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Mango Cape Town to Durban

The flying orange fruit, Mango Airlines, offers multiple daily flights from CPT to Durban's King Shaka International Airport, and along with Kulula is often cheapest on the route. However, Mango (flight code JE), has 32 weekly flights on the route in contrast to Kulula's 7 (although they fly additional flights through their British Airways Comair brand).

The flight itself is just over 2 hours, and is flown in Boeing 737-800s, in which you can enjoy their in-flight wifi.

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Mango flights from Cape Town to Durban are rated 4.6/5 based on 7 customer reviews.

Flight Schedule

List of Mango flights to Durban & the time they are scheduled to leave Cape Town:

  • Mondays : JE322 (06h05), JE334 (09h35), JE342 (11h40), JE346 (13h55), JE348 (16h45) & JE352 (19h00)

  • Tuesdays : JE322 (06h05), JE334 (09h35), JE348 (16h00) & JE352 (18h00)

  • Wednesdays : JE322 (06h05), JE334 (09h35), JE346 (13h55), JE348 (15h30) & JE352 (18h00)

  • Thursdays & Fridays : JE322 (06h05), JE334 (09h35), JE342 (JE346 (13h55), JE348 (16h45) & JE352 (19h00)

  • Saturdays: JE322 (07h30), JE334 (10h35), JE346 (13h55) & JE348 (16h45)

  • Sundays : JE334 (09h35), JE342 (11h40), JE346 (13h55), JE348 (16h45) & JE352 (19h00):

Mango Airlines flights from CPT to DUR are expected to take 2 hours.

Flight Reviews

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Mango Saved me Money Over and Over Again

6 February 2014. Rating 5/5 ★★★★★: This is about how Mango saved me money over and over again when I needed it the most. My son was on a year Scuba instructor diving intern course at Coral Dive Resort in KZN, we are from Paarl in the Western Cape. He had to fly between Cape Town and Durban each time he had leave. The flight tickets between Cape Town and Richardsbay was too expensive and scarce. I managed to get flight tickets for my son each time when a special was on. My colleagues and friends could not believe my luck and the cheap flight prices I seemed to "score" each time. My son had wonderful flights and I saved heaps of money. Thank you so much Mango for helping my only son to travel save and without braking the bank. Elise Botha

Mango Airlines have the "Best Prices"

14 December 2013. Rating 5/5 ★★★★★: I choose Mango Airlines every time I travel from Cape Town to Durban now to visit my family, as they always had the best prices and value for money. In my experience, I've always been helped by very friendly staff and I am always lucky enough to get to choose my favourite seat, which is a window seat. The onboard menu has great snacks at reasonable prices and the service is fast and friendly, and I LOVE the little bottles you get when you order a glass of wine rather then an actual glass of wine. I have tried other airlines and I can say (touch wood) that Mango has never lost or sent my luggage to another destination, and it comes out promptly. So when it comes to flying home to visit the family, I just book Mango. Simple! :) Priscilla Rodrigues

Best Customer Satisfaction from Mango

15 November 2013. Rating 5/5 ★★★★★: I would like to share my flying experience. I am 22 years of age, and I live in Cape Town, however my parents and family lives in Durban. In August, 12/08/2013, I got very sick, I had contracted bronchitis, pharyngitis as well as a severe head cold and flu. As I don’t have any family in Cape Town, there was no one to take care of me, my mum requested that I fly to Durban to be taken care off. On 14/08/13 as 5:00am, I was at the Cape Town International Airport as I had booked a ticket with British Airways for 06:30. To my surprise there was a mix up with the flight booking and British Airways had stated that I had not paid. This was disastrous, in my weak state I went to purchase another ticket from Mango Airlines. At 05:30am I was at the Mango Airlines counter buying a ticket for the 06:00am flight. The staff of the airline was so helpful, that I was immediately checked in without following another queue. As I was very weak, I couldn’t quite run or walk very fast, Mango Airlines staff kindly alerted the staff at the boarding gate notifying them of me coming. At 05:50 I was on the plane and home to Durban. Mango Airlines service was remarkable. I had booked a return flight with British Airways and neither of them worked. Mango Airline online service is outstanding as I was able to manage my booking so efficiently. I had previously booked a ticket with Mango for September from Johannesburg to Cape Town and I was able to change this flight to a Durban to Cape Town with just a minimal fee. Now I never travel with any other airline as the best customer satisfaction comes from Mango Airlines. Novisha Somaru

