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We fly Mango when BA are cheaper

BA were offering the cheapest flights, but we decided to book Interlink Airlines because we'd never flown them before, but the final twist in the tale was that we ended up being bumped onto a Mango Airlines flight! This is the second time this year we've unintentionally flown Mango (in May we booked 1time but missed our flight)!

people boarding a Mango Airlines Boeing

Mango have got strict on luggage

Mango Airlines seem to have got much stricter on their luggage checks. They complained that an item of hand luggage weighed 9kg (the maximum is 7kg), and we had to take some books out and place it in another bag. They also said that they thought the hand luggage bag was too big, but did not take this further (the piece of hand luggage they thought was too big we have travelled with numerous times on numerous airlines - including an overseas trip where we flew with easyJet who are super-strict).

Mango juice

Mango's in-flight magazine is called Mango "Juice". Interesting advertisers and news in their July issue included:

Momentum's Wellness Program - you can get up to 50% off Mango flights if you're a member.

The Mantis Group has teamed up with London-based Agency X to create the PhotoFrame:Wild! application for Apple iPhone users. Shamwari Game Reserve supplied Agency X with a number of wildlife photos, which were incorporated into PhotoFrame.

Sea Point - a suburb in transition. Sea Front For All stands in opposition to the proposed development of the Sea Point Promenade and Pavilion sites (they want to develop a boutique hotel, shopping complex, gym, etc..). They argue that the development will destroy one of the few safe, readily accessible public open space in the city. You go Seafa, stop that development.

Joburg hotel, "The Rosebank" has been rebranded "Crowne Plaza Johannesburg".

Tempest Car Hire

Shadow of a Mango plane as it lands at Johannesburg Airport at 1650 on 25 July 2009.

The cockpit of a Mango Airlines Boeing at Cape Town International Airport.

shadow of a Mango plane as it lands in Johannesburg, South Africa

cockpit of a Mango Airlines plane in Cape Town Airport

Board Mango Airlines at Cape Town Airport.

Check-in at Cape Town International Airport

boarding a Mango Airlines flight at Cape Town Airport

no queue at Mango Airlines check-in

Boarding from the back of a Mango Boeing.

Mango Airlines & Tempest Car Hire branded car.

Mango Airlines plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

Mango Airlines car

Mango brand reflects off its wing in mid-flight.

Mango Boeing parked at Johannesburg Airport.

Mango logo reflects on its wing

Mango at Johannesburg Airport

Mango brand painted on the side of a Boeing.

Mango Boeing with its wing engine.

Mango logo on side of plane

boarding a Mango Airlines plane

Flight details

Thank you for booking with fly Mango!

This email confirmation is your itinerary and receipt. Please print this page and keep it available on your journey, along with the ID used to make the booking. The ID is required in order to obtain a boarding pass.

Mango now offers Online Check in and Self Service Check in!!

Booking Details

Reference Number: HYJQDX

VAT Number: 4350232049



VAT & Taxes:






Flight Details




Fri, 24 Jul 2009

Departure Time:


Arrival Time:


Flight No:




Your special services




Payment Details

Payment :

Divided Amount


Amount: R2220.00
Payment: Received
Payment Number: 4518619


Payment :

Credit Card


Amount: R390.00
Payment Number: 4518908
Your booking confirmation has been received:
This serves as confirmation for booking made again the following Credit card in use. Merely go directly to check-in, present the credit card used in this transaction and receive a boarding pass. Note: the boarding pass will not be issued unless the Credit card is presented.

Important Notices

Please remember:

Proof of identity (a valid passport, RSA ID book or valid driver's license) will be required when checking in. We do not accept copies of temporary travel documents, whether certified copies or not, as proof of identity. Children and infants must travel with their birth certificates as identification or RSA ID book.

A reservation is only valid and confirmed after full payment has been received.

Check in opens at least 90 minutes and closes 40 minutes before departure time. Present Proof of Identity (and credit card if applicable) at check in. Not being present at the Check-in counter 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure or not being present at the boarding gates 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time will result in your seat being forfeited without refund or credit being given.

Mango does not accept firearms or Dangerous Goods as baggage. Mango will not provide storage for such items under any circumstances.

Baggage limit is 20 kg per person. Excess baggage will be charged for and no single item may weigh more that 32 kg. Infants have a 10 Kg baggage allowance but no seat allocation.

Children younger than 12 years must travel with a person aged 16 or over.

Reservations are not refundable.

Certain items will only be carried subject to availability of space. A handling fee may be charged for such items, see our terms and conditions for more information.

For detailed terms and conditions, special requirements, medical forms or flight changes please go to or contact the Mango Call Centre at 08611 MANGO.

Thank you for choosing Mango!

Enjoy your flight!

First Catering and a Mango Airlines Boeing at Cape Town Airport

Other Mango Airlines flight reviews

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Cramed seating on Mango flight.

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