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Landmarks as you land at O.R. Tambo

These are photos I took of Johannesburg as I came in to land at O.R. Tambo International Airport on the 20th Feb 2009. I was seated on the starboard (right hand side) of the SAA plane which came in to land from the south.

East Rand Proprietary Mines

In the next photo we can see the mine dump and treatment facility of the East Rand Proprietary Mines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DRDGold South Africa (which in turn is owned 74% by DRDGold, 20% by Khumo Gold SPV and 6% by DRDGold SA Employee Trust). On 19 Sep 2008 2 miners were overcome by carbon dioxide and died, following which underground pumping was discontinued and then drilling and blasting activity suspended on 31 Oct 2008. At 3585m, the East Rand Proprietary Mine was the deepest mine in the world. To the left of the mine dump is the start of Reigerpark in Boksburg.

East Rand Proprietary Mines in Boksburg, Johannesburg


Reigerpark is a suburb in Boksburg, Johannesburg. The circle in the photo is Stanbury Crescent. Reigerpark was established as Stirtonville World War II, when a large number of people came to Johannesburg from the rural areas looking for work on the gold mines. Apartheid intervened with the natural order of things, and in 1963 the Indians were moved to Actonville, the Africans to Vosloorus and the coloureds were left to stay in Stirtonville, which had its name changed to Reigerpark.

“Reigerpark is seker die bekendste plek in Suid-Afrika. As daar oor gangsters geskryf word, is dit oor Reigerpark. Lat die Kaap lyk soos ‘n Sondagpiekniek. Al hierdie dinge wat jy sien, die airport robberies en daai, is Reigerpark. Ek meen, die gangsters van Reigerpark verskil van ander gangsters af. Hulle kom nie na jou toe en sê 'Ek wil jou skiet' nie. Hy skiet en kry klaar. Die tipe gangsters het ook verander. Voorheen was dit ‘n territorial ding, en hulle sou wag tot die ou tannies verbyloop voor hulle mekaar verder steek. Die polisie in Reigerpark het nie bullet-proof vests nie. Maar jy sien jou gangster, daar staan hy: bullet-proof vest. Issued by the SAP. Dis ‘n ander lewe." Kevin Ehrenreich

TRANSLATION: "Reigerpark is propably the most popular place in South Africa. When you read about gangsters, you read about Reigerpark. The gangsters in Reigerpark are different to other gangsters in South Africa, they don't tell you they will shoot you, they just pull out a gun and get it over and done with. In the past it was a territorial thing and they would wait for the old lady to cross the street before they continue to stab each other. The police in Reigerpark don't have bulletproof vests, but you can spot a gangster, there he is... bulletproof vest".

Reigerpark in Boksburg

Angelo Dam

The Angelo Dam is situated just north of Reigerpark in Boksburg, Johannesburg (top right of next photo). In the top-right quadrant of the photo is the Cinderella Dam. Running from the top to bottom of the photo (to the left of the Angelo Dam) is Commissioner Street (the M46). The Angelo Dam belongs to the East Rand Proprietary Mines (ERPM), and is fed entirely from treated water piped from underground at ERPM's high density sludge pump station. Some people blame birth defects in Reigerpark children on the "highly toxic & radioactive" tailings dam.

Angelo Dam in Boksburg, Johannesburg

ERPM Golf Club

Founded in 1903 with just 3 golf holes, the ERPM Golf Club has had 18 holes since 1906. It is situated in Boksburg West on Pretoria Road. The running of club is entirely in the hands of its members, who took over control from the East Rand Proprietary Mines in 1992. Denis Hutchison is a well-known member of the club.

ERPM Golf Club in Boksburg, Johannesburg


The suburb of Dayan in Boksburg. In the top right of the photo is the ERPM Golf Club. In the middle of the photo is the Dayan Tennis Club.

Dayan in Boksburg, Johannesburg

Boksburg North

The R21-N12 interchange in Boksburg North. At the top of the photo is the East Rand Mall.

R21 N12 interchange in Boksburg North

Babcock Equipment

Just before you land at O.R. Tambo International Airport, you cant miss the bright-yellow-coloured earth-moving equipment in Jet Park - these belong to Babcock Equipment. Babcock Equipment supplies Winget, Volvo and Ponsse vehicles to the mining, quarrying, construction and forestry industries. Founded in 1947, Babcock Equipment is owned by Babcock International Group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Babcock Equipment in Jet Park, Johannesburg

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