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Landmarks as you land in Cape Town airport (from starboard)

It's interesting to know the landmarks you see as you arrive in a city - instead of having to pay R1000 to catch a helicopter ride over the city, you get to identify them as part of your flight in. To help readers we've set up a few series of photos:

Your best views of the city are often seen as your flight to Cape Town comes in to land. Our latest series of photos, taken in the morning of the 22nd Feb 2009, is of a landing in Cape Town whilst seated at the starboard (right) side of the aircraft. At the bottom of the next photo we can see the Gydoberg, and to the left of that the Gydo Pass, which the R303 runs through on its way from Prince Alfred's Hamlet to Citrusdal.

Gydoberg in the Western Cape, South Africa

At the bottom-right of the next photo is the Hugbosberg, and running from bottom left to top right is the Witsenberg (to the left of which is the Tulbagh valley). In between the Hugosberg and the Witsenberg is a depression known as the "Agter Witsenberg" (translates to "behind the Witsen Mountain"), which includes the farms Hartebeest Valley, Paarde Kloof, Wakkerstroom, Slagboom, Doringkraal and Sterkwater).

Hugosberg near Tulbagh

Running from bottom to top of the next photo is the Witsenberg Mountain range, to the left of which is the Tulbagh Valley. The clouds at the top have gathered under Sneeugatpiek and the Tooth (mountain peaks).

Tulbagh Valley

At the bottom of the next photo is the Elandskloofberge and at the top is the Voelvlei Dam. Completed in 1952, the Voelvlei Dam is owned by DWAF and is home to the Voelvlei Yacht Club. The dam is not directly fed by any river, rather relying on diversion works from the Leeu, Klein Berg and 24 Rivers for its water supply.

Voelvlei Dam & Elandskloofberge

Breaking up the undulating wheatfields of the Swartland is the solitary Kasteelberg (946m high), at the bottom-left of which is Riebeek Wes and on the middle-right is Riebeek Kasteel (named after Jan van Riebeek and the Kasteelberg). Riebeek Wes is known for the fact that 2 famous politicians were born near it (Jan Smuts at the farm Bovenplaas in 1870 and DF Malan at the farm Allesverloren). These villages overlook the Riebeek Valley.

Riebeek Kasteel & Riebeek Wes

Fisantekraal Airport is on the top right, and Fisantekraal on the top left of the following photo. Running up the right hand side of the photo is the R304 road, and between it and the airport is Joostfontein farmstead. Running from the right to the left is the R302 road.

Fisantekraal Airport near Paarl

At the bottom-right of the following photo is the N1 National road, just above Kraaifontein industrial. On the right hand side above the N1 is Joostenberg. In the middle-left is Langeberg Ridge. In the middle is Bonnie Brook, East Rural, Peerless Park North and Windsor Estate.

Durbanville & the N1

In the middle right of the following photo are the Atlantis dunes, and at the bottom is part of Atlantis industrial. The road running from left to right is Dassenberg Road (the R307), and running parallel to the coast (faint) is the R27 West Coast Road. Along the coast from right to left is Poenskop (jutting out), Sandsteenbaai, Silverstroomstrand, Springfontein se Punt, Matroospunt and Seal Cove.

Atlantis dunes

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, with its 2 uranium pressurised water reactors (the first of which was synchronised to the grid on 4 April 1984).

Koberg Nuclear Power Station

In the next photo are the suburbs of Van Riebeeckstrand (parallel to the beach) and Duynefontein (the wedge running down the middle of the photo) , suburbs next to Melkbosstrand. Below Duynefontein is the R27 West Coast Road.

Duynefontein near Melkbosstrand

Melkbosstrand. With its blue roof, the Birkenhead Shopping Centre is clearly visible in the top left quadrant of the photo. Running from left to right near the bottom is the R27 West Coast Road (and cutting through it is Melkbosstrand Road).

Melkbosstrand, Cape Town

In the top left quadrant of the following photo is Robben Island, and in the bottom right quadrant Atlantic Beach golf course.

Atlantic Beach golf course

The Tableview beachfront and its highrising flats. Running from top to bottom is Porterfield Road, which changes into Link Road as it crosses the R27 West Coast Road.

Tableview, Cape Town

In the centre of the following photo is the Killarney racetrack. Above that is the suburb of Tableview, and at the bottom is Du Noon. In the top-left is the Rietvlei dam and wetlands.

Killarney racetrack in Tableview

Caltex Oil Refinery's storage tanks, to the left of which is the suburb of Bothasig, and above that is Montague Gardens. In the middle right we can see the Caltex oil refinery.

Caltex Oil Refinery storage tanks

In the following photo is the N1 Shopping Centre complex, to the right of which is the N1 National Road.

N1 shopping centre

To the right of the following photo is the Marian Roman Catholic secondary school - not only do the students have to contend with schooling in crime-ridden Elsies River, but also with the noise of aircraft flying overhead.

Marian Roman Catholic secondary school

Just before crossing over the M14 and landing, one can see the Masjiedul Izza (middle-right) in Bishop Lavis.

Masjiedul Izza

Construction is under way at the Cape Town International Airport.

Cape Town International Airport

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