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British Airways Cheapest on 12 Jun 2009

12 Jun 2009 flights
surveyed on 16 May 2009

Get out of the way Mango Airlines - British Airways is offering the cheapest flight prices! Given that the 12th June is a Friday leading on to a long weekend, one would expect some expensive flight prices to be coming through...but what do you know...British Airways are offering their cheapest flight price we have ever recorded on the Johannesburg to Cape Town flight route (we've been looking at it for just over 2 years). The cheapest BA flight prior to this was R728 in the 15 Jul 2007 flight price survey. So, not only does British Airways offer the best flight, but also the cheapest.

Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town*
Bus & train trips from Joburg to Cape Town

BA British Airways economy class
flight BA6407 ** leaves 1900 arrives 2110


Shosholoza Meyl economy class
leaves JHB 1230 arrives CPT 1530 (+1)


1time Airline economy class
flight 1T137 leaves 1930 arrives 2140


City to City coach
leaves JHB 1300 arrives CPT 0635 (+1)


Kulula Airline from Lanseria Airport
flight MN473 leaves 2015 arrives 2225


SA Roadlink coach
leaves JHB 1400 arrives CPT 0815 (+1)


SAA South African Airways economy class
flight SA365 leaves 1840 arrives 2050


Translux coach
leaves JHB 1515 arrives CPT 0915 (+1)


Kulula Airline from O.R. Tambo Airport
flight MN6407 ** leaves 1900 arrives 2110


Greyhound coach via Bloemfontein
leaves JHB 1800 arrives CPT 1230 (+1)


Mango Airlines lowest price
flight JE169 leaves 1735 arrives 1950


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class
leaves JHB 1030 arrives CPT 1240 (+1)


SAA South African Airways business class
flight SA365 leaves 1840 arrives 2050


Intercape coach
leaves JHB 1830 arrives CPT 1400 (+1)


BA British Airways business class
flight BA6431 leaves 1800 arrives 2010


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Mango Flex
flight JE169 leaves 1735 arrives 1950

sold out

Premier Classe train
(Thursdays & Sundays)


Mango Plus
flight JE169 leaves 1735 arrives 1950

sold out

Blue train


* one-way flight prices (incl tax) leaving Johannesburg for Cape Town, between 1729 & 2036 on 12 Jun 2009
** MN6407 is the same flight as BA6407. But it costs R1107 when booking on the Kulula website, but only R663 when booking it on the British Airways website. So, to get the cheapest BA flight, one needs to check both the Kulula and British Airways website. But if you'd read our tips for cheap flights, you'd already know this.

SAA cheaper than Mango

What a weird day in which full service airlines are cheaper than sister low cost carriers! Not only are BA cheaper than Kulula (both run by Comair), but SAA are cheaper than Mango (both owned by the government).

SAA website problems

Whilst the SAA website was generating flight prices (which seemed in the correct ballpark), instead of displaying headings in english, it was displaying what looked like database codes. For example, look at this breakdown of its flight price:

Base Fare: ZAR 600.00
TDP_AVAIL_Taxes:  ZAR 466.00
TDP_AVAIL_Total_Fare: ZAR 1066.00

Mango most expensive ever

The Mango Airlines flight price of R1692 is the most expensive ever on the Johannesburg to Cape Town flight route. The highest Mango flight price previous recorded was R1331 for a flight on 14 Dec 2007.

Prices in Cape Town are "unbelievably cheap"

After enjoying some Kulula humour (e.g. "Me Tarzan, you on hold" when phoning for a flight reservation), Phil caught a Kulula flight from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, where he stayed at the Fourty Winks Guest House in Greenpoint. From Greenpoint it's easy to get to the V&A Waterfront, where the performers and bands reminded Phil of New Orleans (not the first time we've heard tourists make comparisons between Cape Town and New Orleans). He commented that the price of things are "unbelievably cheap" in Cape Town compared to Dubai. Phil took some awesome photos of Robben Island, Table Mountain, Lion's Head, the aquarium and Camps Bay. His blog is well worth a read.

photo from Table Mountain with Camps Bay in the background

Drunk passenger urinates on jump seat

"This tourist got on the plane and was so drunk that he couldn't wait for the toilet to become available. I heard this noise behind me and when I turned round, I saw him urinating on the jump seat! I was dumbfounded. I just started screaming at him: 'What are you doing!?'" Sanele Dlamini, cabin attendant, as quoted from British Airways horizons January 2009 issue.

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