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R299 1time CPT-DUR

11 Sep 2009 flights
surveyed on 15 Aug 2009
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1time Airline ran a R299 flight price special a little while ago, which was sold out before 9am (we'll be reviewing flights we bought on this special in September). Today, we were very surprised to see that even outside the window of the special there are still some R299 flights left (sadly we only spotted them on the CPT-DUR flight route). This R299 flight price is cheapest 1time price we have ever surveyed from Cape Town to Durban (in Friday flight surveys), but not the cheapest ever (Kulula's R288 on 21 Jul 2007 was cheaper). Amazingly, this 1time flight is cheaper than any of the buses/coaches!

Flights from Cape Town to Durban (DUR) *
Coach bus from Cape Town to Durban

1time Airline economy class
leaves CPT 1430 arrives DUR 1640

R 299
flight 1T646

Citiliner coach via Port Elizabeth
leaves CPT 0630, arrives DUR 0840(+1)


Mango economy class
leaves CPT 1850 arrives DUR 2050

R 522
flight JE362

City to City coach bus
leaves CPT 0600, arrives DUR 0705 (+1)


BA British Airways economy class
leaves CPT 1730, arrives DUR 1925

R 533 **
flight BA6313

Greyhound coach via Bloemfontein
leaves CPT 1100, arrives DUR 0915(+1)


SAA South African Airways
leaves CPT 1945, arrives DUR 2150

R 544 ***
flight SA626

Translux coach bus
leaves CPT 0630, arrives DUR 0630(+1)


Kulula Airline economy class
leaves CPT 1350, arrives DUR 1545

R 640
flight MN701

Translux coach
leaves CPT 1830, arrives DUR 2110(+1)


Mango Flex
leaves CPT 1850 arrives DUR 2050

R 872
flight JE362

Shosholoza Meyl tourist class
on Wednesdays


Mango Plus
leaves CPT 1850 arrives DUR 2050

R 997
flight JE362

Greyhound coach via Port Elizabeth
leaves CPT 1845, arrives DUR 2125(+1)


SAA business class
leaves CPT 1730, arrives DUR 1925

R 2539
flight SA626

Baz Bus
(7 day pass)


British Airways business class /club
leaves CPT 1730, arrives DUR 1925

R 2898
flight BA6313

SA Roadlink coach bus

no service

*one-way, including tax, leaving CPT between 1344 & 2031 on the 11th Sep 2009 (prices will change). Prices will change.
** this is the cheapest BA British Airways flight price we have ever surveyed from Cape Town to Durban (British Airways R841 on 28 Apr 2007 was the previous cheapest). Flight BA6313 may also be booked on the Kulula website (as flight MN6313) for R973, R440 more expensive - which shows it pays to check the prices of Kulula 4-digit-flight-code flights on the British Airways South Africa website (see our tips for cheap flights in South Africa).
*** this is also the cheapest SAA flight we've surveyed on the CPT-DUR route (previous cheapest was the SAA R642 price on 21 Jul 2007)

Photography lessons in Africa

Lindsay kicked off her trip with 5 days at an orphanage in Kitwe, Zambia, where she taught a photography workshop (it warms my heart to hear of people helping others - that's what life's all about). After Zambia, she flew from Kitwe to Johannesburg, and from Johannesburg to Cape Town, where they enjoyed a bit of a vacation (and where better). After Cape Town she chartered a flight to Selinda, a remote Botswana reserve, where she again taught children photography.

photography lesson in Africa

No home advantage for Lufthansa in Frankfurt

"Sometimes aircraft operating in their home airport are given a bit of priority by air traffic control over those other aircraft from foreign countries. At least that's what the crew of a Lufthansa 737 in Frankfurt expected when they began to taxi out towards the runway and were told to follow a Pan Am aircraft. They disregarded this instruction and nipped in front of the Pan Am aircraft. The radio conversation went like this. Pan Am's call sign is 'Clipper'.

  • ATC: 'Lufthansa, I told you to follow the Clipper.'

  • Lufthansa: 'I didn't see the Clipper.'

  • ATC: 'Lufthansa, turn right, right, right and right again.'

  • After a minute, during which the Lufthansa jet executed the manoeuvre and had therefore gone 'around the block' to a point behind the Pan Am aircraft...

  • ATC: 'Now do you see the Clipper?'" quote from the book Airline Confidential (we recommend Kalahari online books purchases).

R50 off Netflorist purchase

If you've never used Netflorist's services here's your chance to get a R50 gift voucher which may be redeemed before 31 December 2009 (it's not available to those who have before used Netflorist's services). Simply make an order at, and use the code fr48nf871.

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