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South African Adventure with Mango Airlines

Review by Anoop, written on 13 March 2013.

South Africa offers exotic locations and warm, sunny climate to all its visitors. The prospect of watching wild animals up close in their natural habitat made the trip even more exciting. We packed our bags and got ready for the trip of a lifetime. Being a family of four, with two small children, I wanted the trip to be a fun filled adventure for all of us.
Our kids just couldn't wait to see the exploits of the drunken monkeys of Cape Town after they heard the funny stories from our friends. The monkeys in Cape Town are reportedly getting drunk by eating the fermented grapes from the vineyards. The havoc created by them is becoming a nuisance for the residents. In one particular instance, a food fight broke out between a group of drunken monkeys and a child when they ransacked the home. Though funny, this story made us realise that we had to be prepared for any situation while in South Africa.

We had chosen Mango airlines because they offered cheaper tickets compared to other airlines. Looking back on the trip now, I can see that our South African adventure really began with our flight journey.

We reached the airport just in time thinking that we would have to wait in line for a long time but instead we were pleasantly surprised. The check in line was a little long, but the front desk staff worked efficiently and made sure that the passengers didn't have to wait too much.

The flight was delayed by 30 minutes; and we decided to have a quick bite to eat before boarding. There were plenty of good snack bars in the airport which had decent food.

Soon enough, it was time to board the flight. The staff greeted us broadly and welcomed the passengers on to the aircraft. Their smile was infectious and soon we found ourselves surrounded by friendly faces. We realised that our South African adventure had already begun.

One of the ways Mango Airlines keeps prices down is by reducing the leg space compared to other airlines. It is best to remember why this airline is popular. Mango airlines offer tickets at the lowest possible price to its passengers. Competitors in the market struggle to match the low fares of Mango flights which makes it a popular choice among budget travellers.

The airline also allows you to pay for your ticket through your credit card, Instant Banking, FNB cell phone banking and you can even book Mango with your Edgars account. All these payment options are offer great convenience to the traveller.
Feeling thirsty, I asked for a soft drink the flight attendant politely served me the drink. The prices were reasonable as Mango charged me only R15 for two soft drinks.

It's important to book your seats online with Mango, so that you can sit together with your family. We didn't and my kids were seated far behind us. The flight attendant gave me the option to convince the other passengers in the airline to switch places with my kids. I didn't like the idea of disturbing everyone on the flight for the sake of my kids. My kids had a blast enjoying the unsupervised time making lots of noise and fighting with each other. Soon enough they remembered the drunken monkey story and started making funny faces at each other. Everyone around us was having a good laugh. I was disappointed in not being able to control the antics of my children and found myself thoroughly embarrassed. But my husband cleverly pointed out that everyone else was having a good time and it would best if I just joined the fun. I took his advice and let myself go as we were on a holiday after all.

Mango also provides excellent care to the elderly passengers aboard their flights. The elderly passengers were given pillows on request so that they could sit in comfort for the duration of the flight. Wheelchair facilities were also made available to the passengers who required assistance during disembarking. I witnessed the proactive Mango staff politely assisting an elderly woman to her wheelchair for disembarking and realised that they staff were indeed concerned for their passenger's comfort.

After witnessing the helpful nature of the Mango staff, I have decided to overlook the minor inconveniences that I faced during the flight. I would recommend Mango airlines to everyone who is looking to travel economically.
If you start your trip with Mango Airlines then you will understand just how friendly South Africa can be if you just let yourself go. This is clearly a trip that you will not forget in your lifetime as you will carry the beaming smiles in your heart forever.

Mango Airline plane parked at Cape Town International Airport

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