Direct Cape Town to New York | From R13,488*  

R402 Durban to Cape Town

17 Jul 2009 flights
surveyed on 20 Jun 2009

This week's best flight price is R402 for a one way flight from Durban to Cape Town (obviously this price will change as soon as somebody has booked it):

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Durban to Cape Town (one-way)

30 Jul 2009


R402 (incl. tax)

Friday night flight prices

In our regular Friday night flight survey (when it's more convenient to fly, but prices are more expensive than during the week), Mango Airlines is cheapest. BA (British Airways) & SAA (South African Airways), whilst not cheapest, are the cheapest they've been since 7 Jun 2008 (unusually, SAA is cheaper than Kulula).

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban *
Bus or train from Joburg to Durban

Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2245


SA Roadlink bus coach
leaves Joburg 2000 arrives Durban 0430


1time economy class
flight 1T237 leaves 1910 arrives 2020


Shosholoza Meyl economy class


Mango Flex
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2245


Intercape bus coach
leaves Joburg 1100 arrives Durban 1740


SAA South African Airways economy class
flight SA581 leaves 2010 arrives 2120


City to City bus coach
leaves Joburg 2045 arrives Durban 0430


Kulula economy class
flight MN617 leaves 1930 arrives 2040


Citiliner bus coach
leaves Joburg 2100 arrives Durban 0450


Mango Plus
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2245


Translux bus coach
leaves Joburg 0930 arrives Durban 1715


BA British Airways economy class
flight BA6221 leaves 1800 arrives 1910


Greyhound bus coach
leaves Joburg 0830 arrives Durban 1625


SAA business class / premium class
flight SA581 leaves 2010 arrives 2120


Premier Classe train


BA business class / club class
flight BA6221 leaves 1800 arrives 1910


Baz Bus (hop on - hop off)
(7 day pass)


* one-way flights from Johannesburg for Durban between 1729 & 2036 on Friday the 17th Jul 2009
** BA & SAA's lowest economy class flight prices since our 7 Jun 2008 DUR-JNB survey
*** most expensive bus/coach price from Johannesburg-Durban we've ever recorded for Translux/Greyhound
**** cheapest SA Roadlink bus/coach trip from Johannesburg to Durban since 30 Aug 2008.

Californian Londonite ventures into Etosha

Notching up country number 49 (South Africa) and 50 (Namibia), this adventurous 20-something Yankie (who resides in London) took some pretty clickies along the way (thanks for sharing). Her and her man caught a 12-hour flight from London to Cape Town, a 2-hour flight from Cape Town to Windhoek Namibia (what a pain that Air Namibia London-Windhoek flights have been suspended) and then rented a Toyota 4-wheel drive with which they ventured into Namibia's Etosha National Park, where they stayed at Onguma (on the eastern edge). Her photos are evidence of the ton of wildlife they saw on their guided game drives - from the feared black mamba snakes to the king of the junmgle - lions ("We woke up at 4am each day to the sound of mating lions").

Two Namibian lions lying down in the grass

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