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Landmarks you see as you approach
Cape Town airport

The views as your flight to Cape Town come in to land are spectacular. Photo series taken from the port side of an aircraft as it comes in to land to Cape Town International Airport.

The following photo shows Paarl rock, with the town Paarl lying behind it. In the foreground we can see the Nantes Dam. The photo is taken from the north-east of Paarl rock. The blue-roofed buildings at the top-left of the photo are the KWV cellars and the Paarl Mall.

Paarl rock from above with Paarl in background

The following photo is of silos situated at Tinkerberg Estate, south of the R312 road (drop us a note if you know what is stored in the silos).


The next photo is of Fisantekraal Airport (FAFK), a small airfield north of Cape Town used mainly by light aircraft and agricultural aircraft.

Fisantekraal Airport near Cape Town (South Africa)

Mining activity on Tygerberg Hill (please leave a comment at the bottom of this webpage if you can identify the name of the mine or the substance being mined).

mining on Tygerberg hill

At the top of the next photo we can see part of the Tygerberg hills, below which South Africa's N1 National road cuts through the photo, with Welgemoed and Boston suburbs to the left and right of the N1 respectively.

N1 national road between Welgemoed and Boston

In the following photo is Tygerberg High School flanked by its sports field. At the top of the photo we can see the reservoir in the Avondale Area, just south of the N2.

Tygerberg High

The road cutting across the following photo from top to bottom is Voortrekker Road. In the top right of the photo is Sanlam Centre.

Voortrekker Road in front of Sanlam Centre

In the next photo you can see the bridge where De La Rey Street rises above the railway line. Above the bridge is Tygerberg Railway Station. To the left of Tygerberg Railway station is Sanlam Centre in Parow East.

Sanlam Centre in Parow East

Pass over the intersection of Francie van Zijl Drive and De La Rey Street.

Francie van Zijl and De Le Rey Street intersection

On the top end of the photo is Ravensmead clinic on Florida Street, and just below it is Ravensmead's very inviting public swimming pool (021-9326169).

pool near De La Rey Street

The last major road you pass over before landing at Cape Town International Airport is Modderdam Road (the M10) and near the top of the picture is its intersection with the M29. Under the trees on the right is the Belhar Cemetery.

Modderdam Road M10

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