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[Subsequent to this article being published, in January 2009,
Mango has changed the way of looking for Mango Flex prices than standard Mango prices]

15 Nov 2008. This may sound too good to be true, and most of the time it is, but courtesy of some very odd pricing by Mango Airlines I've noticed occassions when it is possible. You'll need to act fast, because I'm pretty sure that Mango will close this loophole very soon after we expose it.

Some background to Mango's tickets

Not everybody is aware that Mango offer 3 different types of airfares:

  • their standard economy class tickets

  • Mango Flex tickets, which allow holders to change the time, date and destination of tickets (change of destination carries no penalty, but you have to cough up the difference in ticket price)

  • Mango Plus tickets, which have the same flexibility as Mango Flex tickets, but also offer free meal vouchers, access to a business class lounge, an extra 10kg luggage allowance and 10% off executive parking at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo.

Mango Plus & Flex tickets cheaper than standard Mango tickets

It would seem natural that since Mango Plus tickets offer the most, they are more expensive than Mango Flex tickets, which in turn are more expensive than Mango's standard economy class tickets. Astonishingly, this is not always the case. In the example below, Mango Flex is the cheapest in all cases! Even Mango Plus is cheaper than the standard Mango Price for some flights.

Mango Plus & Mango Flex prices

  • For flights JE181 Mango Flex is R281 cheaper than standard Mango price!

  • For flight JE181 Mango Plus is R169 cheaper than the standard Mango price!

I've done a bit of experimentation, and it seems that these pricing inconsistencies emerge mostly for flights booked in the near future. For flights which are several months away, the normal price is usually cheapest.

Booking Mango Flex & Mango Plus prices

It isn't completely obvious where on Mango's site to do Mango Flex and Mango Plus bookings. Simply navigate to - do your booking from there and Mango will spit out all 3 prices - simply choose the cheapest Mango flight price.

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