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DUR-JNB from R513

26 Jun 2009 flights
surveyed on 30 May 2009

With Mango Airlines offering a R513 one-way flight on a Friday night, there's no stickiness in DUR-JNB flight prices (down 2% on a year back). The BA (British Airways) price of R877 is the cheapest DUR-JNB flight price since our 17 May 2008 flight survey - and it can be booked for R732 on the Kulula website.

Flights from DUR to JNB/HLA *
Coach Bus & train trips from Durban to Joburg

Mango economy class
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


Shosholoza Meyl train economy class

130 economy class
flight MN604 departs 1930 arrives 2040


Intercape coach bus
departs Durban 1100 arrives Joburg 1740


Mango Flex
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


Citiliner coach bus
departs Durban 2100 arrives Joburg 0445(+1)


Mango Plus
flight JE274 departs 1845 arrives 1950


City to City coach bus
departs Durban 2000 arrives Joburg 0325


BA British Airways economy class
flight BA6212 departs 1945 arrives 2055


Shosholoza Meyl train tourist class


SAA economy class
flight SA576 departs 1920 arrives 2030


Translux coach bus
departs Durban 2200 arrives Joburg 0535


BA club class
flight BA6212 departs 1945 arrives 2055


Greyhound coach bus
departs Durban 1330 arrives Joburg 2100


SAA premium class
flight SA582 departs 1940 arrives 2050


Premier Classe train


Interlink Airline economy class

no flights

Baz Bus
7 day pass


1time Airline economy class

no flights

SA Roadlink coach bus
departs Durban 2030 arrives Joburg 0430

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* flights leave DUR for JNB/HLA between 1729 & 2031 on the 26th Jun 2009
** can be booked for R732 through the Kulula website. See this & other tips for cheap flights

Quelimane, Mozambique

Amy and Kate are fourth year medical students, spending a year in Mozambique identifying the barriers to adhering to an HIV medication regime. They've taken some fantastic photos of Mozambique, which is the main reason for their winning southern African blog of the week this week. A couple of interesting facts about their planned flight to Cape Town:

  • it's more expensive to fly from Quelimane to Maputo with LAM (Mozambique's national carrier) than it is to fly from Maputo to Cape Town with SAA (South African Airways)

  • Amy's ticket is cheaper than Kate's as Amy is 26 (considered an adult) whilst Kate is 25 (considered a child!)

Amy & Kate on the beach in Mozambique

dancing with the locals in Mozambique

Lonely men & air stewardesses

"Another aspect of the whole sex and travel routine is the single guy, and particularly the businessman, who somehow thinks that every air stewardess, flight attendant, trolly dolly, call them what you like, is going to be instantly attracted to him. Watching lonely business travellers chatting up flight attendants is still one of the saddest sights to behold." As quoted from the book "Airline Confidential" - buy your books at Exclusive Books online.

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