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Interlink Pretoria to Durban

20 Nov 2009 flights
surveyed on 23 Oct 2009
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Interlink Airlines offers the cheapest flight from Gauteng to Durban in today's friday flights survey - their flight from Pretoria to Durban was checked at R500 (one-way, including taxes). Cheapest business class flight from Johannesburg is with British Airways (R1937). It's worth noting that there was a British Airways flight leaving Joburg at 16h15 for R455 (not included in this survey, as it only looks at flights leaving Johannesburg between 17h29 & 20h36).

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban *
Bus & train from Johannesburg to Durban

Interlink Airlines (Pretoria to Durban)
Flight 123 leaves 1530 arrives 1640


Shosholoza Meyl economy class leaves Joburg 1830 arrives Durban 0720


1time economy class
flight 1T237 leaves 1910 arrives 2020


City to City bus coach
leaves Joburg 2045 arrives Durban 0430


Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2145


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class (Thursdays)
leaves Joburg 1820 arrives Durban 0830


Mango Flex
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2145


Intercape bus coach
leaves Joburg 0830 arrives Durban 1605


BA British Airways economy class
flight BA6221 leaves 1800 arrives 1910


Citiliner bus coach
leaves Joburg 2100 arrives Durban 0450


Kulula economy class ex OR Tambo
flight MN617 leaves 1930 arrives 2040


Translux bus coach
leaves Joburg 0930 arrives Durban 1715


Mango Plus
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2145


SA Roadlink bus coach
leaves Joburg 2030 arrives Durban 0330


SAA South African Airways economy
flight SA579 leaves 1900 arrives 2010


Greyhound bus coach
leaves Joburg 0830 arrives Durban 1625


BA business class / club class
flight BA6221 leaves 1800 arrives 1910


Premier Classe train
leaves Joburg 1820 arrives Durban 0830


SAA business class / premium class
flight SA579 leaves 1900 arrives 2010


Baz Bus (hop on - hop off)
(7 day pass)


* one-way flights from Johannesburg to Durban, leaving Johannesburg between 1729 & 2036 on Friday the 20th Nov 2009. Prices will change.
** cheapest British Airways South Africa flight price since the BA R600 flight price from JNB to DUR on 22 Dec 2007.

Umhlanga from R200 a night

Cheapest accommodation near Durban is at Seaside Cottages Self Catering (La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks), from 200 a night.

Accommodation - Pilanesburg, Bloem, Joburg, Kimberley & Kleinmond

Bakubung Game Lodge

Bloemfontein accommodation

Johannesburg hotels

Kimberley acommodation

Kleinmond acommodation

from R2400


ph 014-552-6006

from R250
Abba Accommodation
051 436 1721

from R300

Hoopoe Haven Guest House

from R260

Hadison Park Guest House

ph 053-861-5929

from R660

Moments Guest house
ph 028-271-3554

To get your accommodation listed here contact

Car Rentals in Durban

We priced the cost of renting a car from Durban International Airport from 21h00 on the 20th Nov 2009 until 13h00 on the 22nd Nov 2009 as follows:


Europcar South Africa

First Car Rental
unlimited mileage

First Car Rental
limited mileage

Comet Car Hire






Per Day





Boston goes sandboarding in Cape Town

We normally don't feature blog postings about holidays in Cape town, as they are all pretty vanilla, but "Boston" took such effort in getting here and back that we thought his experiences are worth reading about. Boston took 3 flights to get from Manila to Cape Town (Manila to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Dubai, and Dubai to Cape Town). [Ed: Boston doesn't say so, but that means he must have flown Emirates - no other airline operates direct flights from Dubai to Cape Town]. Other than the standard Cape Town tourist activities, Boston took a trip to Atlantis and went sandboard [Ed: looks fun]. On the way back, Boston had to check-in his backpack with Emirates (as it was overweight), which led to him missing his flight from Hong Kong to Manila, and having to spend a night in Hong Kong.

Boston sandboarding in Atlantis

Kleinmond accommodation

A hearty welcome to our new client - Moments Guest House in Kleinmond (near Hermanus, Cape Town). To book a room there (from R660 to R880 a night) contact Ilse de Villiers at 028 271 3554.

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