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Kulula cheapest to Durban

26 Feb 2010 flights
surveyed on 29 Jan 2010
South Africa Travel Online

Flight prices aren't as cheap as they have been, but Kulula is cheapest from Cape Town to Durban.

Flights from Cape Town to Durban (DUR) *
Coach bus from Cape Town to Durban

Kulula Airline economy class
leaves CPT 1350, arrives DUR 1545

R 649
flight MN701

Shosholoza Meyl economy (Mondays)
leaves CPT 1850, arrives DUR 0810 (+1)

R 280

1time Airline economy class
leaves CPT 1745 arrives DUR 1945

R 664
flight 1T648

City to City coach bus
leaves CPT 0600, arrives DUR 0705 (+1)

R 390

BA British Airways economy class
leaves CPT 1730, arrives DUR 1925

R 752
flight BA6313

SA Roadlink coach bus
leaves CPT 1830, arrives DUR 2030 (+1)

R 399

Mango economy class
leaves CPT 1810 arrives DUR 2010

R 778
flight JE362

Shosholoza Meyl tourist (Wednesdays)
leaves CPT 1800,arrives DUR 0745 (+1)

R 410

Mango Flex
leaves CPT 1810 arrives DUR 2010

R 807
flight JE362

Citiliner coach via Port Elizabeth
leaves CPT 0630, arrives DUR 0840(+1)

R 420

Mango Plus
leaves CPT 1810 arrives DUR 2010

R 917
flight JE362

Translux coach
leaves CPT 1830, arrives DUR 2110(+1)

R 500

British Airways business class /club
leaves CPT 1730, arrives DUR 1925

R 2879
flight BA6313

Greyhound coach via Bloemfontein
leaves CPT 1100, arrives DUR 0915(+1)

R 520

SAA South African Airways
leaves CPT 1940, arrives DUR 2135

flight SA626

Greyhound coach via Port Elizabeth
leaves CPT 1845, arrives DUR 2125(+1)

R 570

SAA premium class
leaves CPT 1940, arrives DUR 2135

flight SA626

Baz Bus
(7 day pass)

R 1350

* flights leaving Cape Town for Durban between 1344 and 2031 on Friday the 26th Feb 2010

Durban accommodation

Amanzimtoti hotels

Ballito hotels

Cheapest Durban

Durban beachfront

Sandcastle 031-903-4820

Fairmont Zimbali


Flatcrown 082-368-6685
from R300

Beach Hotel Durban

from R380

Durban north beach

Durban self-catering

Umhlanga hotel

Umhlanga self-catering

Southern Sun North Beach

from R1418

17 Palms

from R475

Protea Hotel

from R656 (was R657)

Seaside Self Catering

from R400

Car Rentals in Durban

We priced the cost of renting a car from Durban International Airport from 21h00 on the 26th Feb 2010 until 13h00 on the 28th Feb 2010 as follows:


Europcar South Africa

First Car Rental
unlimited mileage

First Car Rental
limited mileage

Comet Car Hire






Per Day





First Saturday in Johannesburg

Charles Apple, visual journalist and instructor, is in South Africa doing some consulting work in Johannesburg. Charles stayed at the Garden Plaza Milwood, a part of the Southern Sun Hotel chain of South Africa (until recently this hotel was was a Holiday Inn), and dined at the MacRib at the Hotel. Here's what he thought:

  • " The front desk of the hotel is always busy. At nearly any time of night or day, you’ll walk by to find guests three- or four-deep, waiting to do business. My advice to these guys, should they want it: Double the desk staff. Especially from, say, 6 to 9 p.m."

  • "Every day, I have to stand in a long line at the front desk in order to purchase bandwidth... This is a good example of a hotel not really having a clue as to the needs of the modern international traveler. When this place is packed next year with Americans and Europeans — then, they’ll understand. "

  • "There were times I would have sworn I’m in Florida — if not for the left-side-of-the-road thing. Many of the buildings on this side of Johannesburg are nice and modern and you see palm trees everywhere"

Southern Sun Garden Court Milpark

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