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29 May 2009 flights
surveyed on 2 May 2009

I hope our readers enjoyed the pleasures of yet another long weekend - please remember to book your flights, car rentals and hotels earlier for the next one - Youth Day (16 June).

In today's survey Mango of course is offering the cheapest flight price, but both 1time and Kulula are offering the cheapest flights we have ever seen them offer on this route (which we've been surveying since 19 May 2007). Flight prices are 43% down from their level a year back!

one-way flights from Durban to Cape Town *
bus trips from Durban to Cape Town

Mango: economy class
flight JE387 departs DUR 2140 arrives CPT 2350


Shosholoza Meyl economy class
leaves on Wednesdays


1time Airline : economy class
flight 1T647 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2000


City to City bus
departs DUR 1745 arrives CPT 1830


Kulula Air : economy class
flight MN6306 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2005


Citiliner bus via Port Elizabeth
departs DUR 1645 arrives CPT 1900


SAA - South African Airways : economy class
flight SA627 departs DUR 1945 arrives CPT 2155


Greyhound bus via Bloemfontein
departs DUR 1130 arrives CPT 0915


BA - British Airways : economy class
flight BA6306 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2005


Translux bus
departs DUR 1700 arrives CPT 1745


Mango Flex
flight JE387 departs DUR 2140 arrives CPT 2350


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class


Mango Plus
flight JE387 departs DUR 2140 arrives CPT 2350


Intercape bus via Johannesburg
departs DUR 1100 arrives CPT 1400


BA - British Airways : business class
flight BA6306 departs DUR 1800 arrives CPT 2005


Baz Bus
7 day pass


South African Airways business class
flight SA627 departs DUR 1945 arrives CPT 2155


SA Roadlink bus

site down

* one-way flights from Durban to Cape Town leaving Durban between 1349 & 2146 on the 29th May.
** flight MN6306 is actually British Airways flight BA6306 which Kulula is selling on their website. You can tell it's a BA flight because it has 4 numbers in its flight number. As you can see you pay R769 on the Kulula site as opposed to R965 on the BA site. To help you reduce flight prices see our tips for cheap flights.

Shosholoza Meyl reservations staff need training

I phoned Shosholoza Meyl to get a quote for a Durban to Cape Town train trip and got quoted R190 for economy class - I questioned the quote because it was too low and found out she had quoted me Johannesburg to Cape Town. People not familiar with the pricing may not have asked the questions I did.

life in Spoon VillageEating fish eyes in Zambia

After flying from Detroit to Washington to Johannesburg to Lusaka, and then catching a bus to Mansa, Dad and daughter travelled a 70km five hour trip in a pickup truck with 23 other passengers. Getting the pickup track going involved pushstarting, and going over bumps involved the same men jumping off the truck to ensure it didn't hit the bottom! To finally get to Spoon Village involved a 3km trip on a motorbike. Later they travelled to Nchelenge (6 hour bus trip) where as the honoured guest Dad got to eat the head of the fish for supper (and to his dismay discovered he was expected to eat the eyes too).

Beware the bending air steward

"If you know they're at it, then face-farting is actually quite easy to spot. It's usually directed towards someone who has pissed off a check-in girl, or who has been difficult and unpleasant during food service. The flight attendant will travel down the aisle and pause to talk to someone else, bending right down, forcing their buttocks into the face of the annoying passenger. And then they will break wind." quote from Air Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones (you can buy it at Kalahari online).

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