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Cheap Flights from the UK to South Africa

You want to get on the cheapest flight from the UK to South Africa. The way to make sure that you book a cheap flight is by:

  • typing your travel details into the flight price comparison and bookings tool on the left

  • checking the airfare of each airline operating flights from the UK to South Africa (navigate through the links below to the airlines' online flight reservation systems)

  • Email a writeup of your UK to SA flight to and we will send you travel vouchers (send photos for bigger vouchers).

(See our flights to the UK page for information on travelling the other way)

Heathrow Bracing for mass Strike

11 September 2014 : Hundreds of check in staff and baggage handlers at Heathrow will go on a 24 hour strike on Friday because of a pay dispute. The strike will start at 00h01 on Friday and will end at 00h1 on Saturday morning. All airlines operating from terminals 1, 2 and 3 will be affected by the strike. The strike follows the breaking down of talks on Monday between Unite, the workers union, and ASIG, Heathrow’s largest ground handler. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport well ahead of their departure time to avoid missing their flight because of delays when checking in.

Flying First Class First Time

21 October 2013 : "I remember my first flight clearly believe it or not. I was 7 years old and we were returning to live in South Africa after living in the UK for about 6 years. The only tickets available for the flight was via Frankfurt, first class. I was too young to appreciate the luxury of flying first class and was given a box of beads to make things with by the air hostess. I then proceeded to spill the contents all over the cabin causing a very irate passenger to almost fall. All ended well and hopefully, boxes of beads are no longer handed out to the children." Kirsty Pelger

Britain High Commission in South Africa

Here's a couple of twitter accounts to follow when you're in South Africa: @UKinSouthAfrica (the Britain High Commission in Pretoria) & @CGChrisTrott (the UK Consul General in Cape Town).

Airlines operating flights from the UK to South Africa

The main airlines operating flights from the UK to South Africa are:

British Airways

Emirates UK

bmi British Midland

Air France UK

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Air Passenger Duty

Air Passenger duty is charged on the passage of carriers flying from a UK Airport. As at

  • April 2013. The UK increases Air Passenger Duty by 2.5%.

  • April 2012. Air Passenger Duty in the UK is increased by 8%, broadly leading to a charge of £92 in economy class and £184 in other classes for flights from the UK to South Africa (the duty varies depending on distance).

UK to South Africa flight routes

Map of South Africa



November 2012. Mike Howitt, an 80-year-old, completes an overland trip from Leicester to Cape Town, hitchhiking and using public transport. He did the trip in memory of his wife, Diana.

10 Apr 1930. British Pilot Charles Douglas Barnard takes off in "The Spider", a Fokker F.Vlla, from Lympne on his way to the Maitland aerodrome in Cape Town, together with Robert Little and the Duchess of Bedford. Their flight sets a record of 9,000 miles in 100 flying hours over 10 days. 

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