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SA Roadlink R59 accident

On the 28th SA Roadlink had their second accident in June 2008 (the first was on the 3rd June). SA Roadlink later released the following statement on their website.

"On Saturday 28 June 2008, an SA Roadlink coach was involved in an accident just outside of Johannesburg on the R 59 en route to East London from Johannesburg.

The driver swerved for an accident that had just taken place moments before where a Nissan Double Cab travelling in the opposite direction lost control. The double cab then collided with a BMW travelling on the same side of the highway as the SA Roadlink coach. To avoid the collision, the SA Roadlink coach swerved and capsized.

The Nissan double cab carried five passengers of which one deceased and four seriously injured. The BMW carried four passengers of which two are deceased, one seriously injured and one sustaining no injuries.

We regret the deaths of three passengers from the SA Roadlink coach and four passengers in a serious but stable condition in surrounding hospitals. All other passengers are accounted for and baggage and passengers have been reconciled.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of the deceased. SA ROADLINK sincerely regrets the accident, but would like to ensure the public of its excellent safety track record and would like to commend its driver for his quick thinking, preventing the accident from being far more serious. There is no reason to suspect that this accident was anything other than an unfortunate event due to unforeseen circumstances. We will keep the public informed of all developments.

SA ROADLINK is South Africa’s largest intercity coach service. Every second of every day there is a coach en-route to its destination, with more than a million passengers carried to safety each year."

Further information : Herman Steyn

Here's a photo of the SA Roadlink bus accident on the 3rd June 2008:

SA Roadlink accident on the 3rd June 2008


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