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Grand Central Airport

Grand Central Airport (GCJ) is a privately owned airfield in the Midrand suburb between Johannesburg and Pretoria (South Africa), which has applied to commence commercial international flights in 2012.

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011 805 3166

Grand Central Airport
New Road
South Africa

Grand Central Airport

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Nov 2011

Grand Central Airport applies for an international airport licence, planning to begin commercial flights by mid 2013. “We are busy trying to make sure that Airlink’s aircraft can safely depart and arrive within the current airspace. In our discussions with Airlink, it was decided to start the service between Grand Central and Cape Town, and then within six months hopefully add a Durban route,” said Mr ¬†Gary Renault,Airport Manager of Grand Central.


A group of motor racing enthusiasts, with an interest in flying, start Grand Central Airport (the racing track, no longer in use, can still be seen to the north-west of the airfield).

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