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Cheap BA business class

13 Mar 2009 flights
surveyed on 14 Feb 2009

There's a little price war going on in the market for business class tickets. British Airways are offering the lowest price we have seen them offer for a business class ticket from Joburg to Durban - R1862 - which just happens to be the exact same price that SAA are charging (we've been monitoring business class prices since the 7th June 2008). In every other survey of business class prices on this route SAA have been cheaper.

Flights from Joburg to Durban
Bus or train from Joburg to Durban

Mango Airlines economy class
flight JE283 leaves 2035 arrives 2145


Shosholoza Meyl economy class


Kulula economy class
flight MN617 leaves 1930 arrives 2040


City to City bus


1time economy class
flight 1T237 leaves 2040 arrives 2150


SA Roadlink bus


Mango Flex


Citiliner bus


SAA economy class
flight SA581 leaves 2010 arrives 2120


Shosholoza Meyl tourist class


Mango Plus


Intercape bus


British Airways economy class
flight BA6221 leaves 1830 arrives 1940


Translux bus


British Airways business class


Greyhound bus


South African Airways business class


Premier Classe train


Interlink Airlines economy class


Baz Bus (7 day pass)


Flight prices are for flights leaving Joburg between 1729 & 2036 on the 13th Mar 2009.

Top-notch Cape Town photos

These must be some of the highest quality photos I've seen a tourist take of Cape Town. Other than the quality photos, it was interesting to hear what Dudado (who flew from Buenos Aires to Cape Town) found novel and surprising:

  • South Africa's ATMs have six languages to choose from

  • the low prices (South Africa is a cheap destination for tourists)

  • wild animals on the coins (Ed: our little one loves this too)

  • driving on the left-hand side of the road

The Company Gardens in Cape Town

Airport brain

"There's a saying at the airport that passengers pack their brains in their suitcases before they arrive; they always look disorientated, distracted and seemingly incapable of looking after themselves. 'Airport brain' is an official phenomenon. It is the only way to explain why perfectly normal people suddenly become useless as soon as they set foot inside a terminal. They seem to renege on any commitment to personal responsibility. They can lose their passport, their ticket, their luggage, their husband and their mind, all between check-in and the gate." as quoted from Imogen Edwards-Jones' Air Babylon (obtainable from Kalahari books).

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