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Johannesburg to Cape Town flights

15 Apr 2011 flights
surveyed on 17 Mar 2011
South Africa Travel Online

The Comair twins are cheapest (Kulula and BA). Here's a comparison of one-way flights, coach trips and train trips from Johannesburg to Cape Town, leaving Johannesburg between 18h19 and 20h36 on Friday the 15th of April 2011. Prices will change (perhaps even by the time you read this). Kulula Airline is offering the cheapest flight price for the 3rd survey in a row (Velvet Sky only flies in the morning, so wasn't included in the pricing) and, as usual, Shosholoza Meyl is offering the cheapest overland trip. British Airways are cheapest on this route's surveys since the 22 Jan 2010 survey.

Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town
Bus & train trips from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Kulula economy class
MN475 leaves Lanseria 20h00 arrives 22h05


Shosholoza Meyl economy class
leaves 12h30 arrives 15h30 the next afternoon


British Airways economy class
BA6403 leaves 19h50 arrives 22h00


SA Roadlink coach
leaves 18h00 arrives 11h30 the next morning


South African Airways economy class
SA369 leaves 20h15 arrives 22h25


City to City coach
leaves 13h00 arrives 06h35 the next morning


Kulula economy class MN109
leaves OR Tambo at 19h25 arrives 21h35


Translux coach bus
leaves 18h15 arrives 11h30 the next morning


1time Airline economy class
T137 leaves 19h30 arrives 21h40


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class
leaves 12h30 arrives 15h30 the next afternoon


South African Airways business class
SA365 leaves 18h40 arrives 20h50


Greyhound coach
leaves 18h00 arrives 12h30 the next day


British Airways business class
BA6407 leaves 19h00 arrives 21h10


Intercape coach
leaves 17h45 arrives 13h15 the next day


Mango Airline economy class


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Velvet Sky economy class
(only a morning flight)


Premier Classe leaves 15h00 arrives 16h15 the next day (Sun & Thurs only)


Cape Town accommodation

from R121
Mountain Manor Guest House Cape Town

The Tulip Hotel Cape Town
from R332
c/o Bree and Strand Street
021 423 5116

Upper East Side Hotel Cape Town
from R420
Brickfield Road, Woodstock
021 404 0570

The Cape Diamond Hotel Cape Town
from R390
c/o Longmarket St and Parliament St
021 461 2519

Accommodation in the rest of South Africa and Namibia

Durbanville, Cape Town
from R330 per person sharing
Ruslamere Guest House (has a Spa)
021 975 5677

Kwelera, East London
from R250 per person (adventure village)
Areena Riverside Resort
043 734 3055

Bellville, Cape Town
Stonehenge Guest House
083 245 3890

Sandton, Johannesburg
Park Inn Sandton
011 303 1000

Alberton, Johannesburg
from R550
Le Cozmo
011 867 2987

Stellenbosch, Cape Town
from R590 per person sharing
Stellenbosch Lodge
021 888 0100

Nelspruit accommodation
Global Village Guest House
013 741 2076

Swakopmund, Namibia
from N$310
Duneside Guest House
081 127 7240

Arcadia, Pretoria
from R690 per suite per day
Legae Suites - self catering
083 282 7138

Yzerfontein, West Coast
from R1000 per night (sleeps 6)
West Coast Escape
072 599 5663

Car Rentals in Cape Town

We priced the cost of renting a car from King Shaka International Airport from 21h00 on Friday the 8th of April 2011 until 13h00 on Sunday the 10th of April 2011 as follows:


First Car Rental

Compare Car Hire

Car Trawler rental

Cherry Moss car hire







Per Day






free km per day

200 km

Unlimited km

Unlimited km

Unlimited km

100 km

rate per km

R1.47 km

Unlimited km

Unlimited km

Unlimited km

R1.94 km

1time flight to Maputo

David Batzofin caught a 1time flight from Johannesburg to Maputo:

  • "A surprise awaited us as we boarded the flight, business class seats!  For only the second time in all my years as a travel writer I managed to be on the “right" side of that blue curtain that separates the plastic from the real crockery. Except on 1time flights all passengers are treated equally (I know this for a fact having been on both sides of the curtain)"

  • "It never ceases to amaze me that the airports company spent millions of Rand on" the ORT upgrade but they seem to have bought the public announcement system from a flea market for R10.75!  Either that or they have specially trained staff that have voices that no one can understand."

  • "The ride from the airport to the hotel was uneventful but as always with an African city, exciting and vibrant. Every block seems to have a Vodacom kiosk of some description and furniture being sold off the pavement!"

1time crew only stowage area

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