Direct Cape Town to New York | From R13,488*  

Durban to Joburg for R90

15 May 2009 flights
surveyed on 18 Apr 2009

Good to see that flight prices during the Indian Premier League schedule (18 Apr - 24 May) aren't too high - especially thanks to a R451 by Mango Airlines from Durban to Joburg (and this with the Kolkata Knight Riders playing the Deccan Chargers in Joburg the next day). But nothing beats the blisteringly low price of R90 for a Shosholoza Meyl train trip from Durban to Joburg

Flights from Durban to Joburg *
Bus & train trips from Durban to Joburg

Mango economy class
flight JE288 departs 2040 arrives 2155


Shosholoza Meyl train economy class

90 economy class
flight MN604 departs 1930 arrives 2040


Shosholoza Meyl train tourist class


Mango Flex
flight JE288 departs 2040 arrives 2155


Intercape bus
departs Durban 1100 arrives Joburg 1740


SAA economy class
flight SA582 departs 1940 arrives 2050


City to City bus
departs Durban 0800 arrives Joburg 1535


Mango Plus
flight JE288 departs 2040 arrives 2155


SA Roadlink bus
departs Durban 2030 arrives Joburg 0430


BA economy class
flight BA6220 departs 1730 arrives 1840


Citiliner bus
departs Durban 2100 arrives Joburg 0445(+1)


BA club class
flight BA6220 departs 1730 arrives 1840


Translux bus
departs Durban 2200 arrives Joburg 0535


SAA premium class
flight SA582 departs 1940 arrives 2050


Greyhound bus
departs Durban 1330 arrives Joburg 2100


Interlink Airline economy class

no flights

Premier Classe train


1time Airline economy class

no flights

Baz Bus
7 day pass


* flights leave Durban for Joburg between 1729 & 2031 on the 15th May 2009

Flight price inflation = -2.2%

For the first time ever flight price inflation on the Durban to Joburg flight route is negative, at -2.2% (our previous lowest inflation figure was 22.6% in the year to 25 Jul 2008).

Travelling to Malawi

Sarah Bramley beautifully describes her trip to Malawi. As there are no direct flights from Entebbe (in Uganda) to Blantyre (in Malawi), she flew with Kenya Airways from Entebbe to Nairobi, and from Nairobi to Lilongwe (Malawi) and finally from Lilongwe to Blantyre (16 hours of travelling). Clearly made of the right stuff, Sarah was visiting Malawi in her capacity as regional manager for the Africa region of the World Water Corp.

a home in Malawi

Be nice to ground staff...or else!

"Piss off the ground staff enough that they radio through to their colleagues on the plane and you really are in for a bad flight and probably a couple of bad tummy days when you arrive at your destination. Flight staff can spit on your food, piss in your coffee and wipe your steak around the rim of the toilet before it gets anywhere near you. And you would be none the wiser. Some of the more badly behaved cabin crew carry laxative powder that they use to spike the drinks and food of those who get on their tits. It is a simple form of revenge that is not readily traceable. So the best way to get the best service is to be pleasant and affable from the off." extract from Air Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones & an anonymous contributor from the airline industry (available from Kalahari).

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