Flight with Crutches

6 November 2013. Rating 5/5 ★★★★★: Two months ago I had booked a flight with Mango from Cape Town to Durban and also requested a medical care assistant due to my foot being fractured and I had to walk with crutches. It was so amazing that from the time I checked in I had an assistant to board me on the plane and also when I landed the assistant was ready and waiting I was treated with so much care and respect, which is unbelievable in todays world that we live in. Thank you Mango and staff. Ummehani

Flight with Children

5 September 2013. Rating 5/5 ★★★★★: I fly constantly from Cape Town to Durban, together with my two children. I must say I am totally satisfied with the service that Mango offers. Prices have been fairly stiff recently. I understand that it is tough out there, but it puts a strain when there is a family of three or more flying. My oldest child is six now and has been flying since 8 months baby. And every single time I've used Mango Airlines and will continue to do so. Not just because of the cheapest flights but because of the excellent service and the fact that they really care. Aisha Abbas

Mango Connects Family

15 August 2013. Rating 2/5 : ★★ Firstly my appreciation to Mango for allowing me to connect with my family in Durban twice a month as I work in Cape Town. Their often cheapest airfares allows this to happen. I have been flying for a year now to and fro, but my last flight which was yesterday morning had me scared. I always wondered why we are requested to have our seats straight up and not in the reclining position for take off or landing. Now I know, on take off my seat went backward and I felt like the Wimpy special coffee that I had was going to be spewed onto the passenger in front of me. Heck, I had to keep it inside. The flight attendant made a note of the faulty seat and was going to report it to the engineers on arrival. To top it all this was a telephonic booking and I clearly asked for a window seat not near the wing and guess what, that's what I got, a faulty seat with a full view of the wing. Nonetheless keep the prices down Mango, we love you for that, but safety comes first. Sureshinee Govender

Mango to Durban for Sinfonia Cruise

5 May 2013 Rating 5/5 : ★★★★★ On the first day of our holiday we took the early morning flight which was about 6.00am from Cape Town to Durban because our port destination was Durban. The morning of the flight was kinda nippy but we were very excited: firstly it was our first boat trip, secondly we hadn't been away in a very longgggg time, and thirdly it was only my second flight (the first one had been nerve wrecking and I didn’t enjoy it). So, that morning, feeling all brave, we headed on to Cape Town Airport. When we got there it was dark outside, but inside it was like an ordinary day and all the staff looked and seemed very chirpie and helpful...I was amazed at their vibrant attitude at that time of the morning. Anyway we booked our luggage in and waited at the terminal for our flight. Once it was announced we headed onto the plane and I must also just mention that my fear subsided because of the nice welcome we got from the crew on the Mango flight. Our flight was about 2 hours long and on the way we felt a bit of a turbulence - I just closed my eyes and grabbed hubby's hand but other than that it was really a better flight experience for me than my first one. I must say "thanks" to the staff of Mango as well as the staff at the airport who were very helpful.

Two passengers in a Mango Airlines plane bound for Durban

On our arrival in Durban the luggage system went very quickly (hooray to those people who do that). We booked our on the MSC Sinfonia so at arrival we were shown to the shuttle service of MSC by officials at the airport (not sure if they work for ASCA or MSC). We boarded the shuttle and were on our way to the harbour where the ship was docking and once our paperwork was sorted we boarded the ship..."WOW": that was my first impression it was a beautiful vessel and as a new born cruise member (that is what some of the passengers called us) I was speechless ...We were supposed to cruise to Madagascar but because of the weather conditions we were diverted to Maputo and Portuguese Island but for us it didn’t really matter what the destination, as the journey was AWESOME. I felt like a queen because that was how I was treated ....the entertainment was out of this world, the food was to die for and the accommodation simply beautiful. When we docked at the harbour we took the same shuttle to the airport and let me tell you we docked at 10h00am and our return flight from Durban to Cape Town was booked for 19h00pm (LOL). We had been told to book a later flight just in case we got delayed and to now move onto an earlier flight would have cost us almost the price of 1 of our tickets, so we waited ....yip we waited ...hubby got a little restless at times but I enjoyed watching the people come and go...our flight back was smooth flying and very calming because I was tired (I didn’t know that waiting and doing nothing can do that!). Hubby and I had the bestes time ever and we are certainly doing it again but with our kids next time, although we enjoyed being alone we did miss our bambino's. We are planning another trip at the end of the year and will definitely make use of Mango Airlines again.


There are also Kulula Cape Town to Durban flights (the only other budget carrier on the route), as well as SA Express (part of the same government-owned group) and British Airways Comair (South African Airways itself, quit flying from Cape Town to Durban).

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