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Mango Flex is cheapest!

27 Mar 2009 flights
surveyed on 28 Feb 2009

Prices were always going to be expensive on the 27th March, because school breaks up on this day (except the coastal provinces, whose school holidays start a week later). But why on earth anybody would book Mango's standard ticket price when Mango Flex is cheaper is beyond me, as Mango Flex offers unlimited free changes. We looked at flight prices leaving CPT for DUR between 1344 & 2031 on the 27th March 2009, and Mango Flex was cheapest (R864) - indeed, even a Mango Plus ticket is cheaper than the standard Mango price.

Mango Flex is cheapest

Of course the fact that Mango Flex and Mango Plus tickets can be cheaper than standard Mango flight prices is something SouthAfrica.TO pointed out as far back as 15 Nov 2008.

Flights from CPT to DUR
Coaches from Cape Town to Durban

Mango Flex
leaves CPT 1850, arrives DUR 2050

R 864
flight JE362

Citiliner coach
leaves CPT 0630, arrives DUR 0840

R 390

Kulula Airline economy
leaves CPT 1350, arrives DUR 1545

R 946
flight MN701

SA Roadlink coach
leaves CPT 1830, arrives DUR 2030

R 399

BA economy
leaves CPT 1850, arrives DUR 2045

R 1069 *
flight BA6313

City to City coach
leaves CPT 1700, arrives DUR 2030

R 410

SAA economy
leaves CPT 1940, arrives DUR 2140

R 1080
flight SA626

Greyhound coach via Bloemfontein
leaves CPT 1100, arrives DUR 0915

R 495

Mango economy
leaves CPT 1850, arrives DUR 2050

R 1094
flight JE362

Translux coach
leaves CPT 1830, arrives DUR 2110

R 540

Mango Plus
SAA premium
BA business

R 1001
R 2813
R 2801

Baz Bus
(7 day pass)

R 1250

* Regular readers know that the 4 digit flight numbers on Kulula's website are actually BA flights. Today was the first time that we've seen a BA flight cheaper to book on BA's site (R1069) than on Kulula's site (R1216). This shows that before booking 4 digit flight numbers on Kulula's site, it's worth it to check prices on BA's website - we've updated our list of tips to get cheap flights to be clear on this.

Marie does Soweto

Marie flew from DC to Johannesburg , and visited (this link to an external site was not working at the time of publication, but we've left it up in case the webmaster fixes it) Soweto where she described the Hector Pieterson Memorial as the highlight - and she met up with Hector's sister, who is doing well. Marie was variously described as being Ghanian or Jamaican, and had several marriage proposals (no wonder she enjoyed South Africa!). She also took this photo of cows heads in Soweto, which makes me feel happy all over again that I'm a vegetarian!

cows heads in Soweto

Excuse me Sir, are you a people smuggler?

"But it was one of our check-in staff in South Africa who proved to be truly problematic. He was in the pay of people smugglers and was getting illegal immigrants onto our flights despite them all having forged passports. It was a nightmare for us at this end because we were being charged 2000 pounds per repatriation." extract from Imogen Edwards-Jones' book, Air Babylon (obtainable from Kalahari online ).

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