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Flying with Golf Bags

Do you consider yourself a golfing fanatic? Do you book your holidays at a resort with a golf course in a 5km radius? If so, you will want to be sure of knowing each airline's rules for flying with your golf bag - it could even determine which airline you choose to fly with (note that whilst the rules were correct at the time of writing, they could have changed since - check directly with airlines to see up to date rules).

Mango AirlineMango Plane

Mango Airline charges a handling fee for the transport of golf bags. The maximum weight allowance, without another charge, is 20kgs. If your suitcase along with your golf bag exceeds this weight, you will be charged extra by the kilo. The weight may not exceed 32kgs.

Mango Airline require a golf bag which zips closed. They also require name tags to be placed on the bag. To retrieve their golf bags, passengers need to obtain a "Limited Liability Release Tag".

Kulula Airline

Kulula Airline only allows only one free checked bag. You could make this your golf bag, but if you also have a travelling suitcase then you have an extra bag which needs to be paid for. No bag should exceed 20kgs.
If you book an extra golf bag online, the price for the bag will be a reduced rate. This can be done up to 2 hours prior to the departure time.
If you only book the golf bag at the airport, you will be charged even more. If you have multiple check-in luggage exercise care to ensure that none of them exceed 20kg so that you don't get another charge (this article's author has been on hands and knees repacking at the check-in counter...not fun!). Hand luggage has a lower minimum weight.

If the golf bag weights between 20kg and 32kg a heavy bag fee applies.

The golf bag may not exceed 190 x 75 x 65 cm in dimensions, or weigh over 32kg.

Kulula accepts any golf bag containing the usual golf equipment of clubs, balls, umbrella and golf shoes. It is recommended that you wrap the bag to prevent any damage or loss of items.


FlySafair asked R150 for a checked bag so you can imagine that they will be charging you to take a golf bag on the plane. Golf bags will be charged at R280 per bag per person. The bag cannot exceed 32kg and maximum dimensions allowed for any sporting equipment is 190 x 75 x 65cm. Golf equipment includes a golf bag which is allowed to contain a set of golf clubs and golf shoes.

SA Express

Because the planes are smaller, golf bags are restricted to one per passenger on SA Express flights and may not weigh more than 15kg - this is free of charge. If there is space on the plane to carry it, a golf bag heavier than 15kg will incur a heavy bag fee, but it may in no circumstances weigh more than 32kg.


Airlink has a 15kg special free baggage allowance if the golf bag is booked as a Special Service Requirement. I've never met anybody wanting to carry 2 golf bags, but just for the record it's not allowed! Note that a maximum of 8 golf bags are allowed on a Type J41 plane. A heavy bag rate applies if it exceeds 15kg.

South African Airways

The free allowance on SAA flights is 23kgs for golf bags, including the equipment. If the bag is heavier than this, you will be charged. This weight is not included in the standard check in luggage of 23kgs.

The golf bag must be securely packed and enclosed to ensure that no equipment falls out. It is best to place a clearly marked name tag on the inside and outside of the bag with details including your name, address and contact number.

British Airways:

British Airways accepts all golfing equipment as checked baggage. If the golfing equipment along with your travelling luggage exceeds the overall maximum weight of 23kgs, you will be charged. If the airline you're flying with (yes, there are different British Airways airliners) charges on a piece basis, you will be charged extra if you have a golf bag in addition to another piece of checked luggage. The weight may not exceed 32kgs. Be sure that the golf bag does not exceed the maximum dimensions of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm.

The sporting equipment will need to be packed in a recognised bag to ensure it does not get damaged. Make sure it is packed appropriately. If you decide to take a large golfing umbrella or parasol it will count as an additional item of baggage.

1Time Airline

1time airline no longer flies (although PAK Africa Aviation is trying to resuscitate it), but here's what their rules were when they were still in the sky: 1Time Airline had a maximum baggage allowance of 20kgs free of charge. If your golf bag and travelling suitcase fell within the allowance, you would not have to pay any additional charges. If the golf bag weighed more than allowed, you would be charged R25 per kilo.

The golf bag should be zipped closed to prevent any loss of items. It is always recommended to label the bag with your details.

1Time Airline

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