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Kulula R319 Lanseria - DUR

7 May 2010 flights
surveyed on 9 Apr 2010
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[Remember that from the 1st May 2010, all flights to and from Durban International will operate out of
King Shaka International Airport north of Durban. Sad that the Government wont sell Durban Airport to Comair (it's scared of competition for King Shaka), then we might see even lower flight prices to Durban than R319]

Today I write to you from a hot and humid Victoria Falls and bring to your attention an even hotter flight price of R319 from Lanseria to Durban. We were just doing our normal flight surveys and spotted a R319 price from Lanseria to Durban on the 7th May (leaving at 22:30). Of course there's no guarantee the price will still be there when you book, but a look at Kulula's bargain browsa in May indicates there may be a fair bit of availability from Lanseria to Durban. Check current prices using Kulula's bargain browsa. Cross-check prices with the flight price comparison tool.













1 R319

2 R319

3 R319

4 R319

5 R319

6 R319

7 R319

8 R319

9 R319

10 R319

11 R319

12 R319

13 R319

14 R319

15 R319

16 R319

17 R319

18 R319

19 R319

20 R319

21 R319

22 R319

23 R319

24 R319

25 R319

26 R319

27 R319

28 R319

29 R319

30 R319

31 R319

Travel from Johannesburg to Durban

Here's a comparison of one-way flights from Johannesburg to Durban, leaving Johannesburg between 1729 & 2036 on Friday the 7th May 2010. Prices will change.

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban
Bus & train from Johannesburg to Durban

Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE283 leaves 1940 arrives 2040


Shosholoza Meyl economy class leaves Joburg 1830 arrives Durban 0720


Kulula economy class ex Lanseria Airport
flight MN517 leaves 2015 arrives 2125


City to City bus coach
leaves Joburg 2045 arrives Durban 0430


1time economy class
flight 1T237 leaves 1910 arrives 2020


Citiliner bus coach
leaves Joburg 2100 arrives Durban 0450


Kulula economy class ex OR Tambo
flight MN603 leaves 1715 arrives 1825


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class (Thursdays)
leaves Joburg 1820 arrives Durban 0630


Mango Flex
flight JE283 leaves 1940 arrives 2040


Translux bus coach
leaves Joburg 0930 arrives Durban 1715


Mango Plus
flight JE283 leaves 1940 arrives 2040


Intercape bus coach
leaves Joburg 0830 arrives Durban 1605


BA British Airways economy class
flight BA6221 leaves 1800 arrives 1910


Greyhound bus coach via Howick
leaves Joburg 0830 arrives Durban 1625


SAA South African Airways economy
flight SA579 leaves 1900 arrives 2005


Premier Classe train (Tuesdays & Fridays)
leaves Joburg 1820 arrives Durban 0830


BA business class / club class
flight BA6221 leaves 1800 arrives 1910


Baz Bus (hop on - hop off)
(7 day pass)


SAA business class / premium class
flight SA579 leaves 1900 arrives 2005


SA Roadlink bus coach
leaves Joburg 2030 arrives Durban 0330


Car Rentals in Durban

We priced the cost of renting a car from Durban International Airport from 21h00 on the 7th May 2010 until 13h00 on the 9th May2010 as follows:


Europcar South Africa

First Car Rental
unlimited mileage

Compare Car Hire





Per Day




Durban from R250/night

Amanzimtoti accommodation


Cheapest Durban

Durban beachfront


Wade Estate
from R300

from R250

Beach Hotel Durban

from R345

Durban north beach

Durban self-catering

Umhlanga hotel

Umhlanga self-catering

Southern Sun North Beach

from R1323

17 Palms

from R475

Protea Hotel

from R561

Seaside Self Catering

from R250

Durban's World Cup fixtures

Durban's World Cup matches occur at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

13 Jun

16 Jun

19 Jun

22 Jun

25 Jun

28 Jun, 4pm

7 Jul, 8:30pm




Korea R


Winner (E)
Runners Up (F)


Want more? See this list of all stadiums for the Fifa World Cup (includes flights, accommodation, fixtures & maps).

South Africa - "worst trip of my life"

Naomi was dispatched to Cape Town and Johannesburg by Marie Claire UK, to take photographs for a story about the sex industry and the Fifa World Cup.

  • The wind in at JFK was "howling at 60 miles per hour", so all flights were grounded. "I figured I should just go home and return the next day as I would never make my connection in Amsterdam. KLM refused to let me change so 6 hours and a few Johnny Walker Blacks later I boarded the flight. Obviously I didn’t make the Cape Town flight, but I had expected a hotel voucher, uh uh. As this was due to Mother Nature KLM wasn’t responsible to put passengers up, this after I happily offered to stay home".

  • " I was shocked to realize I had been robbed of a tidy sum of cash I had left in my room for safekeeping. Ha! I feel awful as I’m sure whoever took it was desperate but hey, just cause I’m from North America doesn’t make me flush."

  • "Got to see penguins while being exfoliated by the sand being whipped by the crazy strong winds." 

  • "That night I was to shoot streetwalkers with an assistant arranged for me by a professor at the University in Cape Town. Not only did my assistant show up almost an hour late to the wrong location, they bailed on me early without having actually shot one photo! A complete waste of time as I couldn’t shoot on my own as it’s too dangerous to be out with a camera alone at night (and money, I had bought him dinner after all). In all my years doing this I’ve never experienced anything like this. "

  • "Yesterday morning I was awoken at 7 am (having been asleep for only a couple of hours) by the owner of a strip joint I was photographing at the night before in Joburg. Ends up she was tipped off by one of her staff that I may be an imposter sent from a rival club to pose as a photographer to spy on her club." 

  • "And now my flight back to NY has been delayed from 6:30 pm to 2:30 am. I actually broke down and started to weep in the airport. Didn’t get me on an earlier flight but did get me in the lounge so I can drink luke warm champagne."

penguin and a person photoshopped into the sand

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