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Cape Town to Pretoria R498

6 Nov 2009 flights
surveyed on 9 Oct 2009
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There are now 3 airports in Gauteng you can fly from Cape Town to: Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport, Lanseria Airport and Pretoria's Wonderboom Airport. British Airways is offering the cheapest business class flight and the cheapest economy class flight is by Interlink from Cape Town to Pretoria (from Cape Town to Johannesburg SAA is cheapest at R614). It must be mentioned, that the SAA flight price of R614 is its cheapest ever in our Friday Flights survey (previous cheapest was R615 in our 14 Mar 2009 survey).

Flights from Cape Town to Gauteng *
Bus & train trips from Cape Town to Johannesburg

Interlink Airline economy to Pretoria
flight 100 departs 0600 arrives 0800


Shosholoza Meyl train Economy Class


SAA South African Airways economy
flight SA372 departs 2000 arrives 2210


Shosholoza Meyl train Tourist Class


1time Airline economy class
flight 1T112 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Intercape bus coach
departs CPT 1730 arrives Joburg 1320 (next day)


Kulula Air economy (to Lanseria Airport)
flight MN460 departs 1950 arrives 2150


City to City bus coach
departs CPT 1100 arrives Joburg 0515 (next day)


Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE176 departs 1750 arrives 2000


SA Roadlink bus coach
departs CPT 1800 arrives Joburg 1100 (next day)


Kulula Air economy class (to O.R. Tambo)
flight MN106 departs 1835 arrives 2035


Translux bus coach
departs CPT 1800 arrives Joburg 1210 (next day)


BA British Airways traveller class
flight BA6438 departs 1900 arrives 2100


Translux bus coach
departs CPT 1600 arrives Joburg 0955 (next day)


Mango Flex
flight JE176 departs 1750 arrives 2000


SA Roadlink bus coach
departs CPT 1100 arrives Joburg 0600 (next day)


Mango Plus
flight JE176 departs 1750 arrives 2000


Greyhound bus coach via Kimberley
departs CPT 1300 arrives Joburg 1845 (next day)


BA British Airways club/business class
flight BA6426 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Greyhound bus coach via Bloemfontein
departs CPT 1800 arrives Joburg 1220 (next day)


SAA premium class/business class
flight SA362 departs 1750 arrives 1950


Baz Bus
7 day pass


Interlink Airline business to Pretoria
flight 121 departs 1645 arrives 1845


Premier Classe train
departs Cape Town on Saturday, 7 Nov


* one-way flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg/Lanseria/Pretoria Wonderboom, leaving between 1729 & 2031 on 6 Nov 2009 (incl. taxes). Obviously prices will change.
** can be booked for R899 on the Kulula Air website (see tips for cheap flights in South Africa).

KLM economy comforts

Want a bit of extra legspace but don't want to pay business class prices? KLM economy comfort seats may be for you. The seats go back double the distance of ordinary economy class seats and there's 10cm extra legspace.

Mango Juice

The October Mango Juice issue is out (Mango Airline's in-flight magazine) - caution, it is nearly 10meg and takes a looooooooong time to download.

Setting "girl traps" on aeroplanes

Jamshed and his male buddies were making their way from India to Cape Town (link removed as it stopped working), on an Emirates flight (Ed: wonder whether they were on their way to watch the IPL cricket). Rather than sitting next to each other, they decided to seat themselves behind each other, in order to maxmise their chances of sitting next to pretty girls - unfortuanately the end result was them being seated next to an Iraqi businessman, a grandmother, a domestic worker and an army officer.

setting girl traps on planes

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