

Avis issued me with a Nissan Tiida - they asked me whether I was ok with it - and to tell the truth, I'd never driven a Nissan Tiida before. The Tiida has a flat straight dashboard. The car went great, although I am not too comfortable with hatchbacks as they are less secure (in South Africa you need a sealed boot for your goods to be safe).

Nissan Tiida

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