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25 Sep 2009 flights
surveyed on 29 Aug 2009
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The 24th September is not only the start of school holidays (read expensive flights) and Heritage Day (a public holiday), but also the beginning of the ICC Champions Trophy (cricket) and the 31st Loerie Awards festival weekend in Cape Town. So, time to plan ahead for plane tickets.

Last week we said not to forget SAA & BA when looking for cheap flights - and what do you know, SAA are once again cheapest this week. By the way it's good to see that Interlink Airline have again got some availability (I just hope that those booking with them don't merely get bumped onto Mango Airlines like we were when we booked a flight with Interlink Airline).

Flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg *
Bus & train trips from Cape Town to Johannesburg

SAA South African Airways economy
flight SA372 departs 1950 arrives 2150


Shosholoza Meyl Economy Class


Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE176 departs 1750 arrives 2000


SA Roadlink bus coach
departs CPT 1100 arrives Joburg 0600 (next day)


Interlink Airline economy class
flight ID002 departs 1800 arrives 2000


SA Roadlink bus coach
departs CPT 1800 arrives Joburg 1100 (next day)


Kulula Air economy (to Lanseria Airport)
flight MN460 departs 1950 arrives 2150


City to City bus coach
departs CPT 1100 arrives Joburg 0515 (next day)


1time Airline economy class
flight 1T112 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Shosholoza Meyl Tourist Class


Kulula Air economy class (to O.R. Tambo)
flight MN106 departs 1835 arrives 2035


Intercape bus coach
departs CPT 1730 arrives Joburg 1320 (next day)


Mango Flex
flight JE176 departs 1750 arrives 2000


Greyhound bus coach via Kimberley
departs CPT 1300 arrives Joburg 1800 (next day)


Mango Plus
flight JE176 departs 1750 arrives 2000


Translux bus coach
departs CPT 1800 arrives Joburg 1210 (next day)


Interlink Airline business class
flight 1D002 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Translux bus coach
departs CPT 1600 arrives Joburg 0955 (next day)


BA British Airways traveller class
flight BA6426 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Greyhound bus coach via Bloemfontein
departs CPT 1800 arrives Joburg 1220 (next day)


SAA premium class/business class
flight SA362 departs 1750 arrives 1950


Baz Bus
7 day pass


BA British Airways club/business class
flight BA6426 departs 1800 arrives 2000


Premier Classe train


* one-way flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, leaving between 1729 & 2031 on 14 Aug 2009 (incl. taxes). Obviously prices will change.
** British Airways flight BA6426 can be booked on the Kulula Airlines website for R849 as flight MN6426, a saving of R995 (but you'd already know this if you've read our tips for cheap South Africa flights).

Maputo - the Havana of Africa

Shaun caught a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, then a Greyhound bus from Johannesburg to Maputo (Mozambique). With the flight of skilled Portuguese, Maputo has gradually deteriorated in the years following Mozambique's independence on 25 June 1975: "nothing seems to have been painted in the last 50 years". Out on the town, Shaun visited the fish market and visited the Coconut nightclub in the evening. As the taxi he took didn't have a battery, Shaun helped pushstart it! (Ed: There's no need to hire a car in Maputo. For a reasonable price you can get a driver to chauffeur you around all day).

Parliament in Maputo, Mozambique

Howling animals in the Kruger

"After a 3 and a half hour journey (from Johannesburg) we finally arrived at the Kruger National Park. It is huge, an amazing place and totally unique and beautiful, plus our lodge accommodation was fantastic, five star. After checking in, we were huddled into large jeeps and set off for our first safari adventure. It was dark by now as we set off into the pitch black wilderness we were all squashed very tightly into jeeps that had stepped seats. We did not really know what to expect, however two local guides accompanied us, one carrying a reassuring rifle and the other a huge spot-lamp/torch to guide us through the undergrowth. We couldn't see that much but the ambiance created by the animal noises was most interesting, hearing screaming howls followed by cracking branches made it all very surreal", as quoted from the book "If it's not on the Trolley" by Gary May - buy your books at Exclusive Books online.

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