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Mango discounted flights

Here's some discounted Mango flights on the dates noted below, book at Mango & cross-check using the flight comparison tool.

JE223 7/6/2010 Johannesburg to Durban R299.15

JE274 7/6/2010 Durban to Johannesburg

JE387 7/6/2010 Durban to Cape Town

JE234 7/7/2010 Durban to Johannesburg

JE293 7/7/2010 Johannesburg to Durban

JE313 7/7/2010 Durban to Cape Town

JE331 7/7/2010 Durban to Cape Town

Prices subject to change.

Mango Airline plane at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport

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