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BA cheaper than Mango

14 Aug 2009 flights
surveyed on 18 Jul 2009

It pays to check the prices of the full service carriers - BA's R640 Cape Town-Johannesburg price is cheaper than Mango, Kulula, SAA & 1time. In fact this is the cheapest BA British Airways South Africa flight price we have surveyed from Cape Town to Johannesburg, since our surveys began (previous cheapest was R713 on 12 May 2007). It is also the first time on this route that BA have offered the cheapest price.

Flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg *
Bus & train trips from Cape Town to Johannesburg

BA British Airways traveller class
flight BA6438 departs 1900 arrives 2100


Shosholoza Meyl Economy Class


Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE178 departs 2015 arrives 2220


Shosholoza Meyl Tourist Class


Kulula Air economy class (to Lanseria)
flight MN460 departs 1950 arrives 2150


City to City bus coach
departs CPT 1100 arrives 0515 (next day)


Kulula Air economy (to O.R. Tambo)
flight MN106 departs 1835 arrives 2035


SA Roadlink bus coach
departs CPT 1800 arrives 1100 (next day)


SAA South African Airways economy
flight SA372 departs 1950 arrives 2150


Translux bus coach
departs CPT 1800 arrives 1210 (next day)


Mango Flex
flight JE178 departs 2015 arrives 2220


Translux bus coach
departs CPT 1600 arrives 0955 (next day)


Mango Plus
flight JE178 departs 2015 arrives 2220


Intercape bus coach
departs CPT 1745 arrives 1400 (next day)


BA British Airways club/business class
flight BA6438 departs 1900 arrives 2100


Greyhound bus coach via Bloemfontein
departs CPT 1800 arrives 1220 (next day)


SAA South African Airways premium
flight SA372 departs 1950 arrives 2150


Greyhound bus coach via Kimberley
departs CPT 1300 arrives 1800 (next day)


Interlink Airline economy class

no flights

Baz Bus
7 day pass


Interlink Airline business class
flight 1D002 departs 1800 arrives 2000

no flights

Premier Classe train


1time Airline economy class

site error


* one-way flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, leaving between 1729 & 2031 on 14 Aug 2009 (incl. taxes)
** BA flight 6438 was being sold on the Kulula website as MN6438, but for R240 more - which shows it pays to check both the BA site & the Kulula site when making flight reservations (see tips for cheap flights).
*** cheapest Translux bus coach from Cape Town to Johannesburg since 19 Jan 2008.

1time leave Joburg out

How's this for an error? 1time have left Joburg out of their list of options for flights from Cape Town (although they do have an option for Cape Town to Cape Town!). This is the first time we've seen a site error where a town is simply left out of the options, and it must be costing 1time a lot of cake.

1time leaves Joburg out of its flight booking engine

Cheaper than ever to take a bus/coach

For some 18 months now, we have been keeping track of the prices of flights relative to buses. Usually flight prices are some 2.2 times as expensive as bus prices, but today the ratio hit a record high of 3.6 (meaning that the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg is 3.6 times as expensive as the cheapest bus price from Cape Town to Johannesburg).

Body's left, but mind's still in South Africa

Nitin described time spent in Cape Town & Durban as being "glorius" and "so good that it hurts to think about". After travelling from Swaziland to Durban, they spent a few evenings drinking tequila and then spontaneously decided to fly to Cape Town (good choice). In the Mother City time was spent with friends listening to house music, & partying in Camps Bay...suddenly the "world made sense" whilst they played in the sand and listened to the waves.

rural Tokai, Cape Town

Iron Maiden pilot

"When Bruce Dickinson joined rock band Iron Maiden in late 1981, he played his first gig in Italy after driving thirty-six hours in a van to get there. He can scarcely have imagined that twenty years later he would be flying to the Meditteranean, and not just as a passenger, but piloting a Boeing 737 as a first officer on British charter airline Astreus. After enjoying 12 years with Iron Maiden, Bruce left in 1993, citing the inevitable musical differences. Bruce pursued a solo career and took up flying seriously, gaining his commercial pilot's licence. He did get back with Maiden in 1999, but not before he began flying for an airline. On one occassion, after a flight, he was in uniform in Munich Airport and he was accosted by a German Iron Maiden fan in full battle dress (t-shirt, cross, etc.). 'Hello? But I must this the bus to Munich?' The Maiden reunion spawned a number of hits including 'Wicker Man', which meant that Bruce was the first airline pilot to have a top 10 record on the UK singles chart." extract from Airline Confidential by Richard Havers - buy your books at Exclusive Books.

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