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British Airways Cheapest
on 30 Oct 2009

30 Oct 2009 flights
surveyed on 2 Oct 2009
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Mango Airlines, Kulula and 1time run a lot of cheap flight specials; whilst I've never seen a British Airways special on local South African flights (there are plenty of BA international flight specials). However, it astonishes me how often over the last few months British Airways have been offering the cheapest flights in our regular flight surveys. Those who are looking for the cheapest local South African flights, will be making a mistake not to check British Airways flight prices.

Flights from Durban to OR Tambo/Lanseria *
Coach Bus & train trips from Durban to Joburg

BA British Airways economy class
flight BA6212 departs 2000 arrives 2110


City to City coach bus
departs Durban 2000 arrives Joburg 0325


Kulula Air economy class
flight MN604 departs 1930 arrives 2040


Shosholoza Meyl train economy class


Mango economy class
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


SA Roadlink coach bus
departs Durban 2000 arrives Joburg 0300


Mango Flex
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


Intercape coach bus
departs Durban 1100 arrives Joburg 1740


SAA economy class
flight SA582 departs 1940 arrives 2050


Citiliner coach bus
departs Durban 2100 arrives Joburg 0445


Mango Plus
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


Translux coach bus
departs Durban 0830 arrives Joburg 1615


SAA Business/premium class
flight SA582 departs 1940 arrives 2050


Shosholoza Meyl train tourist class


BA Business/club class
flight BA6212 departs 2000 arrives 2110


Greyhound coach bus via Estcourt
departs Durban 1330 arrives Joburg 2100


1time Airline economy class

no flights

Premier Classe train


Interlink Airline economy class
(Durban to Pretoria from 30 Oct, but fully booked on 30 Oct)

no flights

Baz Bus hop on hop off
7 day pass


* flights leave DUR for JNB/HLA between 17h29 & 20h31 on the 30th Oct 2009 (prices change). Prices will change.
** British Airways South Africa's flight BA6212 can be purchased as flight MN6212 on the Kulula Air website, but for R290 extra. Remember to always check both the BA and the Kulula website when making booking (see tips for cheapest flights in South Africa). The British Airways flight price of R459 is their cheapest Durban to Johannesburg flight price since the R410 BA flight price in our 12 Jan 2008 flight survey.
*** the first time this year that Shosholoza Meyl has not been cheapest from Durban to Johannesburg.

Kulula, we're waiting for your party

Mango's financial results came out and they made a R10.9m profit in the year to 31 March 2009. Really awesome that they're not a drain on us poor taxpayers (and in fact contributing to the fiscus). A nice way for Cheryl Carolus (incoming chairwoman of SAA, which owns Mango) to start her job.

We were surprised that for the first time ever SAA decided to publish Mango's results seperately from their own, but we think we know why - we remember Kulula Airlines promising to host a party for Mango if they ever turn a profit - so come on Kulula, where's that party you promised?

Mango Air Race competition

Mango Airlines are running an interesting "Biggest Air Race in South Africa" competition, where you fly a make-believe plane from Cape Town to Durban, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein by clicking like crazy.

Car crash in Mozambique

When things go wrong in underdeveloped countries, it can easily mean the end of your holiday - Jara's account of her car rental troubles during her visit to Mozambique teaches us about this. Her and friends hired a car in Johannesburg to drive to Tofo (Mozambique)...unfortuanately they never made it to Tofo, with the rental car being sideswiped by an 18-wheeler truck. From this point it took all their resources just to make it back to South Africa.

Jara's rental car after the crash

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